11 Most Popular & Free Scanner Software For Windows 10 (2023)

We all use a computer nowadays and most of which is for work. And when work is involved that means there would be a number of files, pdfs, and thousands of documents. And even though you don’t use the computer for professional use but there would be a number of documents that you must have stored. Since there documents, you will need a scanner software to know the quality of documents.
Although some of the computers or printers come with their own scanning software sometimes they are not what you have been looking for. And that’s why you need to look for the best scanner software.
We know there are a number of scanner software available and one can easily find scanner software for them. But the problem is not every scanner software is worthy of your time and money, and we all want the best anyway. And then another problem is many of them are paid and if you want to look for the free scanner software, you will need to look harder and make a wise decision as well.
So to save you from the trouble of going through all the scanner software, we have picked up the 11 best free scanner software for windows 10.

Best free scanner software for windows 10

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1. Adobe Acrobat

Well, the first choice for a scanner software has to start with Adobe, right? Adobe is one of the popular software that you will come across and we know you must have heard about this as well. Adobe has given us a number of software for different uses that include management and photo-shoot software as well. So it was natural that our first choice has to be Adobe Acrobat.
Adobe has a number of functions and will certainly make it easier for you to scan and store the documents. It allows you to comment on shared pdfs via your adobe document cloud. It is also able to differentiate between the two copies of the same pdf. With Adobe, you can quickly search for the required pdf. Pictures can also be converted into pdf. Overall this one is our best recommend scanner software for windows 10.

2. Office Lens

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When it comes to the best free scanner software for windows 10 then Office Lens has to be on the list. This one is definitely one of the best and you will be impressed by its features as well. Here the scanner software does a number of things to ease your workload such as trimming or enhancing the picture of prints, whiteboard, cards, etc. And you can save these as pictures, PDFs, Word, or PowerPoint.
This one certainly enhances the productivity of work as you can do a number of things with ease including sharing or exporting the pdfs and documents from one place to another. The software works with multiple languages as well such as English, German, Spanish and simplified Chinese. Overall this one is worth a try as it is giving some of the best features for free.

3. ABBYY FineReader

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ABBYY FineReader is another best scanner software for windows 10 that you will find for free. This one is also widely used and has gained popularity for a number of reasons but most of all this one is popular because of its high document accuracy. Millions of people are using this scanner software for windows 10 for creating and scanning the software.
This one boasts a photo editor to enhance the quality of the old printed document xerox. It can be used to compare documents or find errors to fix them as early as possible. This one is also able to convert documents into multiple formats which is it’s one of the best features.
It also features a pdf editing tool that includes features such as form creations, signature, watermarks, etc. Other than this the tool also provides a paragraph and sentence corrector as well. Overall it’s a satisfactory tool to use as scanner software for your windows 10.

4. PDF Document Scanner

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PDF Document Scanner is also one of the best Free scanner software that you can find for windows 10. This one features a wide collection of free applications which also include the free scanner through which you can adjust the documents and edit them. Images can be easily captured and saved as the pictures or converter as pdf documents.
You can easily save the pdf copies either in the cloud storage or the external storage space.

5. Readiris Pro 17

Readiris Pro 17 is another best scanner software for windows 10 that you would love to use. The reason behind its great performance is a high-end OCR technology which is used to convert the documents into the pdfs. And not only this the scanner software is full of features that make your life easier when it comes to storing the documents. With this one, you can add comments and many more to your pdf file. Here you will be able to convert the pdf file into a number of editable formats such as DOC, XLC, etc.
It is also able to combine and split up the documents as per your needs. You will also find the features which enable the voice annotations and text to speech with this scanner software. It makes the pdf sharing and management of pdf an easy task. Last but not the least, this scanner supports 130 languages, so you can be from anywhere in the world and can still use this scanner software for your windows 10.

6. PaperScan

This one is yet another free scanner software for windows 10 that you can use. This one too is a feature-rich scanner software that will certainly meet your requirements. You can easily use this one for scanning the PDFs and images that are present on your computer with ease. This one features an intuitive interface that can be used by anyone and even to those who have never used a scanner before.
This one also helps to adjust and enhance the image quality and removing the basic errors. Here you will be able to see all the information regarding the document such as the size, color, resolution, etc. It is also able to support a number of formats and two languages that is English and French. It is available in the premium version where you can get the subscription and will be provided with a number of more functions.

7. ScanSpeeder

ScanSpeeder is one of the best scanner software for windows 10 that you will come across. It is, as its name suggests, one of the fastest scanners out there and it is able to quickly scan the documents and PDFs present in the computer. It is pretty quick in scanning the images as well and fixes their issues such as quality.
It is also able to scan the slideshows, digital photo frames, album pages, etc. You can easily save the file with all the information you want to include in its name. Overall this one is a great scanner for scanning the photos and you don’t even have to manually pick the photos as it is able to scan photos from the albums.

8. NAP2

If you are looking for the best opensource free scanner software for windows 10 that you can easily get and use. It does a pretty great job when it comes to scanning the documents and images on your computer. It is also able to convert the files into various formats to make your work a piece of cake.
It also comes with OCR technology which makes it easier to scan documents and extract texts from scanned documents. Both lines are, you will be certainly satisfied with this one, and even if it’s free software it does provide you a number of features.

9. VueScan

VueScan is our next pick for the best scanner software for windows 10. Although this one is used to scan pictures, and if that what you are looking for then this one might be a perfect match for you. It’s a high-quality picture scanner with a number of premium features that makes it easy to scan the pictures and store them.
There are many helpful options such as the raw file option through which you can save, reopen, and edit them. Autosave and auto print features are also available. It supports multiple formats as well. Can be used to scan multiple pictures and combine them into one single picture.

10. CapturePoint

CapturePoint is also one of the best scanner software windows 10 that you can find and this one also has a number of features that will make your scanning process easier. It can easily convert the physical documents into PDFs. This is one of the most flexible scanner software that you will come across and it is able to meet almost all your requirements.
It features data extraction functionalities. One of the best features of this scanner Is its handwriting recognition and indexing options. It has pretty great features which make the handling of documents an easy affair. This one is useful for both personal as well as professional use.

11. OmniPage Standard

Our last pick for the list of best scanner software for windows 10 is OmniPage. This one is also a premium scanner software that features some of the best options to scan the documents on your computer and provide you the result.
It can perform multiple tasks at the same time and it can compare and edit the side of the document by side. This one supports 120 languages which are pretty amazing. It also makes file sharing and managing an easy task.


So here are the best free scanner software for windows 10. All of them works great and will meet your need. All you need to do is to look for the one that meets your requirements. All these scanners software has received a good response from the users and they are also pretty easy to use as well.
We hope that you have found this article helpful and found what you have been looking for. So thank you for visiting us, keep coming for more such articles in the future as well.

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