Top 10 Amazing PS4 Zombie Games 2023

We all love zombie movies and games, don’t we? Well, of course, there are people who find them creepy and scary but hey that’s the fun about them right. The best thing about zombie games is that they come in all sorts of genres, for example, a zombie game can be of survival genre, first-person shooter game or action-adventure game. So eventually you get a lot of variety in the zombie games.
In this holiday season, find yourself the best zombie game and play with your buddies or by yourself. Some will scare you, some will give you an adrenal rush but all of them will be eventually fun to play. We have gathered up the best ps4 zombie games for you which you definitely play.

PS4 Zombie Games

ps4 zombie games

1. The Last of Us remastered

best ps4 zombie games
The game is as impressive as its name suggests, and it’s definitely the best ps4 zombie game till now and that is why we have placed it on number one spot. The game sets a perfect tone of a survival game where you will play a character of smuggler, who has been assigned the task of escorting a teenage girl of the post-apocalyptic country. It’s a third-person perspective game and its gameplay is full of zombies who are eagerly waiting for you to make a mistake so that they can eat you alive.
The zombies are just as creepy as you can imagine. You will have to use huge weapons and firearms to defend yourself from the zombies ( they are infected with a mutated strain of Cordyceps). This game can also be played by up to 8 players in its multiplayer mode and they all can engage in cooperative or competitive gameplay.
The game was critically acclaimed for its gameplay, visuals, and sound effects as well as for its storyline. The game has sold over 3 million copies in the first week and till now it has sold more than 17 million copies.
To sum up this game, we can only say that you can hardly find ps4 zombie game as good as The Last of Us and that is why it is a must-play game!

2. Resident Evil 2

zombie ps4 games
Resident Evil 2 has surely raised the standard of this series. This surely deserves a place in the best ps4 zombie game list as it has lots of elements that will keep you glued to the screen (with frequent jumps!). Players will control the characters of officer Leon S. Kennedy and a college student Clair, and they are trying to escape the city which is suffering from zombie apocalypse!
The game features third-person shooter gameplay which adds a thrilling touch to the game. The game is represented beautifully and they have added some difficulty level which makes this game more challenging and fun. Resident Evil 2 is definitely something you would wanna play of you are looking for the best ps4 zombie games.

3. Days Gone

best zombie games for ps4
Days Gone is the latest addition in the ps4 zombie games. It’s also an action-adventure and survival horror game. You will take control of a soldier who lives in the wilderness. The game also features a place which has witnessed a zombie apocalypse, where millions of people we’re turned into “freaks”. Not only humans but wild animals like bears have also suffered from this and they have turned into freaks as well.
The best thing about this game is its weapons, you can use small or large weapons or use stealth to defend yourself. The game has many elements that impressed its audience. Overall it’s a great zombie game to play!

4. 7 Days to Die

zombie games ps4
7 days to die is surely one of the most popular ps4 zombie games and it has been loved for its best survival adventure. The game features a nuclear third world war, and everything is destroyed in this. You will play as a character who has survived the war somehow but if wanna stay alive then you must save yourself from those zombies who are thirsty for your blood.
You will have to find yourself a shelter, food, and weapons in order to survive. The game is not as easy as it sounds and it’s definitely gonna be challenging for you. Survival is the only thing which will be on your mind. Overall this game definitely worth a chance if you are looking for the best ps4 zombie games.

5. Dying light

new ps4 zombie games
This zombie game on ps4 will actually take you to the surprise, as it breaks the stereotype of the zombies of being slow! People have loved the way these games present those zombies, as they are not just slow walker. Defending yourself wouldn’t be easy this time and you surely will face some difficulties to stay alive in this game.
The game features lots of string characters that takes the story forward. You can play this game with your friends as well in cooperative gameplay. The environment is also beautifully designed and you will love other challenges that have been shown in the game.

6. Killing floor 2

ps4 zombie games
If you like to shoot nonstop at the zombies and kill them then Killing Floor 2 might be the best ps4 zombie game for you. This is a first-person shooting game and you can play with this game with up to 6 friends cooperatively. The zombie apocalypse in this game is the result of the actions done by an insane researcher and he has unleashed thousands of clones (zombies) across the United Kingdom.
The player will be the hero, who must save the county from these clones. Players will be able to use big guns to shoot these zombies. But all they have to play collectively as their number is increasing rapidly. Players can use large weapons like firearms, syringe so many more. The game comes with four different difficulty levels so you can make the game as hard as you want.

7. World War Z

zombie games ps4
World War Z is a third-person shooter game and it’s definitely one of the best ps4 zombie game 2021 by far. The game features the best graphics! It’s so realistic that you may get scared for a bit. The game takes place in five different cities, these are Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Moscow, and Jerusalem. All of them are facing a zombie apocalypse where people are dying in large number and the human race is at stake! The characters are different from each other and each possess a unique power.
You can play this game with your friends or by yourself. Just remember each city faces a different kinda threat and you will be required to come up with a new strategy each time. The difficulty levels are high, so be strong and always keep your eyes open because you never know what can happen to you next!

8. Resident Evil HD Remaster

zombie game for ps4
This zombie game for ps4 is definitely the scariest game you will ever play. The zombies are as creepy and scary as they could be and they will cut you in half and eat you alive if you will give them the chance! Your part won’t be done just by shooting them but you will have to burn them or they will rise again. Explore the game and it will definitely give you a shiver.

9. The Walking Dead

ps4 zombie games
This game is based on the walking dead season one and they have done a pretty great job for a ps4 zombie game. The story of this game is something you don’t wanna miss out on. The graphics and gameplay are super amazing and you will love this game for sure.

10. State of decay 2

State of decay is a kinda zombie game that will test your strengths and survival skills against zombies. It may not be the perfect game but its definitely something worth playing. And we know you would enjoy this game for its weapons and graphics!


So we have listed all the best ps4 zombie games and you will definitely love these games!

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