Top 11 Best Games Like GTA 2023

Grand Theft Auto is undoubtedly a game that we all have played at least once in our life. This game has gained huge popularity across the world and you can easily find someone who has been addicted to this game at some point in their life. Obviously, there are plenty of reasons behind the popularity of this game such as the immersive story, open-world environment where the players can roam even when they are not playing the game, or the ability to swap between three protagonists of the game. The game provides a unique experience to its player and everyone just loves to roam in the GTA universe and play different missions and complete several quests as well.
Everyone has now explored GTA and some might even need a little change from GTA too. Well, what would be a better game than a game like GTA which provides the same kind of experience yet varies in setting and allows you to explore a new open-world, right? If you are also looking for something similar after completing GTA 5 then you are at the right place.
Even though there are plenty of games like GTA that you can find, not all of them match its level and the bar that GTA has set. This is why you need to find the best games like GTA and explore them. But how will you know which are the best GTA-like games out there? Well, that is the reason we are here to help you out.
In this article, we have selected the top 11 games like GTA and reviewed them as well, so you can easily find the best game like GTA and play it as well. So go ahead and take a look at the following list of best games like GTA and see which one you like the most.

Best Games Like GTA

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Best Games Like GTA
You may have loved Los Santos and roaming in the city of GTA, but you are also going to love the medieval world of Witcher 3 where you will explore a different Era and get a new and unique setting from GTA. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is undoubtedly one of the best games like GTA that you can find. This game has always impressed us with its overall adventure but the GTA fans have also approved it as well.
Even though it’s been a while since the game first came out, it still is one of the most popular RPG and open-world games where you will be playing the character of Geralt of Rivia. You will be on a hunt to find Ciri who is the next heir to the throne and his daughter. The game is pretty much the same as GTA when it comes to the experience and action, although medieval times would be different. Here, you will explore the underground ruins, battles, and so much more. Instead of guns and heavy modern weaponry, this game provides swordplay and other medieval weapons.
It has an amazing storyline which everyone liked. You can just roam in the game world without even touching the storyline so that is a plus point too. There will be many missions and quests to complete as well. Overall, this is the game that you shouldn’t miss, and play it at least once if you haven’t already.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

Games Like GTA
Red Dead Redemption 2 is undoubtedly one of the best games like GTA and every GTA fan would agree to this as well. The game has won many hearts and GTA fans have loved this game for its similar adventure, thrill, and action as the GTA, of course with a few differences. There is everything a GTA fan can ask for and this might be the reason why this game is still ruling even after years of its launch. The game features an open-world setting which you can easily explore while playing the game. One of the best parts of this game is the storyline of this game which makes sure that players are fully engaged with the characters and the storyline.
The story of the game mainly focuses on trust and betrayal. The story features a gang who are hoping to go on the last heist before they retire. But it is not as simple as it first seems, soon the story starts taking turns and there are plenty of surprising twists as well. Players like the wild west setting of the game where you can do many activities like horse riding, fishing, and so much more. Some people might say that it is GTA but with horses. There are people doing morally questionable things and you get to engage in so many quests as the story moves forward.
Overall, this game like GTA would keep you hooked for several hours at once and you can’t get enough of it!

3. Saint Row: The Third

Top Best Games Like GTA
With plenty of similarities with GTA, this game has won the hearts of GTA lovers. The game has a fantasy open world and it offers a more futuristic fantasy approach that people who play games like GTA would like. The game features superpowers, strange weapons, and thrilling quests that will keep its players on edge.
The game allows its players to have unlimited fun and even allows them to be creative. Players will get great customization features for the characters while they are on missions in the game. Whether it’s about stealing cars or even creating havoc in the city, this game won’t disappoint you.
Players will also come across some of the surprising elements such as a small-scale zombie attack. Everything from the costumes to the dialogues is pretty similar to GTA, this might be a reason why this game is popular among GTA fans. Even though this game is a little old, you would certainly get the best experience if you are looking for something like GTA to play.

4. Sleeping Dogs

Top Games Like GTA
Sleeping Dogs isn’t a game that got huge recognition and popularity at the time of its launch. However, this game has managed to catch the attention of GTA fans who are ready to play a game with similar gameplay and setting. The game was developed by United Front Games and published by Square Enix. Even to this date, this game remains one of the most underrated open-world games because of its uncanny resemblance to GTA, but we can all agree that it deserved a better fate.
So to the players who are all done with GTA or some that haven’t played GTA yet but want something similar should certainly check it out. The game takes you to the streets of Hong Kong where you get to engage in street fights, bashing people with one hand, and lots of violence.
This game features a very detailed world where you explore so much if you are not up for just doing missions in the game. Martial arts and movie stunts are pretty fun to perform and you would certainly get the feel of a classic Bruce Lee film.
Overall, if you have got some time to explore all the GTA-like games, then this one is worth your time.

5. Watch Dogs 2

Best Game Like GTA
Watch Dogs is for the people who can handle sour-hearted affairs and unbearable endings. This game has got it all that a GTA fan can ask for, from an open world environment to a powerful storyline that will keep you on edge. The game features some gut-wrenching fights and twists that will leave you speechless. The game has done a great job in impressing the GTA fans.
You will also get so many impressive weapons that are so cool to play and use in the middle of the fight. Players love that they get to explore the world while doing the missions, and usually, there are more than one ways to complete a quest which is also an interesting feature of this game.
Developers have made this game just like GTA and you can even find some missions that are just as same as the GTA. So for a true GTA fan who can’t get over the GTA experience and is looking for a rebound game, well this one is a pretty good option.

6. Mafia 2

Best Games Like GTA
Mafia 2 is another one of the leading GTA-like games that you can find. This open-world action-adventure game has also impressed us and all the GTA fans who want to be invested in the story rather than exploring the world. It’s a direct approach that is fully focused on the story and you won’t get to play any side missions or mini-games. There isn’t any particular reason to explore the game as you will spend most of the time-traveling from one place to another while doing the missions.
If you are someone who is looking for a more story-focused game like GTA then this one should be your first choice.

7. Yakuza O

Game Like GTA
If you are all for doing all the nasty and over-the-top stuff or activities while playing a GTA-like game then Yakuza O should be your first choice. This game is the 6th installment of the Yakuza franchise and you would certainly like it as well. This game is filled with side missions and activities to be involved in and you can even spend a great deal of time while involving these kinds of activities as well. So our recommendations will first get the basic idea of the game as a whole participating in the side activities.
The game has an undressing storyline as well and you can also focus on the main storyline only. There are plenty of compact styles and weapons to use as well. This game allows you to be as violent as you want, beat up the thugs, go on a murder spree, or engage in brutal fights, it’s a perfect replacement for GTA after all!

8. Just Cause 4

Good Games Like GTA
Just Cause 4 is yet another best game like GTA that you should know about. This game has also impressed us and made a place for itself on our list. The game has been developed and published by Square Enix. This game has earned great recognition as one of the best open-world action-adventure games.
This game allows you to be as creative as you can get, there are so many amazing weapons and pretty great ways to create havoc. There are plenty of ways you can defy the rules of physics and this might one of the reasons why people who like action-adventure games love this one.
The game is set in a fictional tropical country in South America. Even though you play a savior in this game, but you are capable of doing more damage than any goons or monster can do here. The deadliest and the biggest map of this game is also a reason players find it challenging. The game is divided into four different terrains and every area comes with its own set of challenges. One of the drawbacks is the lack of multiplayer mode, so this is something that might turn you off if you like to play with your friends, although it would be a perfect choice for anyone who likes to play it alone.

9. L.A. Noire

Cool Games Like GTA
L.A. Noire is also a leading game like GTA that you must try at least once. The game has been developed by Team Bondi and it has been published by Rockstar so naturally, our expectations from this game are high. One of the things that makes it different from GTA is that you are not going to go on a murder spree and kill anyone you see, there are the bad guys that you can kill.
This open-world action-adventure game has so much thrill to offer. You will need to suspect and identify people and there are plenty of missions to solve too. Here, your face reading power matters more than your fighting skills or driving skills. Overall it is going going to be fun.

10. Far Cry 3

Games Like GTA
Far Cry 3 is also a game that you can try out if you like playing an open world game with a great storyline just like GTA. The game will take you to an island which you can explore while trying g to save your friends from danger. This game will also test your survival skills so you have to be ready for that too. Just like GTA, there will be some in-depth weapon arsenal with some modification options. It has also got the best villain to play against. There are some activities like gathering materials and hunting animals that will keep you hooked for hours.

11. Assassin’s Creed Origin

Top Best Games Like GTA
Assassin’s Creed Origin is also a popular game presently. This one features a much bigger world than GTA which gives its players plenty of hours to explore this game. One of the best parts of this game is its high-end storyline which keeps you engaged. The players Bayek and Aya along with Cleopatra will become the first assassins. Overall, you are going to love this game like GTA, so go ahead and give it a try.


So these are some of the best games like GTA that you need to know about. These games are pretty amazing and you would certainly like them as much as GTA. These games feature everything that GTA has (mostly) such as an open-world environment, role-playing, action, adventure, and thrill.
Here, we really hope that you found the best game like GTA that you can play and get yourself entertained and thrilled with these games. So that would be all for now, so go ahead and try these aforementioned GTA-like games, you are going to have fun with these.

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