25 Vince Flynn Books In Order Of Release 2023

Many people enjoy the counter-terrorism genre and when it comes to the best author in this field, Vince Flynn is one of the names that come in our mind. Vince Flynn is an American author who is popular for his political thrillers. He debuted with the book Term Limits in the year 1997.
After that, he wrote many books and we found one of our favorites characters Mitch Rapp. Vince Flynn is also famous for the Mitch Rapp series. He was a CIA officer who always worked hard to save his country. You can get the idea of his popularity with the fact that a film is also adapted from the book American Assassin (with the same name). Due to the unfortunate death of Vince Flynn, the Mitch Flynn series is furthermore taken up by the author Kyle Mills.
In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the Vince Flynn books in order (they are not in the order of Mitch Rapp series). We have written down the chronological order of the Vince Flynn books so it may help you if you wanna read all of his books and that too in chronological order.
Let’s not waste anymore of your time and start our list of Vince Flynn books in order. So that you will know where to start from. Or you can just choose whichever you like the most.

Vince Flynn Books

vince flynn books

1. Term Limit

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Vince Flynn debuted with Term Limits in 1997 and the world got another gem for a political thriller. The book was appreciated widely and people were eager to read the next book by Vince Flynn.
Although this book didn’t feature the popular character, Mitch Rapp but still there were many different characters that were featured in the future books by Vince Flynn.
The plot of the books goes like this, on a bloody night three of Washington’s most powerful politicians are executed. The man behind all this has demanded America’s government to step aside and give the power to people by keeping their partisan politics aside.
This might not be the best bool for Mitch Rapp’s character but it’s still the best standalone novel by Vince Flynn. Moreover, you will be introduced to many characters which will appear later in his books. So it would be a good book to start if you haven’t read any of the Vince Flynn books.

2. Transfer of Power

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This is the book where you get to meet the legendary Mitch Rapp. The 2nd book of Vince Flynn which was released in 1999 has certainly appreciated by the readers. Everyone in an awe of his writings, his characters as well as the plot which ware nothing less than a treat for the political thriller lovers.
The plot of the story starts with an attack on the white house and everyone is shocked. Although the president nearly escaped the hostage situation it’s still a dangerous and critical situation for the nation’s security.
The politicians are arguing over how to negotiate with terrorists and how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, one man is sent in the White House to fight them from inside, and this is none other than Mitch Rapp. When he enters the White House he learns that things are much worse than they have though and the president isn’t safe at all.  Now the president’s safety, the security of the nation, and the future of president and other officials are in the hands of Mitch Rapp. And he must find a way to fight them from inside. It’s a mix of thriller, political, and action writing, so you will enjoy this one.

3. The Third Option

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The Third Option is the 3rd book by Vince Flynn which was released in the year 2000. The book features Mitch Rapp who is sent on a highly sensitive mission in northern Germany. He is there to find out the man who has been selling weapons to enemies of the United States and other terrorist groups.
While he is trying hard to complete the mission of assassinating the dealer, he found out that he is the ultimate target and face the betrayal by someone he never has imagined. The story is filled with lots of twists and turns and you will find it quite a thriller and enjoyable to read.

4. Separation of power

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The book continues in the previous book, The Third Option. The book features the events after the previous books and tells us the fate of Mitch Rapp. The book also highlights the threats of World War III. This is because the dealer is looking forward to locking the nuclear arms deal with Saddam Hussein who is one of the enemies of America and the leader of a terrorist organization.
Mitch Rapp is now fighting against the odds and with a ticking clock. Will he able to fight this threat? And will be able to survive this threat? The book is something you will definitely enjoy and but you will have to read the previous book as well to understand the plot and character line.

5. Executive Power

vince flynn books in order
Mitch Rapp is fighting against global terrorism and it’s gonna be a massive action and high octane actions. Mitch Rapp has managed to handle the nuclear deal but this isn’t the end and he must be prepared for the worse. Meanwhile, an American family has been kidnapped by radical Islam terrorists. This came as another challenge for Mitch Rapp as he was busy fighting the terrorist group in the front line. Now the question is who has leaked the top-secret information and who is the traitor. The book is definitely worth the hype and lives up to our expectations.

6. Memorial Day

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The 6th book of Vince Flynn is quite a catch too as it is filled with action, thrill as well as politics. The author has beautifully described these elements in the book and the reader would surely wanna finish it one sitting. The books start with a big band with its first page and keep you glued till you reach the end. The plot of the book revolves around a Bomb Threat in the capital and president of the United States and other elite politicians have evacuated the city given the threat.
Mitch Rapp, who is on desk duty for a long time now is more than eager to work on the field and solve the case. Even though the threat of the threat seems to be gone, Rapp believes it’s not it! And something big is also planned. How he managed to save his country from those terrorist groups and upcoming attracts is worth reading.

7. Consent to Kill

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Comment to Kill is another beautifully written political thriller by Vince Flynn that you will enjoy till you reach to the very end. We love in a world where people believe the concept of an eye for an eye and this time it’s for Mitch Rapp.
There is no doubt that he is an American hero as we have saved many lives and always try to protect his country and maintain peace. In order to do that, he has killed many terrorists and traitors. He has also become a threat to America’s allies for some reason. And that way, people would be more than happy to see Mitch Rapp dead.
The Father of dead terrorists wants vengeance by seeing Mitch Rapp dead. And many political leaders of different nations to want the same. This leads to conspiracy. And the Mitch Rapp will be struggling to save his life as well as find the ones who are betraying him. Read the book to know the fate of Mitch Rapp and see how he tackles the danger associated with his own life this time.

8. Act of Treason

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The act of Treason highly revolves around the political powers and their inside secrets. The 8th book by Vince Flynn has managed to gain popularity through his writings and an attempt to features the dirt of politics.
The plot of the book revolves around the presidential campaign where a candidate Josh Alexander has been shattered by a car bomb. Although he gains the victory by getting the sympathy votes in the election his assailants couldn’t be found anywhere. Things are not as simple as they look and CIA director Irene Kennedy has no option left but to call Mitch Rapp and ask him to find what’s the matter.

9. Protect and Defend

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The story of the book will take you to Iran where the billions of dollars spent by Israel for nuclear development program. But soon something unthinkable happens when Israel left the radioactive tomb in the second largest city of Iran. Now the government of Iran blames both Israel and the United States for this chaos and they are doing everything in their power to handle the situation. But this would also mean a threat to both countries. Now Mitch has to make sure he stops the catastrophe before it even starts otherwise the end would be disastrous for the country’s security.

10. Extreme Measures

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The name says it all, you will actually find Mitch Rapp taking Extreme Measures to fight against the terrorist groups and to fight against some of the most dangerous terrorists.
It’s not going to be an easy ride for Mitch Rapp. This time Mitch is in Pakistan with his protegee Mike Nash, who is also an excellent counterterrorist fighter who has worked under Mitch Rapp.
The book highlight what it takes to be a modern patriot and serve their country. Mitch Rapp who is braver than ever is making sure he puts his hundred percent effort and power to protect his country and kills the ones who are looking to mess with his people! You should definitely read this plot-twisting and heart-pounding thriller.


So these are the Vince Flynn books in order. We have put them in years order so you can either them chronologically or you can pick them in the series order as well. Either way, you will experience one of the finest writing and you will definitely enjoy the best work from the writer. We all want to have a good time while reading a good book so make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to read the books from the best political thriller author.
We hope by the time you finish a couple of Vince Flynn books you will be already his fan (or we can say Mitch Rapp’s fan!).
We hope the article has helped you to find out whether you wanna invest your time in Vince Flynn books (you won’t regret it if you are already a fan of political thriller genre). Thank you for visiting and keep coming for more such helpful articles.

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