Top 7 PDF Compressor Software To Reduce Pdf Files 2023

PDF files have become one of the most convenient file formats that we use today! It doesn’t matter if you are a student or has a big office you will need to share files and documents and for that, you will have to use the pdf files.
But sometimes a pdf file can be huge in size which will make it difficult to share and store and that’s where pdf compressor software comes in handy. This software will effectively reduce the size of your pdf file by compressing it which will result in low sized pdf file which will be easily shared and won’t take much space in your device.
Although there are a number of pdf compressor software present online which makes it hard to choose as they all look the same. But we have gone through a bunch of software and found the top 7 pdf compressor on which you can rely on!

Best PDF Compressor Software

1. PDFelement Pro

best pdf compressor software
PDFelement Pro is one of the best free pdf compressors that you can find and the past is it is compatible with both Mac and Windows. What you will like the most about it is, you will get a number of options for compressing the pdf files so you can easily compress the pdf file as per your preferences.
Furthermore, you will also get a number of options for creating a PDF file, so it’s kinda two in one package and that’s why people prefer it more. You will get a total of 4 methods to edit and compress your pdf files which is kinda interesting as you can go with the one you find most appropriate!
Overall this one totally deserves the number one spot on the list, so you can totally rely on it too.

2. Smallpdf

top pdf compressor software
Smallpdf is another best pdf compressor that you can find online. It’s simple and reliable but most importantly it’s free, although it only allows two files per hour to compress for free. But even if this limitation people prefer it because of its ability to reduce the pdf size without messing up with the quality of the file.
You can easily upload the pdf file from your computer or drive to this site and it will be automatically reduced. After reducing the size of the file you can easily save it on your computer or Google Drive/ Dropbox! This works for even the less graphics-intensive documents. Overall people love the pdf compressor for it’s easy to use interface so you can try it too.

3. iLovePDF

pdf compressor software pc
iLovePDF compressor is a leading online pdf compressor which is totally free and you can easily use it too without any limitations. The compression process is quite simple too where you can easily upload a file and choose the level of compression (from 3 level options) and it will instantly compress the file and download it for you.
If you are registered you can easily compress the files in bulk. Although people doing usually prefer it for more text-based file but still it has managed to compress a file up to 3 MB size difference.

4. Neevia PDFCompress

pdf compressor software mac
Neevia PDFCompress is another great free pdf compressor software. With this compressor software, you can easily take full control of the pdf compression. For example, it will give you options to discard the elements from your pdf like thumbnails, tags, annotations, bookmarks and so on!
You can also separate the compressions for different pdfs like color, grey and mono images. Although the free version will only reduce the size of up to 10 MB pdfs. Overall it’s a choice if you wanna control the compression.

5. PDF Compressor

pdf compressor software windows
PDF compressor is one of the oldest pdf compressor tool but it still is very popular among the people for its ability to reduce the pdf size hassle-free. The best thing about the compressor software is you can easily upload multiple pdf files at once and it will significantly reduce their size with its default compressor settings.
Users can also import and export the pdf list and optimize them for the web. You will also find that it reduces the size to a notice amount and that too without affecting the quality. Overall it’s a leading free pdf compressor software and it totally deserves a chance.

6. Nice Pdf Compressor

compress pdf software
This one do justice with its name and that’s why it has successfully made its place in our list of best free pdf compressor. This one too allows it’s users to upload multiple pdf files at once and it will start the batch processing without taking much of your time and effort.
It’s one of the best software you can find quality-wise which will definitely impress you by reducing the size of pdf files to the smallest size possible.

7. Cvision PDF compression software

software for pdf compress
Cvision too does a pretty good job in reducing the pdf size without compromising with the quality of pdf. It works great for both black and white and colored pdf files and reduces their size to the smallest size possible.
Moreover, the compressor software is user-friendly and almost anyone can use it with use. It also supports batch compression and you can save up your time as well as reduce the size of a good number of files you want in one go! Overall we fully recommend this simple and intuitive software for compressing pdf files!


Now say bye-bye to large-sized pdf files and compress them into smaller sizes with the best pdf compressor software. All these software are really great and they will do a decent job in reducing your pdf files.
All of them are free so you won’t have to worry about subscribing them or paying any kind of charges to use them. And you can even try every one of them as it won’t cost you anything!
We hope the article has helped you to find the perfect pdf compressor that you were looking for. Thank you for visiting our page.

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