15 Best Train Games Simulator (Android/Iphone) 2023

Do you love trains? Well most of us do and we sure have played with lots of train toys in our childhood and enjoyed it. But we can’t do that now, with this demobilization era where everything is virtual, we have some of the best train games that you can enjoy right in your smartphone so don’t wait for anything else and just hope on these trains games and have fun like never before. There are many train games online but we have found you the best 15, they all have different kinds of trains and different features.
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best train games

Best Train Games Simulator

1. Indian Train Simulator Android / Iphone

best train simulator games
Have you ever been to India? Well if you have then you will know that India has one of the largest train networks which means there will be lots of trains and stations to have fun with. And that’s what makes it the best train games that you can find. It has over 10 million downloads and a good rating of 4.2 with lots of positive response from its players. With heftiest 32 stations and 18 locomotives, you will definitely have fun with this train game. You will be playing with some of the best trains of India like Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Tejas express, double-decker, palace on wheels and they all have authentic coaches that you will simply love. It will surely give you a unique experience with all the royalty of India and we know you are gonna love this train game.

2. Indian Train Simulator – Free Android / Iphone

best simulator train games
Well, another Indian based train but who can blame if they have vast train network most busy and difficult stations that you will simply love playing with. Being one of the best train game it let you experience the authenticity of Indian trains where you will drive your train from one station to another but this isn’t gonna be easy, the crowd is massive and so is the train traffic network. Your duty is to drive your train safely and avoid train accidents or else your game will be over. It is the most realistic train game that features the loud announcements busy rail tracks. In short, you will be accessing the real train system of India. Stay focused on the signals and track changers so choose our path fast and it better be the right one or you will be losing this game. We can assure you that you will have fun with this train game.

3. Real Train Games Driving Games Android

best train games for android
If you love driving and racing then this is the best train racing game you can find. It is already being loved by driving game lovers from all around the world so don’t hesitate to try it out. It has very realistic features and lots of adventures. You can enjoy multiple views from different angles. But what’s most exciting about this train game is that it posses a very large collection of fastest trains and with fastest trains. You will enjoy very beautiful locations. If you think you can handle any adventure then try to play this train game and keep the control of the train in underground tracks which will give you a thrilling experience. Tackle every situation with your fast decision-making skills to avoid getting accidents due to a number of things which will cross your paths. Challenge yourself with this train racing game and become the best driver of this heavy fuel transporter.

4. Train Racing Game 3D 2 Player Android

best train racing games
With a good rating of 4.3, this train racing game is already winning hearts If over 10 million people so what are you waiting for? Download this train game if you love racing on the crazy takes with the best trains you can get. Track changes are just mind blowing and every path you take will have its own possibilities. You can change your friend to race with you and show off your racing skills. With the ultimate train game like this one, you will get every element that will bring thrill to you. Your goal will be to get at your destination or station safely and avoiding all the dangerous situation (which will happen now and then to test your driving skills). It has really cool graphics and amazing rail sound effect.

5. Euro Train Simulator Android / Iphone

best train simulator games
It is one of the well-constructed train game for all the train lovers and you will get to explore many great and authentic locations around the world. Be in your front seat with an amazing view and let your inner driver experience the most popular commercial trains around the world. It has high quality and most featured trains and thrilling railway tracks. You will be driving in different weather conditions and you get to choose your destination, train route and so much more to enjoy this grain game.

6. Train Games Free Train Driving Android

best train driving games
Welcome to the best train simulator game where you will be challenged and you can show off your train driver skills. Drive best trains like a bullet train and proof that you are the best driver. But ist not gonna be that easy with it’s challenging and difficult train routes. This train game has realistic gameplay with easy controls to give you a smooth driving experience.

7. Train Taxi Android / Iphone

train taxi games
You would be lying if you haven’t thought of train taxi sure it is a great idea to hire a train when you want to go anywhere just like you do with a taxi. The twist in this game is you have to take passengers and the more passenger you have the longer will be your train. When you complete a route you will reach to next level, and that will be better than the previous one. You will definitely enjoy this fun train game.

8. Indian Train Traveller Android

indian train games
We have listed the train games where you have to be a driver but we forget traveling by train is fun too. That is we have found a game that will give you the joy of a train journey in India. You will experience many train routes and stations. Some of them are crowed others have beautiful services to offer. You will get to do all the activities like buying tickets, travel through many stations to get your destination and many more. If you like train journeys then you will enjoy this train game too.

9. Train Driving Simulator: Train Games 2018 Android

train driving simulator games
This is one of the most fun train game where you get to drive through many famous countries like USA, India and other European countries. It has a really great train that is just a treat for train lovers and its realistic features are just the cherry on top.

10. Indian Train City Driving Sim- Train Games 2018 Android

train driver games
You won’t be disappointed with his train game as it has many locations where you get drive top trains and master your driving skills. Whether you want hills, mountains or deserts you will have all, and driving in different conditions will only brace your driving skills. Enjoy this free train game and have ultimate fun with trains.

11. Rail Maze : Train Puzzler Android / Iphone

best train games for iphone
This is one of the unique train game where you get to solve many train puzzles and solving them will be fun for sure. This train game has a rating of 4.4 that just shows how good this train game is. You will get over 100 puzzles and get to built tunnels, railroads and many more. You will get many more exceptional features and tasks so download this train game now, you surely don’t wanna miss this train game.

12. Indian Police Train Simulator Android

train wali games
You will have a chance of becoming the most patriotic officer as you have given a very important task and that is you have to take the most dangerous criminals from one place to another. You will have lots of challenges and had to earn points so that you can get to the next level. You have been given a prestigious task by Indian police so try not to let them down but we can tell you for sure it’s not an easy task to complete.

13. Train Racing 3D- 2018 Android

racing train games
Experience the thrill of racing with the best racing game that you can find. You have to control the best and most popular commercial train and show your professional skills. There are many levels that you can clear with your master train skills. You have to pick your passengers and deliver them to their destinations but it has to be in a specific time or you may lose some points that can cost you.

14. Train Sim Android / Iphone

train wala game
It is the best train game with over 20 million downloads. With over 50+ realistic 3D trains and many beautiful locations, it is becoming everyone’s favorite train game to play. This train game is loved by both kids and adults. It’s one of kind feature where you get to custom build environment is really fun. Choose your favorite terrain, it has all from mountain pass to subway.

15. Indian Metro Train Simulator Android

metro train games
We have saved best for the last, this train game has the wide train network of India. It has accurate train physics and smooth controls that you will love. Drive through many cites in different states and experience India’s royalty through your train journey. We bet you will love this train game so download it now to get all the fun.


We have listed the best of 15 train games that you will simply love and enjoy. Whether you want to drive, travel or race by train you will get all in the above train games list.

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