Top 7 Hindi Typing Software (Windows/Mac) 2023

Well, it’s clear that most people do prefer English when it comes to typing because it’s easy and convenient to do so! But we can’t deny the fact that Hindi is one of the popular languages in India sure it’s not the official language because of the vast diversity of India but it an important language among 21 other languages of India!
There is gonna be a time when you will need to type in Hindi, whether its an assignment, presentation or a part of your job! And that’s the time when you are gonna need a good Hindi typing software on your PC! Although windows do provide the mangal don’t which is just meant for the Devanagari script but some times its just not enough.
Since you are here you must be looking for the best Hindi typing software for windows. It’s clearly a tough job and you may or may not have any idea about the Hindi typing software that is available in the market. And that’s is why we have bought you the 11 best Hindi typing software list! Take a look at them and find yourself the software that suits you the best!

Hindi Typing Software

best hindi typing software

1. Indic Input 3

free hindi typing software
Indic Input 3 is undoubtedly one of the best Hindi software for PC! This software is one of the most reliable software and you can get the idea of its reliability by the fact that it is used by the Government of India! Yes, you heard it right, the reason could be its impressive features that include a total of 3 different keyboard layouts!
It’s also a free Hindi typing software that provides its users an easy way to type in Hindi although its free trial lasts for a limited time and if users wish to further use its advance features they will have to buy its subscription too. Users can easily type in Hindi while using the standard English QWERTY keypad, which is one of the impressive features offered by this software. With this software, you can easily work in notepad, WordPad, and other office applications. Overall it totally deserves the number one spot in our top Hindi typing software list for PC!

2. Inscript

If you are currently using Windows 10 then you might find inscript is indeed one of the best Hindi typing software choices for you. Although the software is often criticized for its high level of difficulty to understand it and use it and that is why not many people consider it using in the first place. But don’t blow it because of its complicated user interface because its still good enough to get the 2nd spot on our best Hindi typing software list. This one is too used by some government officials and if you are someone who wants to do a typing job in the government offices then you might wanna use it. It too has some impressive features and people love it for its advance options for typing in Hindi on their computer!

3. Sonma typing expert for windows

Just as its name suggests, Sonma is a great Hindi typing software for windows. It was made with the sole purpose of helping out college students. And nowadays it is famous for its easy to use features which are beginner-friendly. Users can easily learn how to type by starting with the basics with this software.
First of all, the software will allow its users to start using the letter and then slowly it will raise the difficulty by giving its users some advanced tasks. That way users can easily learn to type in Hindi in the most convenient way possible.
The software has a simple and efficient layout with some speed detecting programs. It features some test courses where pause and resume features are also available! This one is totally free Hindi typing software for windows and it can be easily downloaded. Overall it has its benefits for beginners and they can totally go for this one!

4. Google Input Tool

Google can never disappoint us no matter what we want and it stands true even with a Hindi typing software for windows! Google input tool is a popular keyboard or typing tool which supports many different kinds of languages and that includes Hindi too.
Since its google we won’t have to sell it to you can easily get the idea of its credibility and efficiency by its name. Although if you want a professional Hindi typing software then we won’t recommend this one because it features only the basic features as it may lack some of the advanced features which a professional Hindi typist would look for. But overall it’s a reliable software on which you can depend on!

5. India Typing Software

As you can guess by its name, India Typing Software is too one of the top Hindi typing software that we have. Here users can easily type in Hindi and it is compatible with all keyboards such as Hindi, Mangal font Hindi, Remington, etc.
To use this software users won’t need to have an internet connection as it totally works offline. Users will find a total of 10 keyboard layout! Auto-completion features are impressive too which ensures a fast typing experience! Lastly, the software can easily convert the text from English to Hindi! What more you can look for in a Hindi typing software? It has great features and its easy for us too.

6. Hindi Indic IME 1

Hindi Indic IME is another popular software that allows its users to type in Hindi with the standard English QWERTY keypad. The thing with Hindi Indic IME is that users can text in any of the Indian languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc.
Its main features include auto text and customized word list. There are a number of different keyboard layout is present. The software covers Devanagari, Remington, Remington Gail! Users can also select words from a customized list with some advance features such as spellchecking, partial typing, etc.

7. Anop Hindi Typing Tutor

Not everyone is good at typing Hindi and that’s, why we know that many people need some help to learn to type in Hindi and that’s where online tutor application tool or software comes in handy! Anop Hindi Typing Tutor is definitely a must-have Hindi typing software on your computer if you are just a beginner!
With Anop Hindi typing tutor users can easily find some convenient ways to learn Hindi typing. The best thing about this software is the fact that it works without an internet connection so even if you don’t have a strong internet connection or network at all then this might be a lifesaver. It’s a free Hindi typing software which is used many beginners across the country!

8. HindiWriter

You can never go wrong with a Hindi typing software like HindiWriter. Users won’t have to download a special layout or keyboard to type in Hindi. And it also saves you the trouble of memorizing all the Hindi keyboard because let’s face it, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The software comes pre-installs with the Windows PC!
Just do a quick download of freeware and you can easily translate your English text into Hindi! Although when you are writing in English you will have yo phonetically write the words as you want them in the Hindi script!

9. Soni Typing software

Soni Typing Software has definitely earned itself some reputation as one of the top Hindi typing software 2021. It is widely popular for its impressive features and easy to use interface. This software uses the Mangal font and here users can easily type from the English keyboard and Soni Typing software will handle the rest! Many people use this app to fine their typing skills in Hindi especially using the mangal font. It’s too a reliable Hindi typing software to have on your PC.

10. JR Hindi Typing Software

JR Hindi Typing Software has been well known lately for its impressive features which helps many aspirants who are looking to pass some government exams by typing! The software offers a free trial which later has to be bought. The software mainly focuses on the practice part for the students so they can excellence their Hindi typing skills.
This is a kinda software that makes sure you never go wrong with your typing skills. So if you are looking out for a typing tutor software then there is no better option then this one!

11. Hindi Typing Master

Hindi Typing Master is another great Hindi typing software to download as it too provides a service of a tutor. Beginners have praised this software for its easiness and intuitive interface. So if you too need a tutor then you can check this one out. Apart from its basic features, the software is compatible with the English keyboard so it will be easy to type.


So these are the best Hindi software that you can find. We have tried to list out every software that we think will be good enough for you, since we know that typing in Hindi is no piece of cake! So clearly check them out and get yourself the one that goes with your needs. We hope you like our article for the best Hindi typing software and find it helpful. Thank you for visiting our page!

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