10 Amazing PS4 (Bike & Car) Racing Games 2023

You what’s is the best thing you can do when you are bored? Well playing a racing game on your ps4! No matter how many video game genre there are but the charisma that racing game holds when it comes to bursting your stress can not be compared with any other games!
Most people love racing game and they enjoy playing it but what troubles them is that they don’t know which is the best racing game out there that they should play because there are literally hundreds of ps4 racing games present but only a few of them are worth playing. So on in this article we are gonna tell you about the best racing game present out there!

PS4 Racing Games

best ps4 racing games

1. Gran Turismo Sport

racing ps4 games
Gran Turismo Sport is an exclusive racing game for ps4 and it actually is one of the best racing games that you can find! The game has got literally everything that a racing game enthusiast can look for. For starters, the players will go crazy about its 4k graphics at 60fps! Along with stunning graphics, the game also features incredible sound effects.
If we talk about the collection of cars in this game then you will be pleased to know that they offer over 150 cars and in addition to that you get to race on different locations of the world! What more, the game offers an online multiplayer mode where you get to race against many online players.

2. Project Cars 2

best ps4 racing games
Project cars 2 is another popular racing game for ps4. This game has been loved by players for its 140 cool tracks that are present in more than 60 locations across the world. Another best thing about the game is the fact that it features different weathers so you get to race in winter, ice and hot summers!
There are over 180 cars present to choose from. That’s not it players get to experience different temperatures, weather conditions that include humidity level, distance above the sea. So if you wanna race in realistic weather and atmosphere then this is the game for you. Its multiplayer mode allows you to race with your friends or other online players. The game also features many tournaments and championships, so, in short, you are gonna love it!

3. F1 2019

top ps4 racing games
The name says it all, F1 2019 is a Formula 1 based ps4 racing game which has been appreciated by critics and players all around the globe, especially the formula one lovers! The game is an exact replica of official formula one racing. For starters, the game features all the terms that have been officially given in the original 2019 f1 racing. That includes drivers, 21 circuits etc.
The game offers you a chance to make your name in the most reputed racing championship ever. Here they offer all the previous cars with an addition of four new cars making it 22. The online multiplayer mode takes a step up and now you can make your own team and participate in different tournaments. Weekly challenges are the most fun where you get to show your racing skills. Lastly, you get to customize your f1 cars with many options!

4. The Crew 2

free ps4 racing games
The Crew 2 definitely deserves a place at our best ps4 racing game list. What you will like in the game is its open-world environment where you can explore new kinds of locations, tracks, and landscapes to race on. What makes it a unique game is the fact that it not only offers cars but you will find planes, motorcycles and even monster trucks.
The crew 2 gives an extra focus to its online gameplay where you can race against online multiplayer. Its gameplay is no less than a battle where you get to fully destroy other cars and let me tell you it is super fun! The game would definitely make glued to your ps4 for hours, so don’t forget to give it a try!

5. Nascar Heat 4

ps4 racing games list
Nascar Heat 4 is a new racing game for ps4 as it is the latest and fourth installment to the Nascar series. Nascar has so much to offer you, and you won’t want to stop playing it for even a second one you will start.
Players will be able to race on 38 different tracks from many different locations and you will be racing against over 150 official Nascar teams, isn’t it cool? What’s more, the game has got an intuitive gamely with track maps, career mode, and intelligent AI.

6. Gravel

ps4 car racing games
If you share a love for driving then nothing will beat off-road experience right? And that’s why we have included Gravel in our best ps4 racing games list. This racing game for ps4 is all about fun and it’s all you will ever need if you want to play a different racing game.
You can play the game in four different modes including cross country, wild rush, speed cross, and stadium circuit! Each gives you a different kinda experience and you will enjoy your fullest exploring new landscapes and environments!

7. Burnout Paradise Remastered

racing games ps4
The game will truly satisfy your desires to race against high-speed cars and it’s exactly what you have been looking for in terms of “racing”. The gameplay includes breakneck racing, high flying stunts, and lots of destruction.
We can say that these ps4 racing games are fully action-packed and what you will like most about it is its speed! Of course there will be some obstacles and stunts to spice things a little bit up. You can also play this game with up to 8 players in its online multiplayer mode. And did we mention it has more than 150 vehicles to choose from? Well it has everything, isn’t it?

8. Need for Speed Payback

best racing game for ps4
Need For Speed is a reputed name when we talk about best racing games for ps4. Need for speed has been praised for its story-driven gameplay which takes its players to Fortune Valley.
The game features a cop chasing drama, where players will be under high risk! But they can also be rewarded if they did their job right and that is racing or high-speed driving!

9. Wreckfest

best ps4 racing games
Wreckfest features a demolished derby themed racing gameplay where the game mostly focuses on the destruction of vehicles! It’s a challenging game which features different game modes! As we mentioned earlier, you would love this game if you like to see crashes and backbreaking destruction!

10. Crash Team Racing- Nitro-Fueled

PS4 Racing Games
Crash team racing is a remastered version. This racing game for ps4 is best suited for those who want to have some fun and take a break from realistic racing games. The game has added some more karts and tracks just for fun. And the other great thing about this is now the characters are more equipped with weapons and powers ups! In short, it’s a pretty great game to play!


These are the best ps4 racing games that you can rely on! And we guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed by these games! So next time you are looking for a racing game to play or having a game night with your friends, you know where to look at!

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