Top 10 Amazing PS4 Party Games 2023

How many times you say this to yourself when all this is over I am going to have a big party. I am sure there are a lot of times these days that you say this to yourself. And obviously, you would wanna have a fun party with your friends. And do you know what makes a party fun? The games! And the video games are even better. Yes, we know there are plenty of party games such as the truth and dare and stuff. But if you want to challenge people and show them who is boss by winning the games in competitive gameplay, that would be the very feeling.
Thankfully we have like plenty of ps4 party games that will give you a good time. And these party games can be played by a number of players. Of course, every game has a limit on the number of players you can play the game is.
But choosing the fun ps4 party games is still a challenge for most of us. And that’s where we come in the picture. In this article, we are going to share our top pics for the best ps4 party games that you can find for ps4. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and have a look at the list of the best ps4 party games and find the best one for yourself and your friends.

Ps4 party games

1. Rocket League

Rocket League is considered one of the best party games to play with your buddies. What’s so special about it? It has some of the best cars and (surprise!) football. So if your friends are divided into the sports team and the driving team, you can make both of them happy with this game.
The concept of the game is super fun, here you control the cars and try to play football with them. So you actually get a chance to hit the football into the goal with your sports car. There are a number of new amazing models of cars that have been introduced since the launch of the game.
Maximum 4 players can play the game and other than the PS4 this one is also available on other platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, etc. Here you can also split into the team and spice things up for more fun. Overall this is the game that your guy friend will enjoy the most.

2. That’s You

All our friends claim that they know us better than we know them, so here is the game that can actually give you the answer about who knows who better. And that’s why it becomes a fun party game. And since most of the games are known as a little partial towards the boys this one can be played by any gender or people from any age group.
In this game, the questions would appear from a variety of categories such as the school, love life, etc and the person will have to answer it. For example, the question can say who is likely to fall in love on their first date? And you can then name the person you think will likely fall in love on the first date. And after that everyone gives their vote and if your answer gets most of the votes, you get points.
6 can players can play the game at once. And it’s actually a super fun game and you can also play it with your family members as well.

3. Crawl

Crawl has also made it to our list where you get to play with four of your friends. This party game for PS4 might be the least known game on our list but it actually is pretty great. This one is for those who enjoy the level based games and loved to defeat the villain in the game. It’s kinda a dark game but with a very playful theme.
Here you will have to hit the level ten before defeating the boss. And among the four players, only one can be alive at a time and the remaining three will control the other aspects of the game such as the traps, monsters, or even the bosses. So if they want they can kill you off as well and become alive. Now, this might not be the game that is enjoyed by everyone, but for the people who love to become a little competitive and use their strategies, this one is pretty perfect.

4. Jackbox party pack 5

Well, the name actually says, party pack! How can that be the wrong choice for the best ps4 party games! This one features a number of games which makes your party alive and more fun. Here you can play the rap battle game, which would be already familiar with. You can actually say the witty things and take a high on each other. And there is also a trivia game, a game which is all about making weird decisions and there is a lot of stuff that you would enjoy with your friends.
The bottom line is, it has got something for everyone with the unique taste in the game. So its something which can include in the must-have ps4 party games list.

5. Knowledge is power

Do you come from a place where you know a number of smart people who are constantly trying to outsmart each other with their knowledge? And since its a party and all your friends are gathered, what could be a better place to play a game where all you need is knowledge to win the game! And that’s why we are including this one in our list of best ps4 party games!
It is also a great choice for the kid’s party as you can improve their knowledge in a very playful manner. To make this game more enjoyable, it features a number of avatars that can be chosen by the players. Here you will be asked a multiple choice question and who gives the fastest answer will win the game. There are also some other features, like freezing the opponent and make the game more competitive.
Here up to 6 players can play the game, and you can actually enjoy the game with your smart friends and find out who is the smartest of all.

6. Tricky towers

The tricky tower is also our pick for the best ps4 party game that you can play with your friends at the party. This one is all about the physics-based tower building magic. Did we just use the words magic and physics in the same sentence? Yes, we did and that’s the fun part about the game. You won’t have to make a big deal out of it but this is something that will take your party to the next level.
Four players play the game and take the different wizarding avatar, they all have to build their own tower by the given piece of blocks. All the blocks are different in shapes and sizes and you will have to use your brain to build the tower quicky. Here your competition is your friends and you will have to be faster in order to win the game. And there are the magic spells which will make sure you get an upper hand. Overall this one is a fun party game on the PS4 that you can play!

7. TowerFall Ascension

We cant complete our list of best party games on ps4 without listing this one on the list. Here the game features a number of things which make it one of the best games that you can play in the parties. Here the is ideal because it is pretty easy to learn and play and anyone of your guest can play this game. See no one wants to spend hours learning how to play the game which kills the mood.
Even though the game is pretty easy to play, it tests your strategy making skills pretty well. The gameplay is fast-paced and you will have to master the game’s strategy to win the game. Another best thing about the game is, you get to play with the bows and arrows, so yeah you can have the feel of a hunter. There is a variety of power-up present in the game to make it more interesting and players also like it’s unique designed levels.
The game can be played in both cooperative as well as in the competitive gameplay. Here you can also add modifications to the game which makes it even more fun to play.

8. Gang Beasts

This is the game which is pretty common in the parties and why wouldn’t it, it is actually an amazing game to play with your friends and family and have fun at the parties. The game is fun and brutal at the same time, with some funnily designed playable characters.
Here 8 players can play the game at once, and their only goal is to beat the opponent and kill it off in the most brutal way. They can throw up the opponents in front of the cars, into the sea, and in the meat grinder! Yes, it is actually as brutal as we are suggesting. But the characters of the game does give it a not so brutal feel. The game is all about chaos and how you handle them.
The blob-like characters are more strong then you can think, they are capable of fighting on the bus or the weirdest places as well.

9. Its Quiz Time

Yes, another Quiz game where you can use your knowledge to win the game. The quiz games are actually the must-have party games and they can play in all kinds of the party for all age groups as well.
You must be thinking there are a number of quiz games present on ps4 and what’s so special about it. Well for starters the game features 25,000 questions which are considered as one of the largest catalogs of questions for any game. These questions can be asked from thousands of categories. And you would love to test your knowledge in different categories.
The game can be played up to 8 players and you will be guided by the AI host Sally who is a delight as well. Just set up your name and start the trivia questions.

10. Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is another amazing game that you can play and have fun at the party with your friends. It’s from the beat’em category of game, and it can be super fun once you learn what you need to do and how you will execute the things in the game. The game features a number of knights and with their no so shining armor, these knights are always battle-ready and your victory in the game kinda depends on them as well.
The game features a number of modes to play which also includes the arena modes where you might have to come up with a strategy and see how you can defeat the opponent. Overall if you like the Hack and slasher goofy games then this one is also a perfect choice. Don’t forget to try this one out at the next party and have fun.


So these are the popular games that you might enjoy at the party. Just choose the games which you liked the most from our list and pick up your ps4. We know your ps4 would be bored too. Sure most of the games present the online multiplayer mode but it’s always fun to play with your friends and look the face when you defeat them. And when it’s party and you have an audience to flaunt your victory, the feeling of the victory will be ten times better.
We hope you found the kind of ps4 party game that you were looking for. So thank you for visiting us and keep coming for more such review articles.

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