15 Most Popular & Free Driver Updater Tools 2023

The job of device drivers on our computer is the proper communication between the operating system and the hardware. And that’s why it is pretty important that you keep the drivers up to date for their efficient working. But the problem is they do need the updates from time to time and that’s why you will have to use the driver updater.
Now there are a number of Device Driver updaters present but the problem starts when we want the best one. And that’s why you need some help.to find out the best drivers updater. Here you might get the best one if you are willing to pay and hefty price, but if you are looking for completely free drivers updater then you might have to putt some efforts in your search.
So we are here to save you from the trouble of going through all the drivers updater and find you the best one. In the following list, we have 16 best completely free drivers updater that you might find helpful. So go ahead and take a look at the list, you might find something good enough as well.

Best Free Driver Updater Tools

1. Quick Driver Updater

Our first pick for the list of best free quick driver updater is Quick Driver Updater. This one is our favorite because of its quick speed and it does justice to its name as well. There are many things that you will like this driver updater such as, it’s the ability to host a performance booster to play games, video editing, and boosting the overall performance of your computer.
This updater will automatically update the outdated and corrupted drivers with a single click. The updater also downloads only the certified and authentic drivers. The updater is also has a user-friendly interface and it is able to scan your PC so that it can prevent it from all the annoying PC errors. The updater is available in English and German languages and it is compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7 (sadly it isn’t compatible with Windows XP).
The bottom line is if you are looking for a free driver updater with fast speed then this one should be your first choice. It works well and you can easily download and install it on your computer as well.

2. Driver Booster

Driver Booster is another great driver updater tool that you would want to have on your computer. It’s a simple driver updater tool that is compatible with all the windows versions and it’s also absolutely free to use.
The best thing about this one is it automatically finds the outdated drivers and when their updates appear it will update them within the updater without the necessity of manual downloading. The driver’s updater also features an easy to downloading and hassle-free installation as you will find the option of hiding it in the background so that there is no need to click through a number of steps while installing.
The updater also does a pretty great job when it comes to comparing the updated version to the current version of the driver that you have on your computer. It also creates a restore point in case something goes wrong while installing.  With minimum flaws (long installation and requiring manual clicks on the page to install the updates) this one is actually one of the best driver updater tools that you will find, so go ahead and try this out.

3. Driver Easy

Driver Easy is also one of the leading driver updater tools that you use. The best part about this driver updater is that it is a pretty powerful updater and it can be used at the professional level as well as at a personal level.
This one is also compatible with the Windows operating system. It scans for the problems and errors in the drivers and fixes them automatically. You can set the scan on a daily or monthly basis, so it will automatically scan and find you the problem. It also displays the hardware information so that you can find out everything that you need to know. It also supports the silent downloads without the use of an external browser. It displays full system information and there is an option where you can hide the device to not show the update icon in the future.

4. ITL Driver Updater

Our next choice for the best free Driver Updater that you find is ITL Driver Updater. We know that the common cause of system crashes is the broken, corrupted, and old drivers and if you wanna get rid of that then this driver updater tool would be a big help.
Although the updater tool isn’t completely free but it does come up with a free version as well as the pro version. It first finds the broken and corrupted drivers and then finds their updated version to ensure efficient performance by the computer.
There are a number of things that you will find fascinating about the driver updater tool. For starter, the driver updater tool makes the startup time faster by 50% and it also is known to enhance the speed as well. This one also features a scheduled scan that you can set as per your convenience daily, monthly and you can also set the time and frequency of the scans. You can also exclude the drivers from scanning.
It is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 and it features 24/7 assistance. It downloads only the WHQL certified drivers and there are more than 3000 databases as well. The bottom line is, its a pretty great driver updater and you will be able to update them with one click, so go ahead try this out.

5. Driver Pack Solution

Driver Pack Solution is also a completely free driver updater software that you would like. If you are looking for the easiest driver updater tool and a hassle-free interface then this one should be your first choice. You won’t be confused with any complicated options as there are some simple instructions to go with.
This program supports the bulk downloads and automated installs, which means no more clocking on the installing wizard. The program comes with two options that are a “regular mode” where the drivers will be updated automatically and the second one is the “expert mode” where you can pick manually which update you want and which you don’t. Here the program also has software that might download the recommended programs.
Although it does lack some features such as the schedule scans and no hidden option, apart from that this one is a great option to have. And it is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 Vista and XP.

6. Driver Genius

If you are the one who uses the software from a renowned name then you should maybe try out Driver Genius. This one is by Driver-Soft.Inc which also develops a number of other utility software. This one features a huge database, comprises motherboard drivers, sound and video card drivers, network driver, mouse driver, and many more. All this helps it to feature the one-click update.
This one also comes in both the pro version and the free version. Although people found limited download speed in the free version and interface is also a little inconvenient. Apart from this, it is a decent updater to use.

7. Snappy Driver Installer

This one is as cool as its name suggests and that’s why it ends up on the list of the best driver updater tool. This one is capable of downloading several drivers at once for many different drivers. After they are downloaded, the program allows you to install the drivers with or without the internet.
You can use the Snappy Drivers installer without even installing it on your computer that is via an external hard drive. One of the best things about this one is it does support the advertisements so even if it is free, it makes sure that you don’t have to suffer the annoying ads while you update the drivers. Although it lacks the schedule scans, its portable nature will definitely interest you.
This one is also compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

8. Driver Magic

Driver Magic is another leading driver updater that will impress you with its magical abilities to update the drivers on your computer and that too for free. It will significantly improve the performance of your computer by updating the drivers. This one hosts an invalid registry cleaner which would reduce the response time of your computer. This one also lets you do the secure surfacing experience by blocking suspicious websites.
It also reduces the startup time by removing the unwanted items from your computer. There are a number of features that make it the best free driver updater. It has a well designed and intuitive UI and supports faster scans as well. You will find the automatic one-click driver updater pretty helpful. This one also featured the double web security tool for a safe experience and it also prevents the hacking attempts. Here it also comes with a huge driver database.
It supports Windows 10, 8, and 7.

9. Driver Talent

Driver Talent is another popular free driver updater tool that you would like to use. Here you won’t have to search for the updates for your device drivers but it will automatically search for you. Apart from updating the outdated drivers, this one does a good job of fixing the corrupted and broken drivers.
All the information regarding the driver update is displayed on the screen which makes it more convenient to update the drivers. This one also works offline and you don’t need the internet connection to install the driver updates. It quickly updates the driver and you don’t have to download them manually. It also features a backup before each installation and uninstallation.
There are also some limitations such as lack of customization features for schedule scanning and the bulk downloading isn’t possible either.
This one is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

10. DriverMax

DriverMax is our next pick for the best free driver updater. It supports automated installation for a convenient performance and this one also supports the pre-scheduled scan as well. The updater features pretty great features for a free driver updater which includes compatibility with the recent windows version, it automatically scans and detects the drivers that need to be updated or fixed.
It performs the scheduled scans and will list all the drivers that need to be fixed and updated. Drivers will be downloaded via the application. Although it only allows the limiting numbers of updates for the driver in a single day or month. Apart from this, it is a pretty cool driver update and it keeps your PC in good shape.

11. Free Driver Scout

Driver Booster is also a pretty amazing driver updater tool that you can use for free. Just as its name suggests this one does a good job in boosting the performance. The updater features both the paid version and the free version. Even with the free version, you can update your device driver with ease. The big difference between the paid and the free version is that the free version features the ads. So if you don’t want the advertisements you can buy the pro version otherwise the free version works perfectly great.
This one also creates a restore point before installing the update. You can also compare the updated version as it provides full information for the update. It boasts a PC optimizer that checks the system issues, junk files, and registry. It also reduces the boot time by hosting a disk defragmenter. It also comes up with software that fixes the network issues, bad resolution, etc.
Some of the best features of this driver updater are unlimited driver updates, huge databases, automatic boot or shut down, etc. There will be no redirecting to other pages and it only downloads WHQL certified driver.
The driver updater is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 Vista and XP.

12. Drivers Cloud

If you are one of those people who wants to download the beta versions of the drive drivers then this one should be your first choice. This one is a completely free driver updater tool that will track down the information of your software and hardware and will inform you about the outdated ones.
There are a number of options in this driver updater which makes it easier to update the drivers. It only downloads the WHQL certified Driver updates. Although it doesn’t support the bulk downloading or automat8c downloading.
This one is available for Windows, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Windows 2000 as well.

13. Avast Driver Updater

If you are looking for a light and small software for updating the drivers then this one should be your first choice. This one might be small but it works smoothly and easily finds you the updates for your drivers. It’s one of the simplest driver updaters as you would have to just click one button and it will get you the results and show you the updates.
It scans for the errors in the PC and checks for the updated in the background. This one also creates a restore point. Although it’s not entirely free and here you would need to pay a yearly subscription if you want to take advantage of its advanced features. So you can check up the trial version and see if it’s worth the money.

14. DriverIdentifier

Just as its name suggests, it identifies the updates for your drivers and lets you boost your computer’s performance. This one of also available in the portable version where you won’t have to keep this one on your computer but you can use an external device for that.
This one is pretty easy to understand and almost anyone can use it. One of the best advantages of this driver updater is it can be used offline and you won’t have to have an internet connection to use it.
It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

15. Drive Reviver

Drive River is another free driver updater that you will find. This one features an intuitive interface with a few tabs and with all the options will name. So you won’t have any issues with the navigation.
The updater also has a huge database of drivers that are compatible with all the PC hardware and software. It keeps the PC in an optimum state by simply scanning the current drivers and updating the outdated and corrupt ones. You will also find an exclusion list so that you can exclude the drivers which you don’t want to update.
It is available for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, and Vista.

16. Drive Talent

Our last pick for the best driver updater is Drive Talent which is extremely easy to use and reliable. By using this one you can download multiple drivers. Here you can install the drivers without using the internet as well. It’s fast and features no advertisements. Automatic driver backup is also useful.
It supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.


So this is a list of best free driver updaters and we have tried to mention all the best device drivers updater that you might wanna use. These are some of the most popular and best driver updater that you would find for free.
We hope the article was helpful for you and you have got everything you were looking for. Thank you.

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