Top 10 Best PS4 Fighting Games 2023

The video games have been around for a long time now and since then there have been so many new technologies and advanced gameplay that has been introduced. There are a number of gaming consoles as well as a variety of genres in video games. Some like to play the sports game and the others the fighting games. But no matter what your favorite genre is, all you want is to play the best game.
In this is an article we are going to talk about one of the most played genres that are fighting games and that too one the gaming console that is ps4! Now when we talk about the Ps4, we all know how many great games are present here and with that much choice, it becomes a tough choice when it comes to finding the best fighting game to play on PS4.
And to help you with the dilemma of choosing the best fighting game for yourself, we have decided to come up with a list of best fighting games for PS4. And here we have listed the top 10 ps4 fighting games. So go ahead and see what’s here for you and you might find the best ps4 fighting game to play next.

PS4 Fighting Games

1. Tekken 7

It would be a crime if we start our list of the best ps4 fighting games with any other game than the Tekken 7. If you have ever played any game in the series you already know what I mean by the above statements. There are a number of things that make this one the best fighting games for PS4.
For starters, you are gonna get a hell of a fight out of this game and if you want to test your gaming fighting skills, I hardly doubt there is any other game that can do the job better than this one. The game features a total of 38 characters in the game who are celebrities, robots, aliens, fighters, etc. Each character has their own set of a different set of powers and qualities which makes them distinct and unique from the others. You can also customize the characters by changing their costumes and getting them a personalized fighting style.
You will be impressed by its dynamic exciting gameplay as well. There are a number of fighting styles that you can pick up for your character and there are also a variety of moves that you can perform including a finishing move for your character. Your opponent will give you a tough competition and there is no way that you can win from that one by taking the game for granted. The game does require a proper strategy and game planning with the fighting style so you can defeat the opponent.
The game will also impress you with its 20 stages which are beautiful and unique and includes some of the best areas such as the temples with a mysterious feel, urban areas, and even an active volcano. This one is the 9th installment in the series and it does have some of the best features from the previous installments as well. The bottom line is there are plenty of reasons that you need to try out this one as your next ps4 fighting game and we are pretty sure that you will love this one.

2. Mortal Kombat XL

Our next pick for the best Ps4 fighting games on the list is Mortal Kombat XL. Again there is a high chance that you have heard of this game before but if you haven’t for some reason, now is the chance that you explore this fighting game on your ps4 and enter a new universe. This one is considered one of the best fighting games for a mature audience as it features some of the most brutal scenes as well as the number of amazing features.
Here you will find a long list of deadly combat with X-Ray sequences and of course the infamous fatality finishers. Even though the game is considered as the best game for the mature audience, you will find the controls for the game easy to learn and smooth to play.
There are a total of 33 characters to play from which includes the predators, alien, and Leatherface. The game can be played in both the offline and online mode as well as in the multiplayer and single-player modes. This one also tests your abilities to attack, combat, take up a move against the opponent, and your ability to play the fighting games. So this one should be one of your choices too when it comes to playing the best ps4 fighting game.

3. Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition

Another popular ps4 fighting game making a place on our list. And this won’t disappoint you either in terms of its gameplay or the fighting moves! The game is based on the DC universe and players can take up any of the prominent characters from the DC universe such as the joker, the batman, or the superman. In short, this one is a pretty good choice for all the DC universe lovers.
The game is most popularly known for its interactive stages where you can interact with your surrounding environment and use it in the battle. Other than this, the characters also come with their own set of unique powers and abilities which you can use in the battles. People have also loved the audio performance as well as the graphics and visuals of the game. The bottom line is, as we have said earlier, this one is no less than a delight for all the DC fans, so if you are one go ahead and get the game.

4. Dragon Ball Fighterz

Who isn’t aware of Dragon Ball Fighterz? I am sure we all have heard of the game series and you might have played a game from the series too. It doesn’t matter if we’re a fan of the TV show or not but if you are a fan of fighting games, this one should be your first choice.
The games feature 2.5D and the good animation styles that too in the 1080p and 60FOS which makes the game look just like the TV show with the best clarity and game graphics. The game features a total of 24 characters from which you will have yo puck the three to play the game.
This one features the story mode, the offline mode as well as the challenging arcade mode. So you are getting a number of things from this one. And you might wanna choose this game if you are a beginner and just started playing ps4 fighting games as it features intuitive gameplay that that is easy to play and follow.

5. Dead or Alive 5 Last Around

If you are looking for a 3D fighting game for PS4 then this should be your first choice. With the amazing game mechanic and a great environment. The game features an interactive environment where you can jump from one stage to another. With each increasing stage, the danger and complexity of the game will increase too.
The intuitive fighting mechanism is all you can look for in a fighting game. The best part about the game is it is a cross-platform game that can be played across different platforms such as the PC, consoles, and arcade. There are also a number of other features which would impress you.

6. EA Sports UFC2

If you want ti to play a more realistic fighting game on PS4 then this one should be a great option as well. You must be aware of the concept of the unlimited fighting championship as there are a number of games present in the series. The game feels so realistic thanks to its gameplay and mechanics. Here you would be able to fight with a well-known face in the UFC universe and make history by defeating them.
Your ultimate goal should be to become the ultimate champion by defeating all the opponents. The game has been praised for its detailed animations and smooth gameplay that consists of a number of fighting styles. You can also play the game in several modes and also invite your friends to play in the challenging mode.

7. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battles have also managed to make a place for itself in our list of best ps4 fighting games. Here you get the best online playing experience as the game doesn’t lag and you would be able to play a smooth game with your friends online.
As the game suggests through its name, the game actually uses a new tagging system which adds a new layer in the game. The game is also a tract for those who love to fight with characters from another universe. Another best thing about the game is, it features the comeback which might be easy to learn but you will face a tough time mastering it, and this is what makes it one of the challenging fighting games.

8. J-Stars Victory Vs+

J-Stars Victory is also an amazing game for anime lovers. Here you will get an amazing figjting experience with a huge number of characters (52) from different series. The game features 3D battlefields in which the fighter can move around and battle. Each of the fighters contains their own powers, set of attack moves, and several other abilities that make them different from others.
The game also features the multiplayer fighting mode where you will find a multiplayer story mode which includes there are four different. There are also two players offline battles mode as well as the single-player arcade mode. Players have also found the victory mode pretty impressive as they can complete objectives in order to win the game.

9. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Dissidia Final Fantasy is also a fighting game for PS4 that needs your attention. Its a 3D team-based fighting game where you can fight as rough as you want and have the best fighting experience. The combat consists of a number of things that might jot expect which also includes the flying.
The characters are from a variety of professions which include the assassins, marksmen, etc. Here you can also summon the various deities as well. You will have to unlock the characters and then use them in the combats.

10. Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V is also a game that you need to play if you are a big fan of fighting games. There is a high chance that you must have played some of the games from this series. Here you will find fast-paced gameplay with the best graphics and visual effects.
The game features a total of 28 characters that are very enjoyable has a distinct nature. Here you will also find intuitive gameplay which makes the game perfect for the beginners. Overall this one might not be the biggest and massive fighting game but its something that you will enjoy for sure.


So here our list for the best ps4 fighting game comes to an end and we hope you found it helpful. It doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore gamer or you play the games occasionally, you all can agree that the ps4 games are a stress buster and a good game at the end of the day or in the lazy afternoons is all you need to take away all your worries and stress.
So invite over your friends and challenge them to play with you and compete or you can just play it opposite the computer in the single-player mode and have fun with your self. The bottom line is, these are some of the best games that you will find right now for the Ps4. So go ahead and find the fighting game that you want to play next. So thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such articles in the future as well.

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