15 Best Paul Doiron Books In Order [Mike Bowditch Series]

If you are in search is a good crime thriller novel series then Paul Doiron’s Mike Bowditch novel series should be your first choice.
Paul Doiron is a popular and bestselling author who has impressed us with his numerous works over the years. When he first introduces us to the character of Mike Bowditch in the first novel of the series, The Poacher’s Son, everyone became his fan and the book become a bestselling as well.
The series revolves around the character of Mike Bowditch. He is a game warden in the woods of Maine. He is not just a game warden though, because he deals with all kinds of threats and crime in his day-to-day life. He knows that natural predators are not the only threat he has to face in the woods. He finds missions people, protects animal rights, beings justice, and deals with the local and foreigners fights in the woods as well.
All of the stories in Mike Bowditch are full of twists, action, thrill, unexpected dangers, hidden secrets, and a little bit of romance too.
Overall this crime thrill series is different from what you generally expect from a detective crime drama genre and it would be fun to read the whole series as well. There are a total of 11 titles released in the series so far and some are yet to come shortly as well.
If you want to read the whole series then it has to be in chronological order or else you might miss the details that make the series so special. In this article, we are going to present you with a list of all the Mike Bowditch by Paul Doiron books in order.
Go ahead and take a look at the following Mike Bowditch books in their chronological order.

Best Paul Doiron Books In Order

1. The Poacher’s Son

Paul Doiron Books In Order

The Poacher’s Son is the first Paul Doiron book in order. The series of Mike Bowditch is started with this book in 2010.
The book introduces us to the character of Mike Bowditch for the first time. He is a game warden in Maine. His life is no ordinary. It’s full of crime, thrill, action, and secrets. His father, Jack, made nothing easier in his life either as he is a hard-drinking womanizer who makes his living poaching illegal game.
Mike Bowditch returns to his home after a long time. He finds a past message from him after on his answering machine. He hasn’t heard from him for two years. But this isn’t the end of his worrying, the next day he receives a fall call that says a cop has been killed and his father is the main suspect.
He is now desperate to find out more about this case and despite his past, he wants to clear his father’s name from it. He and his companion, a retired warden pilot go deep into the wilderness to look for clues to solve the case and clear his father’s name.
The story would always keep you intrigued and you won’t be able to put it down before completing the book! It’s a great start for a series and Paul Doiron did some great work as well.

2. Trespasser

Best Paul Doiron Books In Order
Trespasser is the second Paul Doiron book in order and it takes the story of Mike Bowditch forward. This time a woman has been missing for days and it’s up to Mike to find her and bring her home. This missing case of a woman has to lead him to the wilderness of Maine again. He went there because he received a call from the woman who is stuck in the woods. When he gets there, he finds blood.
The whole thing looks similar and it reminds Mike of a case that happens 7 years ago. There are some similarities and Mike always believed that the case was never solved. This is the time when Mike can find out the killer and bring justice to the victims.

3. Bad Little Falls

Best Paul Doiron Books
The next Paul Doiron’s book in order is Bad Little Falls. This time, Mike Bowditch has been sent to the Canadian border in exile. He has been called to a rustic cabin of a terrified couple. A frozen man has been showing to their doorsteps and they have no clue about it. He claims that his friend has been lost.
Soon the case turns from a missing case to a murder mystery. The murdered man is a drug dealer and the police are suspecting the friend is the killer. Mike is all set to deal with this mystery. But what is bugging him the most is the anonymous tormentor who wants to make Mike’s life hell.
Mike is struggling with everything and he must solve the mystery because a lot is at stake and he can’t leave a case unsolved.

4. Massacre Pond

Paul Doiron Books
Mike Bowditch is ready to solve yet another mystery and this time it’s going to test him. Mike Bowditch has been called to inspect a bizarre crime scene where seven mooses have been found dead on the estate of Elizabeth Morse. She is a wealthy animal activist and all set to create a new national park.
At first, it seems like someone wants to hurt Morse’s business or take revenge but soon they find a dead body and it is a brutal murder. Now all Mike wants is to find the ruthless killer and bring justice to the victim. But there is a lot to stake to solve this controversial murder investigation, he may lose everything, his job, his best friend, and the love of his life as well.

5. The Bear Trap

Best Paul Doiron Book
The Bear Trap is a short story in the Mike Bowditch series. In this story, legendary Main Woodsman and bush pilot Charlie Stevens tried to convince young Mike Bowditch of the dangers awaiting rookie game wardens.
This story as it may seem is a prequel to the whole series and it is pretty short and can be completed in a day only as well. It is well written and once again prove why we are a fan of Paul Doiron!

6. The Bone Orchard

Mike Bowditch Series Books
After a family tragedy, Mike Bowditch has left the Maine Warden Service and he is all set to be a fishing guide in North Woods. Although the trouble hasn’t left him.
His mentor, Kathy Frost is forced to kill a troubled war veteran. This has lead Mike to have second thoughts about his decision.
On the other hand, Kathy has become a target for the government and the dead soldier’s platoon is also after her. Meanwhile a sniper, too, is after her. Mike has stood up and is all set to find the person who is responsible for all this. During all this, Mike’s ex has also returned in his life, which is making things worse for him as well.

7. The Precipice

Mike Bowditch Books Series
The Precipice is the sixth Paul Doiron book in order that you have to read. Mike has a lot to deal with. On one hand, it is the two missing hikers and on the second hand, there are coyote attacks in the woods of Maine. They have been on a mission for a long time and Mike is inquiring about everyone that came in contact with them. Turns out the two girls were lovers and they were hiding their relationship.
When the two corpses were discovered, everyone thought they have been killed by coyotes and the case is closed. But Mike’s girlfriend and biologist, Stacey Stevens has something else to say about all this. Will be able to solve this case or the killer is just too smart for him?

8. Widowmaker

Mike Bowditch Books In Order
In Widowmaker, the next book in order by Paul Doiron, Mike is about to learn something that would change his life forever.
When a mysterious and distressed woman is lurking outside his house, Mike gets suspicious. This woman calls herself, Amber Langstrom, who is beautiful, damaged, and hiding a secret link to Mike’s life. She claims that she and Jack, Mike’s father had a child together. Adam Langstrom is an illegitimate son of Jack Bowditch and Mike’s half-brother.
He is a wrongfully convicted sex offender and he has now vanished into the Windowmaker Ski Resort. Now Mike has to put the pieces together and find out if the women were telling the truth or not. For that, he has to find out Adam Langstrom in the Widowmaker Ski Resort.

9. Knife Creek

Paul Doiron Book
The Knife Creek starts with a boars emergency as they are destroying the forest and the nearby farms. Like always Mike has been assigned to deal with them and shoot them at the sight. But he was shocked to discover a buried body of a child. When DNA tests were conducted, it was linked to a woman who has been missing for four years now.
As the story moves forwards, Mike discovered some dark secrets of his neighbors and they are doing everything in their power to keep those secrets hidden.

10. Rabid

Paul Doiron Books In Order
Rabid is another one of Paul Doiron’s short stories and next book in order. Mike has joined his old buddy and former warden pilot Charlie Steven. They have got together like old times and reliving their past stories. They can come across a house in the wilderness of Maine woods and this one is not an unknown place to either of them.
Both Charlie and Mike have a connection to this house and it’s the owner. Mike will finally find out what happens a year ago between Charlie and the wife of the house owner.

11. Stay Hidden

Mike Bowditch Series
Stay Hidden is the ninth book in the series. A woman has been shot by a deer hunter accidentally and it seems like he is saying the truth. But when Mike arrives at the place of the incident, he discovers that there is so much more to this case. There are so many mysteries and the hunter is saying that his shot can’t fatal. Seems like he is saying the truth after all.
So who is actually behind the death of a woman in the woods and who is responsible for other mysterious things happening in the woods as well? Seems like Mike has a lot on his plate this time.

12. Backtrack

Author Paul Doiron Books
Backtrack is another short story in the series that you might wanna enjoy. This time the story is about Young Charlie Stevens and how he managed to find a missing hunter or at least solved a mystery a long time ago!

13. Almost Midnight

Paul Doiron Books In Order
Almost Midnight is the next book in Paul Doiron’s series. Someone has wounded Maine’s only wild wolf and Mike is all set to find this person. On the other hand, his friend has been released from prison all thanks to his good deeds in the prison.
Mike may have found the person responsible for the wolf’s attack. Billy’s wife and children are not safe either and Mike finds himself helpless. What will he do?

14. The Imposter

Paul Doiron Books
A guy has been found dead in a submerged car. The choking thing is he resembles Mike Bowditch. This explaining why a guy, calling himself Warden Bowditch has been doing things that can’t be explained. Now the question is, who is he and why did he use Mike’s identity?

15. One Last Lie

Paul Doiron Books
One Last Lie is the latest book in the series. Charley Stevens has been disappeared suddenly. His last words were, “never trust a man with secrets”. What does that suppose to mean? Was he trying to tell something to Mike or is he in danger? Mike just wants to find Charlie and on his search for his friend, he discovered many dark secrets.


So this is the correct order of Mike Bowditch by Paul Doiron books and this is how you can read the series. Thank you for visiting the page and we hope you got everything you were looking for. Now, what are you waiting for? But these books and start reading one of the best adventure/crime thriller series.

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