7 Amazing Data Recovery Software (Windows/Mac) 2023

Our computer has literally everything, from personal data to work stuff! Have you ever imagined what would happen if any virus (out of blue) hit your computer? Or you accidentally dropped your laptop or someone damaged it, then what would happen? Of course, you will still need your data no matter what. There are few chances of getting to g it back if you have a backup but what if you haven’t that either then you are in big trouble no?
Well thankfully for the people like you (guessing your visit on our page, you must have lost your data too) we have something called data recovery software. As their name suggests this software will help you to get your data back with a little effort and time. Since there are literally hundreds of data recovery software present and with that, you will likely be confused for which data recovery software for windows and Mac you should use.
And that’s why we are here to save you the trouble of going through many data recovery software for PC and we have picked up the 7 best data recovery software which you can blindly rely on with your lost data. So let’s not waste any more of your time and start our best data recovery software list!

Best Data Recovery Software

1. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard

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EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is one of the popular and best Data Recovery software for Mac and Windows that you can find at this moment. The software can come to handy when you have accidentally deleted a file, or a virus hit your computer or hard drive damage and so on. EaseUs is popular for its versatility in devices too as it can help you get your load data from PC, laptop, Hard Drive, Pen Drive, digital Camera, Video player and so on.
If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you that this one is a real deal, you will be surprised to know that the software is popular for its support for more than 1000 file video types such as documents, audio, and video file, emails and more.
EaseUS allows it’s users to view a preview a file before recovering the file and it also performs a quick scan and deep scan in your computer.
The software comes in a free version that can recover up to 2 GB files which are available for both Mac and windows but if you want more advanced features then you can always switch to it’s paid pro versions!

2. Recuva

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Recuva is another top data recovery software for windows. The software will help you to recover a lost file or undelete a file after you have deleted it! The impressive part about this data recovery software is the fact that it can help you recover pictures, videos, documents, music and more from your Windows computer, digital camera card, mp3, and recycle bin.
If you have made a word document but forgot to save it then Recuva can help you with that too!
Additionally, the software also features an option where you can permanently delete a file which can never be recovered!
Recuva also gives you a preview of highlighted images before you restore them. Its easy user interface is another plus point. The best part is you can also get it’s a portable version which would help you to get the data back from flash drive. Just like EaseUs, Recuva also comes in both paid and free versions.

3. Disk Drill Basic

The basic version of Disc Drill comes absolutely free which provides it’s users up to 500mb of data to recover archived, hidden compressed or even encrypted files. Disc Drill is best known for recovering all file formats and for its support for all systems.
This data recovery software for windows and mac can actually help recovering data from an undamaged device. People love it for its speed and ease to use and it’s ability to fully partitioned recovery is also impressive.

4. Minitool Partition Wizard

Minitool Partition Wizard is also a great data recovery software free which you can rely on when things go south. The software basically helps it’s users to manage disks and partitions. Now the software does handle data recovery very genuinely and you can get your any lost data in the first place.
The software features full scanning of your system and it has smart options like managing your space and Disk Benchmark. The software is also known to provide a 24*7 technical support.

5. TestDisk

TestDisk is popular for its ability to convert non-bootable disk into a bootable disk and it also helps to recover lost partitions too. The fact that it supports cross-platform is what makes it one of the best data recovery software free.
It’s an open-source data recovery software so anyone can access it. Although you might need to have some technical knowledge for using this one.

6. PhotoRec

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PhotoRec is too a reputed data recovery software for windows and Mac. With this one, you can easily recover videos, archives,  documents and even pictures from the digital camera memory. Just like Test Disk, PhotoRec is too an open-source and free data recovery software. The software is considered safe because of its read-only memory and memory card access.

7. Macrium Reflect

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Last but not the least, we have Macrium Reflect which is also a great option for data recovery software. Its free version allows you a backup for your local network and USB drives. The software also provides you protection against virus and prevent your computer from malware!


So these are the best 7 data recovery software that we have found for you. If you have lost your data then this software is your best shot of getting it back again. Now you have to decide which one you like the most and just go for it because every one of them will impress you! We hope you have found our article helpful.

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