Top 10 Amazing PS4 Adventure Games 2023

We all love adventure games, don’t we? There is no great feeling than not knowing what can happen next in a game yet going on with character to explore more and more in a gaming world. A good adventure game is all we need after a long day or even on lazy Sunday afternoons when we are bored.
Today in this article we are gonna talk about the best ps4 adventure games and why they are top class. People often complain that they can’t find a good game that satisfies their need so here we are. Read the article to find which are the best ps4 adventure game.

PS4 Adventure Games

ps4 adventure games

1. Uncharted 4: A thief’s end

adventure ps4 games
Not many people know about this game but Uncharted 4 is truly a gem when it comes to ps4 adventure games. It is the fourth game in the uncharted series and it was released in May 2016. People who have played the first 3 games of the series would know about this game but those who haven’t are still unaware of this game. And that is why we have placed it on number one in our best ps4 adventure games list.
The players will follow the chart tee Nathan Drake who is a former treasure hunter. He and his friend Sullivan is on a hunt for the king lost treasure of Henry Avery. For this, they must collect clues during their journey. The gameplay is full of combat and stealth, as players will have to protect themselves from enemies. But not to forget solving puzzles is still a very critical part of this adventure game. The game offers an online multiplayer mode where up to 10 players can play either in competitive or cooperative modes.

2. The last of us

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Although this game may sound like more of a survival game but it has many elements which makes it one of best ps4 adventure game. The Last Of Us features the character of Joel who is a smuggler by profession but for the time being, he is assigned a task to escort a teenage girl out of the city which facing an apocalypse. It’s a third-person perspective game where players can use firearms, advanced weapons and stealth to stay alive.
The game has been appreciated for its storyline and action-adventure elements which keeps the players engaged with the game for hours. The attacks are spontaneous so players have to be alert all the time if they wanna stay alive throughout the game. It’s an amazing game and definitely deserves a try.

3. Dark Souls Remastered

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Dark Souls is also a popular ps4adventures game which was well appreciated by its audience as well as critics. It was released in 2018 and soon after its release it was obvious that this game is a hit. What people like most about this ps4 adventure game is that it has it all. From a perfect storyline to some of the deadliest foes, the game was intelligently designed.
The players can choose the character and with him, he will be also choosing the character’s abilities, weapons and so on. The game is full of action and magic and you will find it one of the most adventurous game on ps4 till date. Just beware of the foes as they can be anywhere and you will be dead before you know it! The game gives you so much more of an insight of its open-world environment.

4. Red Dead Redemption 2

best ps4 adventure games
Red Dead Redemption 2 is obviously one of the most popular ps4 games. What you will find in this game is action, adventure, and some strong enemy forces. It is a third-person perspective game where you will interact with an open world.
It supports both single and multiplayer gameplay modes so you can enjoy it with your friends too. During the game, players will engage in several random but exciting activities. And that’s what makes it one of the best adventure game on ps4.

5. Horizon Zero Dawn

top ps4 adventure games
Horizon zero dawn is another ps4 adventure game that has won every gamer’s heart. In this game you will be fighting off large machines. This is a really famous role-playing game where you play the role of Aloy, who is a hunter in the world run by machines.
Additionally, this game features an open world where the player can interact and take part in several quests. It’s also a kinda survival game so you will have to manage your resources and use your defending skills to protect yourself.

6. God Of War

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We just can’t complete our best ps4 adventure game list without including God of War. It’s an action-adventure game that was released in 2018 and it’s the eighth installment of the god of war series. The game is somewhat based on more mythology.
The story has been intelligently written with some of the most powerful characters. The fighting style is unique and the adventure is remarkable. So basically we have every reason to put it on our list and you have every reason to play this game!

7. The occupation

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The Occupation hasn’t been given enough credit as a ps4 adventure game. The best this about this game is, every character and every action will.lead to something adventurous. The story starts with a terrorism act where 23 people have been killed. And the player will take control of a journalist where he will have to research about this incident.
The gameplay has energy bars security bars and each one is required if you wanna be in the game. The player will just have to keep the main aim in his head and do everything to achieve it.

8. Death Stranding

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Death stranding is released just last month, that is November 2018 and all it got is good reviews, critical acclaim and lots of praises. So it’s safe to say that it is the best ps4 adventure game. Its set in U.S. where something happened which resulted in deathly creatures roaming on the streets. So what you gonna do about it? Just play the game and find out!

9. Spider-Man

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Who wouldn’t love to play spiderman? And that is why this is in on our list of best adventure games on ps4. Roam in the city of Manhattan and live as spiderman. Live his adventurous life and save people that’s all this game is about!

10. Vampyr

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It’s dark, it’s spooky and it’s definitely a great adventure game to play on ps4. Be the monster or be the guy who helps others the choice is yours but it’s hard to choose. Find out more about this game by playing it!


So these were the best ps4 adventure games that you should not miss out on!

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