Best Dan Brown Books In Order To Read (2023)

Dan Brown is an American thriller novelist who has given numerous bestselling books in his career including The Vinci Code, which was an all-time best selling book. He is popularly known for his Robert Langdon series which features a total of 5 books. He is popular for his different writing styles which feature conscious and dark dealings. He is popularly known for writing well-researched novels centered on private investigations and had intricate plots. The most interesting part about Robert Brown books is it features a treasure hunt kinda plot that takes place in 24 hours which gives the reader immense thrill and makes them feel adventurous.
The early life of the Author –
Dan Brown was born in 1964 in Hampshire U.S. He did his schooling in his home town and attended Amherst College where he completed his graduation. He was then moved to California to pursue his career as a songwriter but it didn’t quite work out. After then he wrote a book 187 Men To Avoid, which was a dating guide for women. It was published in the year 1995.
In 1993 he joined faculty at Exeter as an English teacher as well as a creative writing teacher. After that in 1998, he published his first book Digital Fortress. It was a standalone book through, but after that, he worked on another novel Angles and Demons which was published in the year 2000 and it was also the first book to introduce his famous character, Robert Langdon. The series got very popular and almost every book was a #1 bestselling novel. You can get an idea for the popularity of his books as they were also adapted into films.
Now that we have talked about the author, let us tell you a little bit about the main character of his books that is Robert Langdon.
About Robert Langdon –
He is the main protagonist of the Robert Langdon series. By profession, he is a professor at Harvard University where he teaches history art and symbology. It’s a fictional filed which teaches about the historical symbols. The early life of the character is just the same as the other himself that is the place and date of birth, early schooling, and academics, etc.
He does have some issues from his childhood such as claustrophobia which was the result of him being fallen and trapped in the well. He also lost his father at a very young age. Although he is gifted with a photography memory and problem-solving skills which leads to his side career of solving crimes and riddles.
So this was about the author and the main protagonist but as we have said he has also written two none series books as well. In this article, we are going to name all the Robert Brown books in order so you can know which one to start from. Let’s move ahead and have a look at the list of Robert Brown books. Nonseries books of Dan Brown!

Dan Brown books

dan brown books

1. Digital Fortress

dan brown books to read
Digital Fortress was the first novel written by Dan Brown and it was published in the year 1998 for the first time. With this book, we were introduced by the amazing talent of Robert Brown and of course an excellent thriller book. The book’s theme focus on cryptography and tech thriller.
The book starts with the National Security Agency (NSA) and how things work there but as we all know as reputed this agency is, it’s a secretive and nontransparent way of working has always raised the eyebrows of public and some activists. It is believed to be the most powerful organization in mankind still its operation is known only to a few selective people.
As we know the agency works with many advanced technologies that are said to be helpful for the organization to keep a check on national security. But somehow the supercomputer, TRANSLTR has received an unbreakable code, Digital Fortress. They all invite Susan Fletcher who is a popular cryptographer to crack it. The code has been allegedly made by an ex NSA employer who was displeased with the NSA’s way of working that included a program that keeps checking on every citizen of the country and violates their privacy.
The story of the books raises questions about the ethical implications of such technology to keep surveillance on every citizen and the access to their private lives. The book has been appreciated for introducing a female lead who is a perfect blend of beauty and brains. This book is a must-read so don’t miss out on this one.

2. Deception Point

best dan brown book
The second nonseries book by Dan Brown was published in the year 2001. This book was highly appreciated by the fans for being one of the best thrillers. The book features NASA how they work to discovers extraordinary things on the earth as well as on the outer planet. The book also highlights the involvement of white house intelligence. This book furthermore shows the blend of politics and how people do stuff to gain votes from the public.
The story of the book starts with the discovery by NASA of a rare object buried deep in the arctic sea. The White House intelligence analyst Rachel is sent to find the credibility of the discovery. But she founds the evidence of malice and scientific deception which threatens to put America in crisis. It’s definitely a book which will give you the thriller you are asking for, so read the book!

Robert Landon series books by Dan Brown

3. Angels and Demons

dan brown books in order
Angels and Demons is the first book by Dan Brown which features the character of Robert Langdon for the first time. The book was published in the year 2001 and it was the first book in the Robert Langdon series. The single day time of the book is what is most appreciated by the readers and it also shows the conspiracies of secrete societies. Ancient history, architecture, and symbology are what has got the most attention in the book. The book has been also adapted as a film under the same title.
As we have discussed earlier, Robert Langdon is a teacher of history art and symbology, and his knowledge on the subject is so well known that when something happens which involves symbols and its study, professor Langdon is the first one to be summoned.
The story features the death of famous physicist Leonardo Vetra whose body has found with a symbol on the chest which indicates the resurgence of Illuminati! And that’s professor Langdon is invited to solve the mystery. It would be interesting to see what happens and how he will solve the mystery of this symbol.

4. The Da Vinci Code

dan brown books list
Here comes the most popular novel by Dan Brown that got high success and it has also become one of the bestselling novels as well. This time the books take you all the way to Paris as the protagonist is on a business trip. But his business trip changes when he receives a call in the night which asks him to come to the museum where a murder has been taking place and there is a riddle discovered near the body which needs to be deciphered.
In this case, he is working with the French cryptologist Sophie Neveu. They learn that the person lost his life while trying to protect a sacred trust for the Priory of Sion, it’s a secret society that has prominent members like Issac Newton, Da Vinci, etc. They are racing against the time to protect the religious relic. The book was also adapted as a film that was loved by the audience.

5. The Last Symbol

dan brown book
The Last Symbol is the next book in the Robert Langdon series and it was published in the year 2009. The book features the incidents in Washington DC after the events of the previous books that are The Da Vince Code!
The book starts with an invitation for Robert Brown to give a lecture at the Capitol building which is in Washington. The book also involves the character of Solomon who is the mentor of Robert Langdon. He has been kidnapped and once again the popular symbolist is racing against time to save the professor.

6. Inferno

dan brown books
Inferno was published in the year 2013 and it is the fourth book in the Robert Langdon series. The books start with professor Langdon who has to wake up in an Italian hospital with no memory of what happened in the last 36 hours. Although a rare object has been found in his stuff and he has no clue about it. He does know something is going wrong but couldn’t make up. Soon after this, a female Assasin is found to be in the city and she is killing people too but what does she want?
His attending doctor, Sienna Brooks helps him to escape the hospital and saves his life. Now they must work together and find out what’s missing from Robert’s memory and is there any connection between him and the assassin being here at the same time. This book was also adapted into a movie.

7. Origin

It was the last release of the Robert Langdon series and it has been also appreciated by the fans. This time Robert Langdon has been invited by his ex-student. He is announcing his discovery but soon he finds them missing. Will Langdon be able to help his student? The only way to find out is to read the book!!


So these are the Robert Brown books in order that you were looking for. We hope we have managed to give you the information that you were looking for. Even though many people claim that they can read his books as standalone but that would be a mistake because when you read them in the series order you get to know about the character developments and that leads to a better understanding of a particular character or scenario in the books.
Here we have come to an end for our article and we hope you found it helpful. So thank you for visiting us and you can similar articles for different authors and series on-page.

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