12 Amazing John Grisham Books In Order To Read

If you are looking to read a legal thriller or legal drama books then you don’t need to look anywhere but John Grisham Books. John Grisham is a popular American author. Although before becoming a famous author he was practicing law.
He made his debut with his first novel, A Time to Kill in 1989. Everyone appreciated his way of writing and rare legal thriller genre which isn’t so common. His second book The Firm became a bestseller. The Firm was also adapted as a film (1993) and also a tv series in 2012. John Grisham’s books have sold over 300 million copies and they have been translated into more than 40 languages.
In this article, we are going to name all of his books in order and also reviewing them so you would know what to expect. Although he has written mostly standalone and a few series so you are good to go with any of the books. But it’s always great to grow up with the author and see the times changing through his writing. So here we are listing all the John Grisham Books in order, so take a look and pick the one you like the most.

John Grisham books

1. A Time to Kill

A Time to Kill was the first novel by John Grisham to be published and it was released in the year 1989. John Grisham worked for three years on the book and then finally released it on in 1989, the book was also rejected by several publishing houses and publishers before Wynwood Press finally agree on publishing it.
The book feature the rape testimony of a ten-year-old African American girl who was raped and beaten by white supremacists. The girl’s father Carl Lee Hailey decided to murder the rapists of his daughter and he seeks the help of a new and inexperienced lawyer Jake Brigance to help him out. The incident spread quickly and everyone has their opinion about the rape and the murder. The racist people want nothing but to kill Carl.
The story is full of drama and thriller and the case might even get killed by the lawyer himself too. So it would be interesting to see what justice will be served to the girl, her father, and the Rapists.
The novel has been adapted as a film as well as a stage show, and they were well received by the audience as well.

2. The Firm

The Firm is the Second John Grisham Book in order and it was published in the year 1991. The book got worldwide popularity and out John Grisham on the map for the first time. Around 1.5 million copies were sold and it became the talk of the town. And this popularity might be the reason why it got adopted as a film featuring Tom Cruise. The film too was a huge success.
The book revolves around the character of Mitch McDeere who is a young and recently graduated law student from Harvard. He got the third rank in his class and with that, he becomes the top priority for every law firm in America.
To his surprise, a law firm is willing to give him a huge salary, a new home, and a brand new BMW. He takes the too good to be true deal by the law firm only to realize it wasn’t any ordinary law firm. He feels trapped here and there is no way for him to get out now.
The story further describes his struggles of getting out of the firm as well as playing smart with the people he is dealing with. Critics, readers, and even the people with a law background have appreciated the writing, strong characters, and the story of the book. And with that, it has become a must-read book for all.

3. The Pelican Brief

The Pelican Brief was up published in the year 1992, just a year later of his huge success The Firm. People had huge expectations from him and we made sure not to let them down.
The book starts with the murder of two divergent supreme court justices, Justice Rosenberg and Justice Jensen. The murders have said to be done by Kamel, who is the world’s most wanted hitman. Everyone is shocked by the deaths as well as the circumstances under which they have been killed.
A young law student Darby Shaw conducts research and to her surprise, she has found something that indicates a presidential conspiracy. When she showed the legal brief written by her on this matter to her professor and the professor shows that to an FBI lawyer, it resulted in his death! This whole incident might suggest that Darby was right about the conspiracy.
Soon she got threats and advice to keep her mouth shut or she may meet the same fate as the professor and the two justices. But will she back off or take a fight with some of the most powerful people in the world?

4. The Client

The Client was published in the year 1993 and it was the South novel by John Grisham. The Client features an eleven-year-old boy Mark Sway, who is the only one who knows where is the dead body of the US State Senator’s hidden. The FBI is involved in this and they want Mark to tell them everything he knows.
But it’s not that simple, as the life of the boy and his family is at risk, and his statement might mean they will kill his family too. Reggie Love, who is practicing law for only 5 years has decided to take up the pro bono case of Mark. This case has put her against two powerful parties, one the American State and the other the cold-blooded killer.
She has to put all of her efforts into the case or this might be the last case of her life.

5. The Chamber

The Chamber 1994, was the fifth book by John Grisham. And he has made sure that lives up to the expectation of his readers after giving so many successful books. The writing of John Grisham has become more advanced and intelligent as he is exploring more or the legal world.
The story revolves around, a young lawyer, Adam Hill who is still in his first year. He has everything he can ask for, a great career, and being a part of a top law firm in Chicago. He has got the biggest opportunity of his career but it came with a price.
He is representing a racist who has been accused of killing of two Jewish children in the horrific bombing of 1967. The case is about to get darker and darker, and Adam must make some tough decisions that can affect his career as well as him on a personal level.

6. The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker is the next John Grisham book which was published in 1995. This book is considered a different book concerning other John Grisham books in terms of writing style which is in the simple present tense.
The story revolves around Rudy Baylor who is a new lawyer who hasn’t find a good case until now. He has got the case of the family whose son was denied his insurance cover for his leukemia treatment.
Being a new lawyer with no experience of a hearing in court, he is very nervous but he also has no other choice than to win the case to put himself on the map and deliver justice to the family. It’s a simple yet interesting story that keeps you hooked to the very end and readers have enjoyed it as well.

7. The Runaway Jury

The Runaway Jury was published in the year 1996, making it the seventh novel by John Grisham.
The novel features a case going on against a tobacco company and there are millions of dollars at stake and everyone is looking forward to the judgment of the jury. This landmark is far from the done as the jury has been acting strangely. One of the jurors is telling everyone that he is being watched.
Amid all the drama going on with the jury and the case, an anonymous tip has been shown suggesting that she knew what’s going on with the jury. It would be interesting to what’s going on with the case and the jury and the people involved in the whole drama.

8. The Partner

The next John Grisham book in order is The Partner which was published in the year 1997.
The Partner features a case of a lawyer at a big law firm who mysteriously died and 90 million dollars disappeared with him after his death which raised everyone’s eyebrow. To everyone’s surprise, the man has seen again but with a different name and identity. But this isn’t enough to stop the law firm and the people to investigate him.
The story is more of a chase for the person by the legal team and there is a lot at stake. What this person wants and why would someone leave his life to become someone again? Is this a simple case of theft and money laundering or something much more complicated than this?

9. The Street Lawyer

The Street Lawyer is the next John Grisham Book so that you might wanna read.
We meet the character of Michel Broke, who is no less than a star at Washington’s biggest law firm. He has no time to live his life and he is all about making money for himself and his firm.
One day, a man ends up taking up several lawyers as hostages at his firm and he is constantly shouting about an eviction. Police take a shot at the hostage-taker dead and the matter seems closed to everyone else except for Michel Broke, who is convinced there is much more to this than everyone can see. So he decided to take up an investigation only to find something shocking violation of rights. Will he able to make things right?

10. The Testament

The next book by John Grisham is called The Testament which was published in 1999.
If you are looking for a perfect thriller with some legal drama then The Testament should be your first choice. The book not only talks about one but three different people at the same time who has decided the fate of their lives and fighting their own battles in their way.
Troy Phelen, who is one of the richest men in the US wants to die. Nate O’Riley who has been in rehab four times now wants to go into the real world. And lastly, Rachel Lane, a young woman who chose to give up her modern life and wants to give herself to God, has now decided to live in the deepest jungles of Brazil.
All of them collide and give us the adventure and thrill that we can’t even imagine. It’s going to be a good read for sure.

11. The Brethren

The story of the book revolves around the three former judges who call themselves The Brethren. They meet every day in the law library and spend hours writing letters and blackmailing wealthy people. It was only until there are powerful victims of their actions when they start to fear for themselves.
How this would end for them? How they are going to tackle all this? The story is about the scams and the results of their actions which makes them seek the help of a lawyer leading to a legal thriller.

12. The Summons

The Summons is the next legal thriller by John Grisham that you would want to read.
The story revolves around Ray Atlee who comes from a well-reputed family. Although he teaches law at a university and happy with his life, soon he is summoned by his father to discuss the family real estate. One thing leads to another and he is left with a shocking secret that can destroy every foundation of his family.
But the bigger question is, is he the only one who knows about this secret?

13. The King of Torts

Clay Carter, who is now a public defender is in desperate need of good opportunities for his career and wants to change his job. But to his surprise, he got a case of a random street killing. As soon as he starts digging up, he realizes that it’s no ordinary case there is a conspiracy behind it which is too shocking to believe. The case soon becomes the talk of the town which brings Clay Carter both fame as well as danger!


Here we have listed all the John Grisham Books for you and we hope that you have found the article helpful enough to find the perfect John Grisham book to start reading. If you are into the legal thriller already then you are going to love his books and if you have explored this genre before then his books should be perfect for you to start the legal thriller and fall in love with this genre.
Thank you for being with us and keep coming for more such articles in the future as well.

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