Top 15 Best Xbox One Zombie Games 2023

Xbox one is undoubtedly one of the most popular gaming consoles that we have today and that is why many of you own this console. This console came a long time back and most of the popular games are available on this console as well. This is what makes it even more popular. So if you have an Xbox One console, you may never run out of the best video games to play.
If you have just bought an Xbox One or you have had it for a long time but recently discovered it again, then you might want to play on it as well. For this, all you would need is a good enough game for Xbox One. Fortunately, all kinds of video games are available on the Xbox One and you can explore any genre you want to.
In this article, we are going to talk about the best zombie games on Xbox One.
Zombie games are pretty popular and they generally come in the survival/horror genre. Games like Resident Evil or the State of Decay have popularized this genre. Everyone loves playing a zombie game because of the thrilling elements as the zombies can show up any time and infect the player. So the player must use his survival and strategic skills along with the use of weapons to make sure that they kill the zombies and defend themselves.
Although zombie games are pretty popular and there are plenty of zombie games available too, what you need to look for is the best zombie games on Xbox One. Well, that is why we are here.
We have listed the 15 best Xbox One Zombies games here, so go ahead and take a look at the following games and see which ones you would love to play.

Best Xbox One Zombie Games

1. Dying Light

Xbox One Zombie Game
Dying Light is one of the best Xbox One zombie games that you would like to play. The game was released in 2015 and it made quite a buzz for being a great zombie game and making it difficult for players to survive zombie attacks in the game. Although this game is much more than just a zombie game as it has some of the best survival horror elements in an action-adventure setting. The game features an open-world environment which makes it a popular choice among the players as they would be able to roam in the game and explore so much stuff in their journey.
If you have played Dead Island then you might find a few similarities between these two games. You will be battling against the zombies with some high-tech weapons and melee weapons. Players would be able to do many activities in the game like climbing buildings, driving vehicles, and so much more to save themselves from the zombies. You will also find the online multiplayer mode in this game as well because you would be able to play against the other players who take the role of zombies. There are various missions available to complete as well.

2. 7 Days to Die

Best Xbox One Zombie Game
7 Days to Die is another of the best zombie games on Xbox One that you would love to play. This game debuted in 2013 and it made quite a buzz among the players that love to fight zombies and survive against these deadly creatures. It is a survival sandbox game where players try to survive in a zombie apocalypse. The players have to build a base and collect all the necessities and essential items that they will need to survive the apocalypse.
As the name of the game suggests, you will get to play a week in the game. The first six days won’t be that hard and you can manage and collect your resources, build a base to protect you and your people, and also build some weapons. But on the 7th day, a horde of zombies will attack your base and it will test the strength of your base and give you a hard time to survive against the zombie attack. If you survive, then you will be able to upgrade the game and will get to witness a more powerful attack by the zombies.
Overall, it is an interesting game to play and you would most certainly enjoy playing it as well. The game also supports cross-platform multiplayer so you can make a team with other players, no matter what platform they are on.

3. Resident Evil 5

Top Xbox One Zombie Game
Resident Evil is a classic horror and adventurous franchise that often features zombies. So when it comes to the best Xbox One zombie games then Resident Evil was our first choice. This is the fifth installment in the Resident Evil series and it was released in 2009 for various platforms including Xbox One. The game was very much appreciated just like the previous installments in the series. The game follows the character of Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. Both of them are very talented and brave agents who have been assigned the task to track down the latest virus outbreak. This outbreak has infected the nearby town and turned them incredibly hostile.
The game features lots of twists and turns which will blow your mind. Although this game is not just about the zombies but also about surviving and killing the hostile people that may spread the virus into your town as well. There are plenty of weapons available in the game and you would also like the shooting aspect of the game as well. There are plenty of reasons why you should play this game, and you will not be disappointed. The action-horror element in this game is pretty amusing, so go ahead and give it a try.

4. Black Ops Cold War: Outbreak Zombies

Black Ops Cold War is another one of the leading Xbox One zombie games that you need to know about. This is a popular game on the console and it became very popular within a short time. This is part of the popular game Call of Duty and they have experimented with the zombie outbreak in one of their games in the series which was pretty successful, so they brought back another zombie game as well.
This game is set in an open world where the players will have so much to explore in the game. The zombies are pretty dangerous and will give the players a hard time. The players would be able to play the game as a team (four players). There are plenty of weapons in the game that you can use against the zombies and save yourself and others. The weapons would be upgraded or purchased in the game as well.
The difficulty level will be raised with each wave and they would be able to fight against zombies with high-end weapons and using their full potential. Overall, this game is much more than what you can expect from Call of Duty, so make sure you look forward to playing this game sometime.

5. Back 4 Blood

Top Best Xbox One Zombie Game
Back 4 Blood is also one of the top-rated Xbox One zombie games that you would like to play. This is one of the latest games on the list as it was released in October 2021 so the people who are looking for a brand new zombie game on their Xbox One would most certainly enjoy playing it. This is a survival horror game with FPS elements so you will also get to use some crazy weapons against the zombies and flaunt your shooting skills. The series is relatively new with only two installments yet it has a great fan base.
You will be playing a survivor who is making their way through the horrific monsters who are undead and hostile. There are plenty of enemies and you have to make sure that you are fully prepared to face them. Overall, the game was well-received by the players and fans. If you have played the previous game in the series, you would be more than happy to play this one too. It got great visuals and a soundtrack with some good weapons and not to forget the amazing zombies who might scare you at first.

6. World War Z: Aftermath

Xbox One Best Zombie Game
This is another one of the popular zombie games on Xbox One that you would like to play. This game gives the same feel just like Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood. This game gives novel and cinematic feels. The game features the players’ battle with multiple undead monsters in different locations worldwide. The game also supports a thousand enemies simultaneously who will climb up on each other to reach you.
There will be different objectives and missions to complete in the game. You will need to find new weapons, fight the zombies, and save yourself and others that rely on you. Overall, it is a fun game to play with lots of twists and turns and some good undead zombies that will keep you occupied throughout the game.

7. Killing Floor 2

Xbox One Zombie Game Best
Killing Floor 2 has also made it to our list of best Xbox One zombie games and you would be more than happy to play this game if you like fighting against the zombies. This is a multiplayer game so you can make your team and make strategies to win against the large group of zombies. Although, the zombie might be a loose term here because there are lots of mutated species that are called Zeds (not very different from the zombies).
There will be different waves in the game and each one would be stronger than the last one. So the players really need to work together and win the game. There are different classes, so each player will have a significant role to play in the game. There is also in-game currency too which would help you purchase some items in the game. Overall, it is a fun game to play, especially with your team.

8. Dead Rising 4

Xbox One Zombie Best Game
Dead Rising 4 is our next option for the best zombie game for Xbox One that you can play and will certainly enjoy. This game features what happens when hell spills over and the dead starts to walk on the earth. There will be hundreds of undead creatures roaming on the earth and they will attack you whenever they get a chance. So it is like a zombie freak show which makes the zombie killing even more fun.
Players love this survival adventurous game where they will go on a zombie-killing spree. There will be plenty of fun weapons that would help you to kill the zombies sooner and faster, only if you know how to use them correctly and at the right time. The weapons are crazy but fun and you will also like the commentary from Frank. Apart from all this, you will also get some side quests to complete in the game.

9. Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Xbox One Zombie Games
We have another one of the zombie games from the Resident Evil Franchise. This is the second installment and it is considered the best one in the series. This game will surprise you at every step. There are many twists and you really need to watch your back while playing this game. This game is in the episodic format so you will get different episodes to play the game in.
Another one of the best things about this game is its different ending. Your actions and choices in the game will decide your fate in the game. The game features a very creepy environment and the story is very engaging too, so you will get the best experience. Overall, this is the game that you must play if you want a horror survival game with zombies.

10. The Evil Within

Best Xbox One Zombie Games
The Evil Within is also a popular zombie game on Xbox One that you should know. This is the game that you will love playing if you want a creepy setting and a terrifying storyline. The game has been developed by the developers of the Resident Evil series, so naturally, we have some expectations from this game. Thankfully the game has lived up to the expectations and become a pretty good and popular game among players across the world.
The game opens with the scene of mass murder. The incident is investigated by detective Sebastian and his team. Soon they realized what is behind these murders, zombies! This game is not for faint-hearted as the story is unsettling and disturbing, which might be the reason to play the game in the first place.

11. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies

Top Xbox One Zombie Games
Call of Duty has brought another zombie game that we all have loved and enjoyed. This game is a perfect blend between a shooting game and a horror survival game where you fight with the zombies. This game is much more realistic than most of the zombie games that we have. You will also find numerous side quests to play that will help you get the best experience in the game. Overall, it would be too much fun to team up and blow zombies in this game.

12. Zombie Army Trilogy

Xbox One Best Zombie Games
This game is pretty interesting given the fact that it takes place around the time of WWII. But you will not be fighting the naziz but the army of zombies. The content of this game is pretty good and you will be pretty happy to experience the battle against the zombies.

13. State of Decay

Xbox One Zombie Games Best
State of Decay is another promising Xbox One zombie game that you would just love to play. This game features plenty of zombies, great visuals and a soundtrack, and some nice weapons that would help you kill the zombies before it’s too late. This game will also test your morality and what decisions you make. So go ahead and give this game a try, it’s a popular zombie game that impressed the players as well as the critics.

14. The Walking Dead

Xbox One Zombie Games
Well, the name says it all, you will be fighting against the dead people walking aka the zombies in the game. This is also a popular zombie game on Xbox One that got a lot of appreciation and hype. This game also features several episodes and you will be able to play them all differently. It has an interesting storyline and great characters. Lastly, this game has certainly made a name for itself when it comes to the zombie genre, so you should not miss out on this one.

15. Dead Island

Xbox One Zombie Games
Last but not least, Dead Island is also a popular zombie game that you would like to play sometime. The name says it all, you will be trapped on an island that will be full of dead people walking. It is an entertaining game that has plenty of weapons to kill the zombies. You will have to be careful or you will end up joining the dead army on the island!


So these are some of the best Xbox One Zombie games that you need to know about. All of these games are very popular and they have won the hearts of players across the world. These games are not exclusive to just Xbox One as these are available on other popular consoles and are pretty popular on every console.
Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check these zombie games on Xbox One and see which one would be your favorite game to play. We hope you have fun with all these zombie games on Xbox One.

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