Top 10 Best PS4 Games Of All Time 2023

For die-hard gamers, ps4 is a blessing. But finding a perfect ps4 is not that easy as it sounds. That is why we have picked top 10 ps4 game that will make you stick to your PlayStation for hours. From adventurous to action packed games we have it all. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here.
best ps4 games

Best PS4 Games

10. Auto theft 5

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This game is a dream of every 90s kid. Auto theft is now available for ps4 which makes it more fun than ever. Explore the city with all be feature. Do business, experience those luxury cars and bike rides and complete the given mission. With every new mission, you will get new larger than life experiences. This ps4 game will give you limitless fun with new adventures.
Auto theft 5 has won many awards like VGX award for game of the year, British Academy game award for multiplayer, this makes one of the best ps4 game.

9. Uncharted 4: a thief’s end game

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Uncharted 4 is one the best ps4 game that has been developed by naughty dog and published by Sony computer entertainment. It’s it forth installment of action-adventure game uncharted (that means it’s 4 times more fun play). Follow the storyline with the character named Nathan drake who is a former treasure hunter and is finding Henry Avery’s lost treasure. Fight with other groups to get the treasure. It has won many awards including BAFTA games award along with many game publishing award. It is really popular with more than 15 million copies sold.

8. What remains of Edith Finch

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What remains is Edith finch is ps4 game that revolves around a character who is cursed that causes all but one member of the generation dies. She returns to her abandoned house in Washington to explore so many new things about her life and other relatives and their deaths by their bedrooms. It is the game that will give you every feeling you can experience and that’s what makes this game exceptional. Not only this game is loved by player but also it is praised by the critics. It has been considered as a game with art form. It has won British Academy awards for the best game.

7. Fortnite

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Ever since it’s release in 2017 fortnite has become the most loved and played game. It is a survival genre game and you can play this game on your ps4 for free. You can play this ps4 game on 3 modes. Land with 100 other players and fight to be the last person standing and try killing other players before they kill you ( fortnite battle royale). If you feel like fighting to the zombies then go for fortnite save the world mode and play with other 3 players to kill off all the zombies. Fortnite Creative mode lets you create a new world and battle areas. It is developed and published by epic games.

6. The Witcher 3: wild hunt

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This is the best ps4 role-playing action game that is developed and published by CD project. It is the perfect ps4 game for those who are a fan of the Witcher series fantasy novels. It has two other previous installments. This game is played in an open world with a third-person perspective. Control the character known as witcher who is a hunter, and currently looking for his missing daughter. Tackle with dangerous situation than contains magic and a lot of weapons. Along with the story you are given many side quests that will acquire experience points and gold that will be used to increase your main character’s powers. The fun part is this ps4 game has many ending and yours will be depending upon your decision and choices that you made during the storyline.

5. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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It is the most thrilling game for ps4, it was developed by Kojima Productions and published by Konami. It was released in 2015 and from that time it is loved by gamers all around the world. It is an action-adventure game that is filled with stealth. Follow the storyline with the main character who is seeking revenge people who have come close killing him when he was about to reach the climax ground zeroes. This ps4 game is critically acclaimed for its fine gameplay and storyline.

4. Marvel’s: spiderman

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Now who doesn’t love the spiderman and his adventures. This spiderman ps4 game matches the level with a realistic feel of movie adventure and give you the best time when you’re playing this game. Once you will start playing this game, hanging through the buildings of New York City will be your ultimate pass time. With all the elements from the movie and the fun of swinging is what makes this ps4 game massive.

3. Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is developed and published by rockstars game for ps4( the name is enough to know how great this game is going to be). It is a prequel to red dead redemption(2010). This game has the most realistic world to explore and you can meet people(you can kill them too if you want!). The storyline is so good that you will be stick to your ps4 for months.

2. Horizon zero dawn

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Explore the world that has been created by this game and get lost in it, obviously you will be given many choices and a storyline to follow. This game for your ps4 lets you hunt the most dangerous creatures by using it’s one of kind weapons. You will be given side quests to travel the mysteries of this epic world.

1. God of war

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This game for ps4 is as epic as it’s name sounds. This is one of the best mythological game for ps4. Within one year If Its release if has already become everyone’s favorite. Explore the world of Greek mythology and follow the character of Kratos. Saying anything about its storyline would be like giving you spoiler. Do try out this ps4 game and we promise you, you won’t regret.


So these were the top ten video games for ps4 that you shouldn’t miss out.

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