Top 7 Junk Cleaner Software (Windows/Mac) 2023

Almost everyone is sick of junk in their computer, laptop or even their smartphones. Although some people just ignore junk files and don’t clean them on a regular basis thinking it’s only taking space but in reality, they do more than that! If you have more junk in your device then not only this will take a huge amount of space but it will slow your computer or smartphone.
Junk files are nothing but some residue data left from the installing/uninstalling applications and surfing or browsing the internet! There is nothing annoying than unnecessary files taking up the space and resulting in low performance of your computer or smartphone.
But the good news is you can easily take care of the junk files with the help of a good junk cleaner software! Wondering which one is the best junk cleaner software? Well, don’t because we have listed out top 7 junk cleaner software which can help you keep your computer junk-free. So let’s not waste any more of your time and get started with the list!

Best Junk Cleaner Software

1. CCleaner

best junk cleaner software
We are starting the list with one of the most popular junk cleaner which is CCleaner! You will be wondering what’s so special about it and why it is one of the most popular cleaners we have! For starters, the junk cleaner is absolutely free to use so literally anyone can rely on this one.
Furthermore, the junk cleaner effectively scans your computer and then you can delete all kinds of junk files, browsing cache, cookies and more with minimal effort and time. But its job isn’t done here, apart from being an excellent junk cleaner, this will also save your computer from potential malware and keeps it secure from various kinds of threats.
The software is also able to shut down the background apps and speed up the performance of your computer. You can easily use this one and you will surely love it. Although a paid version is also available which provides more advance features.

2. AVG Tune-Up

top junk cleaner software
If you are looking for more powerful junk cleaner software then AVG TuneUp is the right option for you. This one can effectively delete the hidden browser traces making your browsing more secure.
This is surely more than a mere junk cleaner software as it keeps you notified with the updates and will fix the bugs and loopholes. So here is the deal, it will help you maintain the computer, it will help you speed up the computer performance by eliminating all kinds of junk files and it will fix up the problems itself without bothering you.
It’s kinda a whole package and it comes with two versions, one is free to download and the other one is paid. You can try the free version and see if it’s worth to get the paid version!

3. Advanced System Optimizer

junk cleaner software
Our next pick for best junk cleaner is none other than Advanced System Optimizer. It is also a leading junk cleaner software that has impressed people with its phenomenal performance. It’s a kinda a solution to all kinds of PC related problems, for example, it will not only safely removes the junk from the system of your computer but it will ensure the privacy and safety of your computer.
Apart from a privacy protector and system protector, the software comes with a feature Game Optimizer! This tool is for those who love to play video games on their computer. It will enhance the performance of computer making it faster than ever and improve your gaming experience. It’s easy to use interface has also impressed people and what’s more, it’s totally affordable and you can totally get it at a cost-effective price.

4. PC Decrapifier

If you are looking for a simple as well as free junk cleaner software then you will definitely like PC Decrapifier. It will effectively scan your computer and list out all the junk files and programs that you have installed and then you can remove them manually as per your preferences.
It also features a restore tool that may undo your previous actions. Its ability to categorized different kinds of files and sort them out for you is what makes it unique. Overall it’s a decent junk cleaner and does a pretty great job! It’s free so you won’t have to regret spending your money.

5. Wise disk cleaner

junk cleaner software for mac
Wise disk cleaner is another great junk cleaner software to have. Its best known for its ability to remove junk files or unwanted files as fast as it can so if you are looking for a junk cleaner which fast then this might be your best choice.
It will significantly improve the speed and clear up the space before you know it! It’s free to download so you can always use it!

6. Disk Clean Pro

junk cleaner software for windows
Disk Clean Pro is another great junk cleaner software to use and it won’t let you down! It comes with all the essential tools that you will need to get rid of junk files from the system. Overall you can take up your chances with this one.

7. KCleaner

best junk cleaner software pc
KCleaner is our last pick for the best Junk cleaner software list but it is as good as any other junk cleaner software you would find online. It will detect the system and will remove all kinds of junk files resulting in more space and fast speed.


It’s really important that you choose one of the best junk cleaner software for cleaning all kinds of junk files on your computer and keep it to its original potential! Well, have done our part by introducing you to the 7 best junk cleaner software now it’s your turn to choose one among them and make sure you get rid of those junk files from your computer. We hope this article had helped you and now you will be able to keep your computer junk-free. Make sure you get the right one for your computer. Thank you for visiting our page!

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