Top 15 Steve Berry Books In Order To Read 2023

Cotton Malone is one of the most popular detective/crime series written by Steve Berry. If you want to read a story that keeps you in suspense, has thrill, drama, and some of the best mysteries to investigate then Cotton Malone should be the perfect novel series for you.
About the Series:
The novel series revolves around the character of Cotton Malone! He is a former Justice Deputy operative. He has left his former job and now he is the proud owner of a bookstore. He is all set in Copenhagen, Denmark, and wants to live a quote life there. But he gets occasionally drawn back to his former life because people seek his assistance in solving some of the most complicated and mysterious investigations.
Cotton Malone is a simple guy who wants an ordinary lifestyle but he always ends up dealing with dangers and life-threatening situations.
The character of Cotton Malone is inspired by the author’s own life and that’s what makes it so much more fascinating.
The novel series started in 2006 with the debuted book, The Templar Legacy and till now there are 19 books in the series and a few are yet to release as well.
In this article, we are going to share a list of all the Cotton Malone by Steve Berry books in order so that you would know how to read the Cotton Malone series in its chronological order.
Take a look at the following list of Cotton Malone books in order.

Steve Berry Books In Order

1. The Templar Legacy

Steve Berry Books In Order

The first book in the Cotton Malone series is The Templar Legacy, the book was published in 2006 and it received a positive response and it was a success as well.
The book, for the first time, introduces the character of Cotton Malone. He is a simple guy all set in Copenhagen, Denmark, and around the owner of a bookshop. But that is just his present life. A while ago he was known as the best operative for the U.S justice department. He was respected and admired by a lot of people and everyone would praise him for his intelligence as he has been a part of many dangerous missions and saved a lot of lives.
As much as he can’t enjoy his quiet life in Denmark, he has been called back to assist on a new case that requires his brain. The story starts with a simple case of a robbery attempt in the house of his former boss, Stephanie Nelle, while she is on a mission. She is on a mission to uncover the truth about the century-old mystery about a king and his treasure. Somehow Cotton Malone gets involved in this mystery and he finds out it’s much more than a treasure hunt or history of some old architects.
He must figure out what is going on and solve the case before it’s too late. As soon as the story starts unfolding, you will found yourself reading the best mystery/thriller story. It would be hard to put down the book before you finish the story!

2. The Alexandria Link

Steve Berry Books In Order To Read
Cotton Malone, who is retired from his high-risk U.S. Justice Department job is now living a peaceful life. But the peace is one thing that he can’t seem to get.
One day, he finds a threatening email that says, ” You have something I want. You are the only person in this world who knows where to find it. Go get it. You have 72 hours. If I don’t hear back, you will be childless.”
Worried seeing the email, he calls his wife and she confirms that their teenage son has been kidnapped. Soon after this, Malone’s library has been burned to ashes and it’s now clear that the threat is very real and the person responsible behind this won’t stop at anything else. Malone must get what they want, and what they want is the Library of Alexandria!
Unfortunately, the library has vanished hundreds of years ago and there are just myths and tales about the library. Cotton Malone is now on a journey across the globe, his hunt for the library takes him to several countries. Will he find the library before 72 hours? And if managed to find it, what is this that they want and why they want it? There are so many questions that arise with each page you turn and that’s why this one is one of the best Steve Berry novels!

3. The Venetian Betrayal

Steve Berry Books
Next on our list of The Venetian Betrayal as its the third book in the Cotton Malone series.
Cotton Malone has just escaped the fire that consumed the Danish Museum. But this wasn’t the end of the story. He now learns from his friend, Cassiopeia Vitt that it was nothing but a part of a bigger diabolical plan.
A new federation has arisen that calls itself the Central Asian Federation by surprising the U.S.S.R. Irina Zovastina is its a supreme minister. The federation has a single desire, to surpass Alexander the Great as history’s ultimate conqueror.
The story is a perfect blend of history, archaeology, mystery, secrets, and lots of drama. Cotton and Vitt must work together and figure out away from all this and find the answers to their questions. The epic writing and mysterious all you would be pressing after reading the book.

4. The Charlemagne Pursuit

Top Steve Berry Books In Order
The Charlemagne Pursuit was published in 2008 and it’s the fourth book in the series as well.
This book reveals the truth about Malone’s father. As a child, he was told that his father died in a submarine disaster in North Atlantic. But in a recent development, he learns that his father’s sub was a secret nuclear vessel and it was lost on a highly classified mission beneath the ice of Antarctica.
Although Malone isn’t the only one who is after the truth about that submarine. Two sisters are also looking for something as their father, too, was on the same sub. But they know a little bit more about the incident than Malone. Now Malone and the two sisters must work together and unfolds the truths about the incident that happened decades ago.

5. The Paris Vendetta

Best Steve Berry Books In Order
All Cotton Malone wants is to be left alone and live peacefully and run his bookshop. But with each passing day, this seems impossible to happen.
This time, some intruders have broken into Malone’s book shop and it is none other than an American Secret Agent along with assassins on his heels. This only proves one thing, another dangerous mission awaits Malone. On the other hand, Malone has a new ally, Henrik Thorvaldsen who is a Danish tycoon. He has discovered an insidious plan of a Paris Club, which is a cable of multimillionaire bent manipulating the world economy!
There is a hidden vendetta too, which will put Malone in a hard position, he must choose between a friend and his country. His integrity will be tested and this is going to be the biggest mission of Cotton Malone’s life.

6. The Emperor’s Tomb

Best Steve Berry Book
In this book, Malone’s friend Cassiopeia is in trouble. Cotton Malone receives an anonymous mail and when he opens it, he finds out Cassiopeia is being held by a mysterious man. The man has a demand, ” Bring me the artifact she’s asked you keep safe!”
Malone would do anything to save his friend but he has no clue what the mysterious man is talking about. Cassiopeia has never handed him anything to keep safe then what he is supposed to look for? Malone must think hard and find that artifact before it’s too late!
His hunt for the artifact takes him across the world, Vietnam, Belgium, and so on. He must look for the archaeological sites for clues or he will lose his friend forever!

7. The Jefferson Key

List of Steve Berry Books
The Jefferson Key is one of the best political thriller and investigation drama books in the Cotton Malone series. This time, the book is about the assassinations of United States Presidents from the past.
Four presidents have been assassinated in the history of the United States. The question is what would be the reason behind these assassinations, and worse what if they all died because of the same reason? If that is true then the life of the current President of the United States is in danger and so is the life of future presidents.
Malone has decided to investigate the matter and to his surprise, he found something much bigger than what he has imagined. He must decipher the hints that he is getting and work along with his friend to solve the mystery and save the life of the President.
The book also features a short story, The Devil’s Gold.

8. The King’s Deception

Steve Berry Books List
The King’s Deception is the next Cotton Malone book in the order. It was published in 2011. The book is based on political intrigue, treachery, thrills, and high-end suspense that would keep you on your toes.
Cotton Malone is on a Europe trip with his son, Gary. His former boss has asked him a favor to escort a teenage fugitive back to England. Malone agrees to it!
Gary and the fugitive have been disappeared after held at a gunpoint. When Malone investigates the matter, he finds out it is a matter of high stake diplomatic showdown. Lots of nations are involved and this has lead to the biggest terrorist activity.
Assassins, spies, traitors, and dangerous society members of the world, all are in this and Malone is fighting against all. Will he win? Or will he lose his son?

9. The Lincoln Myth

Steve Berry Books Series
The U.S. Constitution is considered as one of the best in the whole world and the life of every U.S citizen depends on the U.S constitution but when Malone finds out the flaw in the US Constitution, he is shocked.
He finds out a mystery about Abraham Lincoln and a political issue that can effect the whole world. Cotton Malone is all set for his new mission and this mission cant afford any mistakes or it would impact the whole country and at some level the whole world as well. Malone must work hard to uncover the mistries that dates back to centuries ago.

10. The Patriot Threat

Steve Berry Series Books
The Patriot Threat is going to be the biggest mission for Cotton Malone. His former boss, Stephanie Nelle asked him to go on a mission. A rogue North Korean may have stolen something from the Treasury Department Files which may prove to be a downfall for the whole nation. Cotton Malone must chase this rogue North Korean guy or else every US citizen’s life would be in jeopardy! The clock is ticking and Malone has only 24 hours!

11. The 14th Colony

Steve Berry Best Books
This time Malone is in Siberia and he is forced to pick a fight with Aleksandr Zorian to survive. Aleksandr Zorian has an immense hatred for the United States and he finds himself close to the soviet union more than ever.
Malone is all set to escape but before he escapes he finds out that Zorian has plans to merge with a sleeper cell in the west. He is armed with weapons and he is all set to attack America. Malone must take care of all this before it’s too late.

12. The Lost Order

Steve Berry Books Best
Next in the Cotton Malone series is The Lost Order and which was published in 2017. The book revolves around the Knights of the Golden Circle which was the most dangerous and largest clandestine in American history. There is a treasure associated with this Clandestine and it is buried somewhere in the country. Many people have a hunt for treasure over the century. And now that the news broke about the treasure being found, it has lead to war between two fractions! Malone must do everything in his power to make everything right.

13. The Bishop’s Pawn

Steve Berry Books To Read
The story reveals secrets about the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. by James Earl Ray. Martin Luther King Jr. and J. Edgar Hoover’s feud is not unknown to the world and it’s detailed has been written as well. Malone must look into the matter and uncover the truth.

14. The Malta Exchange

Steve Berry Books In Order
The Malta Exchange is the next book in the Cotton Malone Series. Cotton Malone is at the Lake Como, Italy on trial of legendary letters between Wincent Churchill Benito Mussolini that disappeared in 1945. The letter has the strength to re-write the history. Malone is hunting down the letters and he finds a connection between the lost letters and the Knights of Malta.

15. The Warsaw Protocol

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The Warsaw Protocol is the next Cotton Malone book in the order. The weapons of Christ, relics of Arma Christi are disappearing from the sanctuaries of the world. They are being stolen by a private organisation or criminal organization and the artifacts are sold in a private auction as well. There are so many people involved in this and the relics must be saved. Malone is going to be on a mission and he should be prepared for the worst because this one would test him.


So these are all the Cotton Malone books in order. Although all these books can be read as standalone a few people like to read the whole series and this is why it’s better to stick with the chronological order. Because this way you get to know the character development for the protagonists as well as other characters in the book and at the same time, you will learn about the background story as well.
That’s all we have to offer to you and we hope that you found our article helpful. Thank you and start reading the best crime/thriller novel series.

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