10 Amazing Deborah Crombie Books In Order To Read (2023)

Deborah Crombie is one of the leading American authors when it comes to mystery series. She is best known for her series Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James. The author was raised in Texas and makes frequent travels to the United Kingdom which might be the reason so her series is set in the United Kingdom setting too.
The mysteries are set in London, England where the story revolves around Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James. Duncan is a Scotland Yard superintendent and Gemma is a Sergeant. Together they solve crimes that involve high-end mysteries and lots of suspense which keeps the readers engaged till the last page. The series was started with the book A Share in Death which was published in 1993. The book got a very positive response and became a hit too. The author received many awards for the series and her other notable work till now.
Speaking of the series, it involves 16 books and the next might come later this year. Although some people might want to read any book they possibly want first as a standalone. But if you are a fan and a good reader who appreciates the storyline and character development then you might want to read the books in their chronological order. If you are not familiar with the chronological order of the Deborah Crombie books then you have come to the right place.
Here, we will be listing out all the Deborah Crombie books in order so you get to know the right order to read the books. So go ahead and take a look at the following list of Deborah Crombie books in the order to go on a journey of suspense and mystery with Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James.

Best Deborah Crombie Books In Order

1. A Share In Death

Deborah Crombie Books
A Share In Death is the debut book in the series by Deborah Crombie making it the first book in the series. The book started the series on a solid foot where you are introduced to the lead characters among others in a traditional and cozy British mystery involving superintendent Duncan Kincaid and his brilliant partner Gemma James.
The book starts with Duncan Kincaid who is on his much-needed and luxurious vacation in a Yorkshire timeshare. What started as a beautiful and relaxing holiday soon turned into a twisting murder case that now Duncan and Gemma have to solve together.
For the first investigation of the series, it’s not too dark or complicated and heavy, but well balanced and good humor thrown occasionally which keeps the reader interested in the characters and the story. The character of Gemma may seem too silent in the first installment, but you will get the character development of her in the later books in the series.
There are not one but two murders that Duncan and Gemma have to solve and that too without any help from the locals. Is the killer too smart or is he just lucky? The only way to find that out would be to read this book and start the journey with Duncan and Gemma.

2. All Shall Be Well

Deborah Crombie Books In Order
All Shall Be Well is the 2nd Deborah Crombie book in the order of the series. The book was published in 1994 for the first time and it didn’t disappoint the fans who were very much impressed with the first book in the series.
The book focuses on the character of Jasmine Dent who is a neighbor of Duncan Kincaid. She has been sick for a long time with a terrible disease, which was worse than the death. She has already expressed her desire to speed things up which would save her from suffering for a long time. When the news of the death broke down, it wasn’t a surprise to anyone as they considered it more of a blessing than a terrible fate.
Duncan Kincaid, who was already suspicious of her death is now sure that some things don’t mix up and that there might be something big behind her death. Even though everyone else seems to ignore the angle of any conspiracy or murder, Duncan hung up on his theory that Jasmine was murdered.
Who would kill someone who was already going to die? What was the motive? Is there something else cooking up? These are some of the questions that you will find answers to throughout the book. It’s well written and a nice mystery to read about and you might enjoy it as well.

3. Leave the Grave Green

Best Deborah Crombie Books In Order
This is the third Deborah Crombie book in the order that you would need to read next. This one was published in 1995 and got a high appreciation from the fans.
This thirst installment in the series is related to Connor Swann who has been found floating in the Thames River. This may have been a terrible accident or it might be something more. When Duncan and Gemma found out that is none other than the son-in-law of renowned and influential Sir Gerald and Dame Caroline Ashertone, they got a little bit suspicious. It came to their attention that their son, Matthew was also found in the same consolation while he was in the company of his sister Julia, who is now the wife of Connor Swann. They quickly realize that this case is much more than it seems and there are so many secrets hidden in this family.
Ashertones seem to be far more attached to Connor than their own daughter who is living separately for a year now. They discovered some bitter truth about the victim that suggests that there might have been a motive behind his death, more than one if you are interested to know.
Now the only question that arises is whether or not the family was involved or was there a third person taking advantage of their dysfunctional family and relationships.
It’s a terrific storyline that will keep you engaged and your opinions about the lead characters might change now and then.

4. Mourn Not Your Dead

Top Deborah Crombie Books In Order
Mourn Not Your Dead is the fourth book in the series. This one is really taking the story forward by introducing us to a new mystery.
This time Duncan and Gemma came across an important or maybe a personal case as a very powerful and important policeman has been murdered in his own kitchen. As the investigation starts Gemma and Duncan find out there are too many suspects given his behavior to everyone.
One of the things that makes this case a bit harder for the two of the leads of this book is their relationship. The way Duncan and Gemma are these days, it’s only natural that their personal and professional lives might collide.
Given the complicated case, it would be better if they catch the killer soon cause the questions are rising and the clues are making no sense. Was the murderer someone the victim already knew? Or is it an outsider’s work? The only way to find that out would be to read the book.

5. Dreaming of The Bones

Best Deborah Crombie Book
Dreaming of the Bones is the first Deborah Crombie book in order and it was first published in 1997.
This book features the ex-wife of Kincaid when she calls him asking for a favor. Vic, who is writing the biography of a famous poet Lydia Brooke, believes that she was murdered and did not commit suicide as it seemed at the moment. She is asking Kincaid for a favor to solve this mystery and find out the truth. While the ex-lovers meet for a professional cause, Gemma might feel a little jealousy watching the two.
As the investigation moves forward, we know more about the famous poet’s life and how she was loved by many. But there are a few people that might be a reason why she died. After a while, it becomes clear that she was in fact murdered.
Overall, it’s a well-crafted murder mystery that is very absorbing and thought-provoking. Some might say it’s a bit darker than the previous installments and that’s what makes it a brilliant mystery book. You will keep thinking about the murderer and his motives till the end.

6. Kissed a Sad Goodbye

Deborah Crombie Best Books In Order
Kissed a Sad Goodbye is the next Deborah Crombie book in the order in this series that you would need to read next. The book was first published in 1999 and this might be the most haunting case that Duncan and Gemma come across.
This case involves a young woman who has been murdered and the two families whose connection dates back decades. There are a lot of secrets involved and there are so many layers that have to unfold before the case is fully solved.
It’s well written and readers have liked the way the present and the past intervened in this case. It’s surely a challenging and yet one of the most intruding mysteries to read in the series.

7. A Finer End

Deborah Crombie Best Books
A Finer End is a classic British mystery that might make you go back a thousand years ago.
As Duncan’s cousin Jack calls him and asks to spend a good vacation and explore the history of Britain, he is more than happy to take this opportunity and spend some time with his lover Gemma. But soon, Jack comes across a terrible tale that happened thousands of years ago. It also involves some of the royalties, now it’s all up to Duncan and Gemma to find out the truth that local police are unable to see.

8. And Justice There is None

Good Deborah Crombie Books In Order
And Justice There is None is the 8th Deborah Crombie book in the order when we talk about the series. It was published in early 2000, and over time you will see a whole new side of Gemma.
Gemma’s life is taking a huge turn, both personally and professionally. As she got a promotion and now is working as an Inspector, she comes across a brutal homicide as her first case as an inspector. The victim has been identified as Dawn Arrowood, who is a beautiful wife of a wealthy antique dealer. There are too many suspects given the status of her husband, and oh, there is an ex-lover involved too!

9. Now You May Weep

Deborah Crombie Good Books
Now You May Weep is the next installment in the series that you need to read. This time Deborah has chosen a classic family rivalry as the subject of the book and it is pretty interesting. The hook starts with Gemma accompanied by her friend Hazel going on a trip and having some fun. But it doesn’t take long for Gemma to realize Hazel is up to something and there is something she is hiding as well. There are some things that might shock Gemma as well as the readers in this book. Will Gemma be able to come to terms with the new information?

10. In A Dark House

Deborah Crombie Books To Read
In A Dark House is the next installment and it was published in 2005. In this book, Gemma and Duncan both have separated cases to solve. Duncan is busy with a case involving a Parliament member who might have messed up and Gemma is working on a case of her friend’s missing roommate who might be loving a double life. Strangely enough, the two cases seem to have a connection and the case gets more complicated and multilayered. The relationship between Gemma and Duncan also gets in a strange place too.


So these are the Deborah Crombie books so that you were looking for. These books are easy to find on Amazon and you can easily buy them too since they are affordable. Either read them all or give the books to someone who enjoys a good mystery novel or is even a fan of Deborah Crombie.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything that you have been looking for, that is, Deborah Crombie’s books in order! Now go ahead and start reading this amazing series and enjoy the nail-biting mysteries.

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