15 Best Zombie Books Of All Time 2023

Reading is like escaping the real world and entering into a fantasy world where you will be constantly surprised by surreal events. Whether it’s about magic, dragons, or ghost, reading sci-fi, and fantasy books is the best kind of entertainment. So it won’t be a bad idea if you pick a category and keep reading the best books of that genre because it doesn’t take long to get addicted to those fantasy and sci-fi books. Ghosts and vampires are pretty common when it comes to the best genre of fantasy books, but we have a good competition for these and that is none other than Zombies!
I am pretty sure that you have at least watched one zombie film in your lifetime, they are much more than just a horror story because you watch the characters fight like hell to not become one of them. It is more like a horror adventure and thriller story. Thankfully we have several of the best zombie books which we can read and entertain ourselves. But the thing is there are too many books available on the zombies and choosing one of them sounds like a tough job.
So we have decided to step up and help you out with your little issue. In this article, we are going to name some of the best zombie books of all the time that you must read!
Go ahead and take a look at the following zombie books and choose the best one for yourself.

Best Zombie Books

1. Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo

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Our first pick for the best zombie book is none other than Zombie Fallout. The book was written by Mark Tufo and it was released in 2010.
The book features the time when the world was fighting the H1N1 Flu and everyone was scared of the new virus across the globe. To contain the virus and get things under control, scientists and researchers gave all their time and energy to make a vaccine. But things got worse when companies rushed to get a license for their vaccine first and make their vaccine be the first vaccine to control the virus.
As we already know the rush never goes well, and they have to be bound to make mistakes. But how big the mistake would be?
One of the vaccines, untested and rushed, was given to the people. That didn’t go well, people passed out, fell sick, and died. But was that the worst thing to happen? No! They died only to reborn again with a taste for blood, brain and human flesh. They have an everlasting hunger and they are always on the search for their next meal.
Although there is one survival left and he is tried so hard to make sure everyone around him and everyone that he cares about remains safe. Will they be safe or become the next victim of a ruthless and unstoppable force?
This is a classic zombie book which would be a great option if you have never read a zombie book before.

2. Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry

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Have you heard of the famous movie Patient Zero? Well, the film was adapted from this book. Although people who read the book never liked the movie that much and they have always said that the book is far better than the movie.
The theme of the movie revolves around a military mission that features the involvement of deadly creatures.
The movie follows the character of Joe Ledger who is a detective in Baltimore. He joins a special team to fight against the terrorist. But this time their fight is not with the terrorist with heavy weaponry but with a bio-weapon! If they managed to infect the people with the bio-weapon then it would turn them into deadly creatures- zombies!
The plot of the story might sound basic but the story is full of intense drama and lots of cliffhangers that will help you to get stick with the book till the end.

3. Newsflesh by Mira Grant

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Newsflesh is a book series by Mira Grant. The series features so many amazing things and the storyline is just brilliantly written and when it comes to zombie books, this one surely make a top choice for readers all around the world.
The book features a zombie apocalypse in the best way possible. The author has also highlighted the world of bloggers and the power that has over the world. The combination of zombies and bloggers is never seen before. How the two very different things intervene and go hand in hand in the book is something you should read about. It is a new concept so it can be a hit or miss. But this one is a pretty popular book series that you should read sometime.

4. The End Games by Michael Martin

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Our next best zombie books are The End Games. The story features two brothers, Michael and Patrick, and their long-lasting struggle against the zombie-like deadly creature.
The book holds so many emotions and the story goes slowly but steadily forward showing the character growth and the bond between them. There are some very gruesome thrills in the book that might make you jump and the nail-biting scenes are very praised too by the readers. It’s a popular zombie book and you should take a look at this one as well.

5. The Reapers are the Angles by Alden Bell

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If you are more interested in the surrounding settings that give you chills than the action and drama in the zombie books then this one should be your favorite option as well. The book introduces us to a world where zombies are not very uncommon.
The protagonist of the book is a fifteen-year-old girl named Temple. She tried to remember a world when there were no zombies but fails at it. But she does know a man that took her and her little brother in before she met with a tragedy. She is on a personal journey towards redemption and she is trying hard to keep her demons inside her while wondering about the blighted landscapes.
Reading this book is no less watching a full-fledged action/adventure movie that will give you chills throughout the story.

6. World War Z by Max Brooks

Best Zombie Books
World War Z is another fascinating book that you should read if you like reading about the zombies apocalypse. This was too adapted as a movie but just like always people found the book way more interesting than the movie.
The books take us to a place full of zombies and everyone is facing an apocalypse and trying to survive. Here the people have temporarily fought the apocalypse but is the peace going to last long? Or the deadly creatures going to attack with more power than ever? There is only one way to find out, Zombie War! Zombies trying to kill every single living thing on the planet and eradicate humanity. The whole experience is narrated through the eyes of a few survivors of the war.
The book is full of nail hitting thrill and adventure, the story too is written with a detailed description and cryptic environment of the places and the zombies is also something that would keep you interested till the end.

7. The Girl with All the Gifts by M. R. Carey

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The Girl with All the Gifts is also the best zombie books to read. This one slightly different story than other books on our list. The book tells a different story of the first outbreak of the zombies and there is no viral, fungal, or bacterial outbreak for the first time.
The book has been praised for using a strong and well-written character of a female protagonist which the book can be surprisingly thoughtful and tender and that too with all the fast-paced thrill. It’s a book that you would certainly enjoy, there is also a movie based on the book but we would advise you to read the book first.

8. The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

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The Forest of Hands and Teeth has what it takes to make you feel terrible and scared at times. The book very thrilling and would make you want to finish the book in one sitting.
The book follows the story of a village which is surrounded by d a forest. The village has a fence that separates the village from the forest. Mary, who is the leading protagonist, lives in the village. She is uncovering the secrets and things that she never wanted to know in the first place.
The life of Mary and all the villager’s changes when the fence of the village was breached. Mary has a difficult choice to make. What will she choose, the lives of villagers, or her future?

9. The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman

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The Walking Dead is another book that is most popularly known for its television series adaptation. Although the book has so much more to offer than the movie so people should read it first before watching the movie. The movie features a land that is ruled by the dead and life struggles a lot as well.

10. Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

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Rot and Ruin is one of the best zombie books to read. This one features a post-apocalyptic world. The story is set up in America where everyone has to find a job by the time they turn fifteen else their ration would be cut down.
Benny, a teenager, doesn’t want to become a zombie hunter and stuck with his boring brother Tom. But he has no choice. His life takes a turn as he takes a vacation and teaches him the difference between living and dead. This one is perhaps a simple story with well-written characters and their emotional struggles. It would be interesting to see two teenage boys fighting against zombies.

11. Breathers by S. G. Browne

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If you want to read something on the behalf of zombies than Breathers by S. G. Browne should be your first pick. The story is about a newly transformed zombie who has been abandoned by his family and friends. Soon he finds other people (zombies) just like him. They all discover the joy of human flesh and try to adjust to their new lifestyle. It’s a fun book to read about zombies.

12. Warm Bodies by Issac Marion

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Warm Bodies is also an amazing zombie book to read. The book features a character of “R” who has an identity of himself. He has no memories, no pulse, and a no-life crisis. Although is not like other dead people as he might eat flesh once in a while but he would rather roam alone and listen to some music. His life changes when he meets a girl, Julie. It will be fun to find out what will happen between the two and how their relationship changes over time.

13. This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers

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This is Not a Test is also a good enough zombie book to enjoy. This is a story of six students who are trying to survive and keep themselves safe from the zombies. They know that one bite from them would make them dead and bring the monstrous version of themselves. The lead character of the book, Sloan Price, is going through a life crisis parallel to this. The story of a suicidal teenager who is facing death in front of her is something new and fresh. She must pull herself together and figure out to save herself.

14. Arisen by Glynn James and Michael Stephen Fuchs

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If you want more than a book then a series would be something you wanna invest in your time. Arisen is a large than life series about the zombie apocalypse. The story features 7 billion zombies trying to match Fortress Britain where 50 million people are trapped and fighting for their life. The fate of their life is given to a highly specialized team that is lead by skilled commanders. What will happen next and how the people will survive and continue humanity is something that will keep you engaged for a long time.

15. Autumn by David Moody

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Autumn is another engaging story that will keep you glued to the book till the end. Although the book doesn’t mention the word zombie but it certainly features that deadly creature that are ready to eat a human alive. Within 24 hours, 99% of the human population has been wiped out of the earth.
Somewhere on the planet, a small group of survivors is fighting the dead and trying to keep humanity alive. They are struggling and battling against the apocalypse and the chances of them winning are slim. So it would be pretty amazing to see what happens next.

Conclusion –

So these are the best zombie books that you must read. These books feature some of the best stories with balanced drama and horror. You would surely enjoy these stories, so do pick a few books from the aforementioned list, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for your time and attention and we hope you found a few good books as well.

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