Top 15 Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games 2023

We, Homo sapiens, have strived to prove ourselves by competitive displays of skill, agility, or sheer power since the dawn of time. This has taken various forms, but the most common ones entail completing a job in the shortest amount of time, defeating your opponent(s) in a physical battle, or scoring the most goals, points, or whatever, generally with a ball of some sort.
In these enlightened digital times, practically anybody can get off the spectator’s bench and start playing in their favorite sport through the miracle of video games, and Nintendo Switch has a slew of sports games you can play from the comfort of your own sofa, regardless of your ability or talent. Yes, you can be a pro baller and a tennis champion.
The finest sports games for Nintendo Switch are listed here, in no particular order. We didn’t include any Autosport racers in this list, so if you like sports with two or more wheels, check out our list of the top Switch racing games. You’ve arrived to the perfect location if you enjoy ball games or imagine yourself as an Olympian. So, let’s walk to the first tee, take our places, and begin playing the greatest sports games on Nintendo Switch.

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Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games

1. Mario Tennis Aces (Switch)

Nintendo Switch Sports Game

Mario Tennis Aces appears to be a fun, arcade-style take on one of the world’s most popular racket sports. However, underneath its colourful exterior hides complex dynamics that allow you to outplay and/or outwit your opponent on the other side of the court, whether it’s a Mario sibling, an anthropomorphic heavenly entity, or a fire-breathing plant with teeth. Alternatively, you may return to Swing Mode and relive the glory of Wii Sports, including the infamous ‘Wii elbow’ that afflicted families all across the world on Boxing Day 2006.
This is a truly adorable representation of a really entertaining sport, with wonderful presentation and a roster of players that has only increased since debut.

2. Rocket League (Switch eShop)

Best Nintendo Switch Sports Game

You might argue that this is the finest football game on Switch, and we wouldn’t argue with you, despite the fact that it could irritate certain football enthusiasts. People, on the other hand, might get irritated at the slightest of things, such as using the word ‘football’ instead of soccer.’ Sometimes you just can’t win.
That is, unless you play Rocket League, in which everyone wins, even if you lose a lot like we do. Its vast quantity of pop culture DLC, which combines an easy arcade-style vehicle experience with a floating, gigantic representation of the gorgeous game, may attract people in, but it’s the rowdy action and adrenaline rush when your team bundles the ball over the line that keeps us going back.

3. NBA 2K22 (Switch)

Top Nintendo Switch Sports Game

NBA 2K22 is yet another excellent instalment in the genre, continuing the developer’s tradition of providing satisfyingly strong Nintendo Switch adaptations of its basketball games. Yes, most of the modes don’t try anything groundbreaking — with the exception of MyCareer’s revamped Neighbourhood setting — and the loading screens will make you want to rip your hair out at times, but refined core gameplay and enough content to keep you playing until the end make this an easy recommendation for b-ball fans.
If you can still find it, the previous game in the series (NBA 2K21) accomplishes a lot of the same things as this one, and it’s probably a lot cheaper.

4. Windjammers (Switch eShop)

Windjammers, a cult classic from Data East, is definitely the game for you if you’re searching for some fierce, disc-slinging two-player action. With the same rapid and addicting action that captivated us back in 1994, you’ll need a second player to get the most out of this, and thankfully, Switch makes it easy to play with a companion. This was the console’s top disc-based competitive sports game, and it’s certainly worth (re)discovering, while the sequel is also worth checking out.

5. Windjammers 2 (Switch eShop)

Dotemu has taken the addicting core structure of the Neo Geo classic and refined it in every way with Windjammers 2. The fundamental gameplay is as lovable as ever, but it’s been upgraded and given a strategic kick by a slew of new actions and talents that add to the pleasure without detracting from or overcomplicating things. Yes, there aren’t many modes, but this is another Dotemu hit – an all-time classic that’s been improved upon, an arcade classic that’s been tweaked for a new generation.

6. Super Mega Baseball 3 (Switch eShop)

Sony has said that MLB The Show will no longer be platform-exclusive to PS4 in the future, but baseball fans should look into Super Mega Baseball 3 in the meanwhile. What it lacks in hyperrealism and officially licensed clubs, it more than makes up for with a finely calibrated set of physics that are deep enough to cater to RBI Baseball players while also introducing some new modes. Franchise mode alone seems like a natural extension of the brand, with its cheeky sense of humor adding a welcome layer of levity to an otherwise dense sports simulation. Super Mega Baseball 2: Ultimate Edition is still fantastic, but the sequel is even better, and it’s the finest baseball game on the Switch.

7. Neo Turf Masters (Neo Geo)

Neo Turf Masters (or Big Tournament Golf in the US) is a classic arcade-style golf game from SNK that was a hit on the Neo Geo and is still a blast to play on the Switch after two decades. Whether you enjoy spoiling your stroll or not, Hamster’s adaptation faithfully matches the addicting gameplay of the original.
Golf Peaks is a charming little puzzler worth a look if you’re content with a more abstract take on whacking a little white ball into a faraway hole, and the highly praised What The Golf? is coming to Switch shortly. Neo Turf Masters is perhaps the greatest pure sports game until Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom companions appear on Switch’s fairway for a twilight round.

8. Golf Story (Switch eShop)

If you recall Mario Golf from the Game Boy Color, you’ll be familiar with the type of adventure RPG Golf Story offers. Golf Story will have you putting your ball talents to use in a wider range of scenarios than smashing your Titlelist 2 down a boring old fairway, but fans of deep, realistic simulation should stay away. You’ll be asked to feed hungry alligators, knock items off high surfaces, and relax with a bit of pitch ‘n’ putt every now and again. You know, not every game at Augusta or St Andrews needs to be a make-or-break round. Golf Story is top-notch fun RPG nonsense with a healthy dose of golf tossed in for good measure.

9. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 (Switch)

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 could be precisely what you’re searching for in a basketball game if you think realism in sports-based video games is overrated. Of course, there are microtransactions, and grinding out every player will take some time (this is still a 2K game), but the fundamental hoop-shooting experience is excellent. Playgrounds 2 isn’t the NBA Jam-beater that 2K portrays it to be, but if you want large heads and a more arcade-y approach to the court, it’s certainly worth a dunk.

10. FIFA 19 (Switch)

Nintendo Switch Best Sports Game

FIFA on the Nintendo Switch is a strange game. If you’ve never played a current FIFA game before and picked up one of the Switch versions, you’ll probably enjoy it. You wouldn’t be incorrect – the underlying football experience is strong and engaging — but fans of the franchise will find it difficult to overlook the ‘Legacy’ Switch versions’ cut shortcuts and disclaimers. These games lack crucial modes from their PS4 and Xbox One equivalents, so if you’re a FIFA fan who has access to them, these versions are difficult to suggest.
However, if you’re not comparing like-for-like and just want a good kickaround on Switch, FIFA 18, 19, 20, and 21 are all good options, even if the latter two only changed the uniforms and player rosters for their respective years. We’ve had enough of EA’s dismissive attitude toward Switch owners, therefore we’d go out and find a copy of 19.

11. Ring Fit Adventure

Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games

If you want to add a new dimension to your Nintendo Switch sports gaming experience while also burning calories, Ring Fit Adventure is the game for you. Players may squeeze and stretch to conduct gamified routines, such as squats, yoga positions, and targeted muscle workouts, using a leg strap and a bespoke ring peripheral. All of this takes place within the context of a role-playing game, in which you level up and advance through levels by killing monsters with your calorie-burning moves.
Ring Fit also includes several turn-based multiplayer games as well as a rhythm mode where you can work out while listening to some of your favourite Nintendo songs. There’s a reason this one is difficult to come by, and it has to do with how successful it can be as a daily workout routine.

12. Football Manager 2021 Touch

Nintendo Switch Sports Games

Let’s say you’re more interested in sports management than in getting involved in the action. In that case, Football Manager 2021 Touch is a fantastic adaptation of the popular Sports Interactive series that allows you to fight through the seasons, develop talent, and decide your club’s destiny.
If you’re a series veteran, the console control system may take some getting used to, but it’s certainly worth a go if you’re looking for a sports game that’s more meaty than many of the other multiplayer-focused games on this list.

13. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Nintendo Switch Sports Games Best

If watching the Olympics this year has piqued your family’s interest in competing, check playing virtual versions of the sports on your Nintendo Switch with Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.
This massive minigame collection includes over 30 events to complete as well as a fascinating, historical tale mode to enjoy during your alone time. It provides hours of entertainment for parties of all ages, and the many sports are well-coordinated.

14. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

Nintendo Switch Best Sports Games

With Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, a great reproduction of the legendary action sports games from the turn of the century, gamers may further their Olympic skateboarding goals on the Nintendo Switch. The simple button-mashing action is ideal for the Nintendo Switch’s portable nature, and there are two full games to play and a slew of challenges to complete, so you won’t be bored.
You may even play multiplayer with local friends or internet strangers and lay down your best line. The game’s killer music, which merges old and current skateboarding songs, will also make you want to turn up the volume.

15. Mario Golf: Super Rush

Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games

Camelot Software Planning understands how to boost a sports game on the Nintendo Switch, as seen by Mario Tennis Aces, so it’s no surprise that Mario Golf: Super Rush turns teeing up into an exhilarating arcade experience for solitary players and families.
You’ll advance through the ranks as a Mii Rookie in the game’s adventure mode, taking on hard courses in rugged terrain while enjoying a funny story featuring famous Mario characters. Outside of narrative mode, you may play golf with up to four pals and experience the haptics of a precise stroke while chasing that elusive hole-in-one.
Less-talented players will get a chance to create havoc on the greens thanks to the addition of wacky modes like Speed Golf and Battle Golf, but there’s no doubt that this golf simulation can become serious with a bunch of strong players.


The Nintendo Switch is ideal for sports games because to its HD Rumble, Joy-Con controllers, and concentration on couch co-op or competitiveness. And, despite the fact that it didn’t have many at launch, the Nintendo Switch has slowly but steadily gained some fantastic sports titles from large brands and small creators, resulting in some of the top Nintendo Switch games available right now. These are the finest Switch sports games, whether you’re searching for something goofy or realistic.

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