15 Top Rated Beat Making Software (Windows/Mac) 2023

If you are planning to make a career in music composing industry then beat making is the must task which you would have to perform. Of course there are a number of best-making instruments present in the market which you can buy and make the beats. But again they are expensive and you may or may not get your expected results from them.
So if you are still a beginner it is advised that you can use beat making software too. These beat making software can be easily installed on your computer and you can easily run them on your computer and make beats. With growing technology, the beat making software are as good as the instruments.
There are a number of different kinds of beat making software present to download for you. But which are the best ones? Well, we are here to answer this question! We have gone through many beat making software for Windows and Mac and picked the top 15 beat making software online! Some of these are free beat making software to download while others may need a subscription. So let’s get started with our list of top beat making software!

Beat Making Software

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1. FL Studio

best beat making software
FL Studio totally deserves the top position in our list of best beat making software online.  There are a number of features present in this software which we thought enough to put FL Studio first in our list. For starters, this online software is totally free to use and it is widely popular among energy g music artists for creating beats or make h their own music.
It doesn’t matter if you want to create music beats, music tracks, tunes or tones you can totally rely on FL Studio for the job! The other best thing about this beat making software is the fact that it is compatible with both the windows and Mac OS! It is easy to use software that only requires your creativity and some knowledge about the beats and you will be good to go!

2. Splice Sounds

Beat Making Software
Splice Sounds is a reputed name in the beat making software industry. It is popular as well as reliable. This online best making software has a free trial where you can easily see if it’s good enough for you. People who are currently in the music-composing industry do recommend this software for beat making.
It’s extremely easy to use where you can just click where you would like to hit a grind and when you are done you can easily listen to your creation by kicking the space bar!
This software has a number of drum sounds and effects which will help you to create the beat which you have imagined in your head! The best thing about this software is that you can also listen to other artist’s creations and make something new for yourself!
If you like the software you can easily get its subscription at a reasonable price. Its impressive features consist of a cloud space where users can easily store their creations. Furthermore, it doesn’t need any additional equipments to create new beats!

3. Soundtrap

best beat maker software pc
Soundtrap is another popular beat making software which can perform many tasks! Here users can easily create beats, record instruments, automate volume and collaborate with other musicians!
Soundtrap allows music typing so its a plus point. It also has a free mp3 download option along with a large range of sounds and samples. Although if you want to work with high-quality audios then you do need to get its subscription. It has an intuitive interface which makes it really easy to use and one of the top beat making software to download!

4. MAGIX Music Maker

best beat maker software mac
We can never complete our list of top beat making software without mentioning Magix Music Maker. It is undoubtedly a well-known name among the aspiring musicians. It’s a free beat making software for windows which is widely used by some professional musicians for beat making.
If you want a professional beat making software then MAGIX Music Maker should be your first choice. It has many optimized features which have made it the best software from the past few years. You will find everything here from a great music library to a number of pro features regarding beat making!

5. Serato studio

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Serato Studio has become every DJs best friend! This beat making software is best known for its fast and simple workflow. Users will also find pre-made drum patterns, BPM Sync, and one-click key shifting. VST plugins, AU plugins, automation is also available!
If you have any DJ equipment then you can connect them with this software and it will work like a charm! This beat making software does offer a free trial so that you can see if it has to offer but if you wanna use all its advanced features you will have to buy its subscription!

6. Muse Score

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Muse score is also a popular beat making software for Windows and Mac OS! There are several impressive features present in this beat making software and that’s the reason why it is so popular among music artists across the world!
Users can easily edit the in-between parts of a recording and then download them in your desired formats! It’s intuitive interface is what has impressed the beginners as well as some pro musicians. So if you want a beat making software which is easy to use and has almost all kinds of basic features then Muse Score is where you can go!

7. Music Maker

Music Maker is one the top beat making software which is popular for its simplistic design. It features a simple drag and drop mechanism which enables its users to easily create the beats and explore their creativity in an effortless manner!
A number of loops are available in this software along with many sound effects which again can be used by easy drag and drop mechanism! Although for professional musicians it might not be the best choice but it is highly recommended for beginners!
Users won’t be required to have music theories or high knowledge to use this software. It also features real instrument recording and its MDI compatible too.

8. OrDrumBox

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OrDrumBox is a free online beat making software to download. For those who want to experiment with their musical creativity by composing songs and creating new music but doesn’t want to spend a fortune, it’s a perfect match!
The software features a grid system which is simplistic and features a number of drum sounds. If you want, you can easily download free samples of loops and sounds from the official website of OrDrumBox, and expand your sound library!
It’s easy to use, it’s free with no subscription and it has a number of advance beat making options to explore! What more you can ask for, so it might be the best online beat making software to download for you and that is why it deserves a try!

9. GarageBand

We have finally found a beat making software that is compatible with both the beginners and pros! GarageBand has extensive music editing tools with an intuitive interface. The best part is, you can use this software on both your computer as well as on the tablet to produce a soundtrack.
It’s also a free beat making software that has MIDI and real instruments recording. It features smart instruments along with some detailed mixing options. Overall it’s a great choice for both the beginners and pros and that is why it truly deserves a place in our top beat making software list!

10. LMMS

beat making software for begginners
LMMS is one of the best beat making software for windows and it is also available for Linux too. The best thing about this software is the fact that it was designed by musicians so it has many impressive features for aspiring musicians.
Users can mix, compose, sequence and automated songs via this software. It also features some excellent built-in effects. It’s also a free beat making software and it is best choice for beginners too. The software supports the cross-platform!

11. DrumFlow

DrumFlow is also a free beat making software for Mac OS and Windows. The software is simple and its graphic user interface beginner friendly! DrumFlow is one of the best software to enhance music creativity as it is loaded with many impressive features. It may not be the most attractive software but it surely is fine software to use when you are exploring the field of music and looking for a fine beat maker software!

12. Hydrogen Music

Hydrogen music is another great beat making software for windows and Mac OS! Here you will find all the standard features as you would find in any of the above-listed software. Although people do find it difficult to use and a proper knowledge of this software is required.

13. HammerHead Rythm Station

HammerHead is one of the top beat making software for windows but sadly it is not available for Mac users! If you want to create some quality music without spending a fortune on equipment and instruments then this software might be your best choice!

14. Musink Lite

Musink Lite isn’t the best software nowadays but it may suit those who just want to have fun making beats and exploring their love for music and beats. It’s surely not recommended for professional musicians!

15. Ardour

Ardour is another best free beat making software for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. It is used by many musicians for recording, mixing, and editing music! It’s easy to use software and here you can easily alter the settings as per your preferences! Overall it’s a great choice for beginners and you would save your money and get some impressive features too!


So these are the best beat making software which you can find. Pick any software from this list according to your needs and you will get the same results of even better then what you would have to get through the instruments. The silver lining is many junior music artists use such beat making software too for composing new music or adding new beats to already existing music tracks! We hope you find the perfect beat making software for you!

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