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Everybody loves reading a good crime series but finding a perfect series can be a bit hard and that’s why we have bought you one of the best crime series that is Guido Brunetti series by Donna Leon. If you are looking for a long series that will take a while in finishing up then you have made the right decision by choosing the series. In this article, we are going to name all the Donna Leon books in order that you need to know about. But first, let us tell you a little about the series as well as the author.
Donna Leon was born in 1942 in New Jersey. She has loved many popular countries in the world such as Italy, Iran, England, China, and Saudi Arabia. She has also worked for an advertising agency in New York and from there she settled in Italy again as she fell in love with the country. Her career as n author started in Italy when she joined the community of authors. She published her first book Death at la Fenice in the year 1992, which was also the first book in the Guido Brunetti series. The book has made Donna Leon one of the best selling authors. And from there she has written many novels in the series and some standalone books as well. She has also won many awards for work and has been appreciated by the readers as well as the critics!
About the series;-
As we have mentioned earlier the commissario Guido Brunetti books started with her first book that is Death in la Fenice in 1992 and with her latest book Unto Us a Son is Given in 2019! Her crime series is being appreciated for her unique writing style as well as good mysteries.
The protagonist of her books is Guido Brunetti who is an officer at Police in Venice Italy. He lives with his wife and their two children. He is a humble, kind man who is honest and works with full determination. The series talks about the cases that come along his way and how he solves them. It’s definitely an interesting series to start if you are into crime and mystery books!
Okay, so we have completed the introduction of the author as well as the series. So now it’s time that we introduce you to the Donna Leon books in order. As you know her each book focus on a different case so you do pick up any book which you like but still it would recommend that you read the series in order to have a complete idea about the character progression. And of course, there are some standalone books by Donna Leon that you can start without any baggage of reading the whole story. Here are Donna Leon Books in Order-

Donna Leon Books

donna leon books

1. Death at la Fenice

donna leon books in order
The story takes place in Venice one of the most beautiful cities in the world, yet no one can imagine the horrific crimes that are taking place in the city these days. And this time a world-famous German Opera Conductor Maestro Helmut has been poisoned with cyanide during an intermission at la Fenice.
The thing is there is no apparent lead to start the investigation and that’s a challenge for Brunetti. But slowly as the investigation takes place it shapes the crime taking place in revenge and hatred. It would be interesting to see how Brunetti will solve the cases!

2. Death in a Strange Country

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The story starts with a body being found in the Venetian Canal. This apparently seems like a case of mugging that leads to the death of a person. But for Brunetti, it is much more than that. His doubt becomes clear when they discovered something in the flat of the dead man! It points out that somewhere somebody is taking great pains to provide ready-made crime solutions!
The case soon takes drastic turns when the investigation uncovers the collusion between the US bases board and the international business interest involved in toxic waste disposal. The story features the face of corruption and it just shows the importance of justice in the world.

3. Dressed for Death

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Everybody needs a holiday and especially those like Brunetti who work hard every day to maintain peace in the city. But just like every time, this holiday is also ruined for Brunetti when a dead body is found. The body is brutally beaten up and the face is unrecognizable. Brunette is putting his efforts into finding someone who can recognize the dead body but everything is in vain.
Brunette is already stressing about this case and yet another horrific death has been reported. It’s doesn’t make sense to Brunetti and he is founding himself clueless.

4. Death and judgment

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Once again Brunetti is facing two different tragedies at the same time when a lorry crashes one of the treacherous bends in the Italian Dolomites which resulted in the spilling of cargo. And the death of prominent international layer in the carriage of an intercity train at Saint Lucia. The two cases seem connected to each and that’s the biggest concern for Brunetti now.
Brunetti starts investigation g for the case and he found some clues that point out at a crime network reaching beyond the laguna. Now the question arises will there be more deaths before Brunetti brings justice?

5. Aqua Alta

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Aqua Alta revolves around the death of Brett Lynch, who is a friend of Brunetti. She has been severely beaten up and now Brunetti wants to know the truth behind the murder. The books show a chilling crime and the other face of humanity. As soon as Brunetti starts the investigation he founds another corps and this leads to a higher mystery and solving it is the need of the hour before anyone else loses their life!

6. The Death of Faith

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The crime rate in Venice has drastically reduced and there is less crime in the city which means less work for Brunetti. Or it’s the silence before the thunderstorm? A young beautiful woman arrived in the office of Brunetti and she claims herself as Maria Testa. She is familiar with Brunetti has she is the nun who took care of his mother! But she left the place after the death of five patients.
Brunetti is suspicious about some characters in the book but nothing points out as a criminal activity. He has to know if the sinister is just creating fears to justify her abandoning of vocation or her is in danger for real!

7. A Nobel Radiance

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You must be in awe with the cleverness of Brunetti by now, but more importantly, you would be a fan of Donna Leon for her intelligence and the perfect crime novels. And this is the 7 Donna Leon book in order that you need to know about next. The book features a new Landowner who is keen for renovations has been now summoned to his house when his workman unearths a corpse. The body has been badly decomposed but it still has a ring that leads to it’s a connection with one of the most aristocratic families of Venice!

8. Fatal Remedies

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Brunetti’s life turns upside down when his personal and professional life takes a hit at the same time. A sudden act of vandalism has been committed at the Venetian dawn but what comes as a surprise is the culprit of this act is none other than his wife Paola!
As if this want enough, now a case of robbery with mafia connections have come forward and which is also linked with a suspicious death! He is under a lot of pressure as his superior wants quick results and answers. His career is at a risk and he down at understand what has happened with Paola! He must find out answers but how?

9. Friends in High Places

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What started as a relaxing day for Brunetti has now turned into a headache when he receives a call from Officio Castro, the registrar of the buildings in Venice. He tells him that his apartment on the top floor of one of the oldest buildings in San Polo, Venice may not have received the permission of planning commission and if he didn’t found the papers on time, the building might be pulled down.
He was trying to deal with the problem but soon he found out the official has died. He is also studying the case of drug dealing, money laundering, and other crimes that seem to be connected with the death of the official. It would be interesting to see how Brunetti picks up the clues from different cases and see where the investigation leads him.

10. A Sea of Troubles

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This book takes you to the islands where two fishermen have been found dead. The bodies of these fishermen found burnt in the fishing boat in the outer islands of Venice Lagoon. It’s more shocking because the fisher community has always been popularly known for its code of loyalty so the suspicion goes to the outsiders. This somehow points out the connection of mafia with the murders.
The book also shows a turning point for the relationship of Brunetti with his colleagues. People have loved the book for its mysteries and twists and turns which keep the book interesting until you reach the last page!

11. Willful Behavior

donna leon books in order
The story features the character of Claudia who is a student of Brunetti’s wife. She is asking for help with a crime that has been committed by her grandfather many years ago. She is vaguely interested in the investigation. She is a smart and intelligent girl with a moral conscience. Although Brunetti wasn’t that interested in the case at first when he founds out that Claudia has been stabbed to death his suspicion rises for the case.
He digs up the family secrets of Claudia and her personal life. Turns out she lives with an elderly woman who has an extraordinary collection of art. But soon she founds dead too. Now the cases start to unlock and it features the connections with world war and some buried secrets from the past!

12. Uniform Justice

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Uniform justice features the relationship between military and civilian lives and their connection with politics. The books start with a boy’s death who is also a young cadet as well as the son of ex-politician. There seem some connected dots with the politics and the army, will Brunetti will be able to find out the truth?

13. Doctored Evidence

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The story features a simple case of a wealthy woman who has been found dead and the prime suspect is mad who have fled the city with money and some forged papers, but soon she is dead too. The case seems closed until the neighbor of the elderly woman returned from abroad and Brunetti starts an unofficial investigation.

14. Blood from a Stone

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An illegal immigrant has been found dead and police are investigating the case with the help of witnesses that happens to be the tourist. But the question remains why would anyone kill an illegal immigrant? The answer might shock you!

15. Through a Glass Darkly

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The story starts with a protest against the pollution which happens because of the chemical pollution by the glass factory. There will be many twists and turns with the ongoing protest.


So these are the Donna Leon Books in Order that you were looking for. We hope the article has helped you to have a better idea about her writing style and her overall series as well as the standalone. So what are you waiting for, just pick a book and start reading it to get the best crime thriller experience?
We have also written such kinds of articles for other famous authors and their books in order so you can check them out as well. Thank you for visiting us and keep coming for more content.

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