Top 10 Sexy Nintendo Switch Games 2023

Those of us who have been gaming for a while may recall the very puritanical Nintendo of the 1990s, where we weren’t even permitted to have blood in our violent video games, much less the least hint of anything even remotely wicked. Nintendo, on the other hand, has fully embraced the obscene on the Switch platform, so here are 10 of the greatest sexy games for Nintendo Switch that you can play at home or on the go.

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Sexy Nintendo Switch Games

1. Gun Gun Pixies

Sexy Nintendo Switch Game

It’s your responsibility to relearn the lost skill of human contact by studying a women’s dormitory on Earth as beautiful small extraterrestrial girls Bee-tan and Kame-pon. Along the way, you’ll have to fend off a squid-like alien invasion and solve a deadly secret that puts our ladies’ mission in jeopardy. Gun Gun Pixies’ core gameplay incorporates 3D platforming, exploration, and third-person shooting, but the experience’s focus is the continuing soap opera of the hostel residents’ lives. Over the course of the story, you’ll come to know all of the characters, and you’ll discover that life isn’t always that straightforward, even for those who appear to have it all figured out.

2. Moero Crystal H

Best Sexy Nintendo Switch Game

Moero Crystal H is a game where you can touch Satan’s belly until she likes you more, and it’s also one of the most mechanically intriguing dungeon crawlers in recent memory. If that isn’t enough to convince you to play this game, consider the following: an excellent soundtrack, a large and diverse cast of playable monster girl characters inspired by a variety of world mythologies, a massively customizable equipment system, a plethora of well-designed dungeons to explore, and a sidekick who looks alarmingly like a sentient penis. Okay, let’s put that last one out of our minds. Moero Crystal H revels in its own debauchery, but it backs it up with rock-solid RPG mechanics and all the complexity that fans of first-person dungeon crawlers have come to expect from the genre. If you like DRPGs, you won’t want to miss this one.

3. Gal*Gun 2

Top Sexy Nintendo Switch Game

After the original Gal*Gun (returning soon as Gal*Gun Returns, which you can preorder in magnificent collector’s edition form from our online store here) and Gal*Gun Double Peace, this is the third game in the Gal*Gun series with an awkwardly titled sequel. It’s a first-person shooter with a twist: instead of mowing down hordes of adversaries looking for your blood, you’ll be fending off swarms of beautiful women looking for… something else. Gal*Gun 2 combines aspects of adventure game, dating sim, and shooter with a surprisingly intriguing and very humorous plot that will keep you occupied for quite some time – especially if you want all your waifus’ phone digits.

4. Dead or School

Sexy Nintendo Switch Games

In this enormous side-scrolling action RPG, you play as Hisako, a young girl who has only ever known life beneath, enslaved by a terrifying opponent on the surface. Hisako is anxious to help humanity claw its way back to the surface so that the next generation might share the experience of school life. Aside from the wacky concept, Dead or School is a fantastic action RPG with tones of weaponry to obtain (including melee weapons, machine guns, laser cannons, and rocket launchers), as well as comprehensive character customization and a well-crafted sci-fi tale. If you suffer too much damage, Hisako’s garments will come off.

5. Senran Kagura Peach Ball

Nintendo Switch Sexy Games

While more specialized simulators like as Pinball FX 3 and The Pinball Arcade may be better suited to serious pinball players, Senran Kagura Peach Ball is a fairly accessible pinball game that is quite welcoming to individuals who are either new to flipper action – or as inept at it as I am. The highly entertaining story modes — which are just as heartfelt as the narratives in the more “mainline” Senran Kagura games — give you a great chance to get to know the tables in the game as well as spend some time with a selection from the ensemble cast, while the game as a whole offers a lot of longevity thanks to its score attack mode and a variety of unlockable. Plus, it’s hard to pass up a pinball game where you can get a massive bonus by repeatedly hitting both your flippers and the ball on a steadily approaching pair of buttocks.

6. Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa

Nintendo Switch Games Sexy

This entertaining game combines elements of an adventure game, a visual novel, and a match puzzler to challenge you to solve a series of unique puzzles. Everyone has something to conceal, and it’s up to you to figure out what it is. The most efficient method to do so is to delve deep into their brains and use your kotodama — the power of words — to peel away the layers of protection around their darkest secrets. Visualizing the process is beneficial. Imagine those layers of protection as clothing, for example. The story of Kotodama is thought-provoking and, at times, downright startling. Plus, the puzzle game activity is a lot of fun – and it caters to both males and girls who like becoming nude. Yukino is the most beautiful girl.

7. Prison Princess

Prison Princess is the game for you if you appreciate both puzzle-solving and females with exceptionally shapely bottoms, since it is jam-packed with both. As a ghost unable to control the surroundings directly, it’s up to you to assist two feisty princesses in escaping the fortress in which they’ve become confined. Prison Princess is a tone of fun that doesn’t take itself too seriously but yet gives some real, significant adventure game action, with aspects of visual novel-style storytelling, room escape puzzle-solving, and point-and-click adventure exploring.

8. Nekopara Vol 4

Most of you reading this are probably already familiar with Nekopara, but in case you aren’t, it’s a hilarious series of visual novels about patissier Kashou and his quest to establish himself as a well-known maker of Western sweets in Japan. He’s followed on his journey by a group of gorgeously drawn cat-girls who all adore him and are willing to show it in progressively explicit ways — though perhaps not quite as dirty as the 18+ Windows PC version. Kashou’s personal tale continues in this fourth part, as he tries to figure out how to identify himself as a baker — and whether he’ll ever gain his father’s acceptance. It also introduces new cat-girl Fraise, who is incredibly cute, and allows us to meet Milk, a kitten from prior editions, in her adult state.

9. Crawlco Block Knockers

This deliciously spicy action puzzler pays tribute to smoky, sleazy Japanese arcades and the erotic games found there, like Kaneko’s legendary Gals Panic and Mitchell Corporation’s Gonta the Diver — with a hefty dose of Sega’s Pengo thrown in for good measure. As a lizard-like green creature starting a new warehouse job, you’re entrusted with lining up boxes so they vanish and the warehouse floor is cleared. But there’s something unusual – and strangely sexual — beneath those floorboards. Crawlco Block Knockers offers highly customizable and accessible arcade-style gameplay, including the option to turn off enemies and play the game only as a puzzler. It also has fantastic stylized pin-up imagery and an incredible Opus Science Collective music.

10. Waifu Uncovered

Sexy Nintendo Switch Games

Do you enjoy seeing gorgeous females in suggestive situations get more and more naked as your play session progresses? Do you like shooting objects, especially items that resemble two large hairy sweating balls with winking anuses? Then Waifu Uncovered, the Nintendo Switch’s most obscene game, is the game for you. The game’s premise is ridiculous, but it’s actually rather good, with gorgeous artwork, a fun and diverse character design, and a thumping ’80s-style music. If you really like the game, there’s a £24.99 physical copy that includes a collection of gleaming, wipe-clean graphic cards to enjoy at your leisure, as well as a totally uncensored option that allows you view both the top and bottom bits.


According to the NPD Group, the Nintendo Switch is still one of the best-selling systems in the United States, despite the fact that the PlayStation 5 outsold it in January 2022. The popular gaming console has a broader appeal, with its mobility and simplicity of use enticing both mobile gamers and non-gamers. Read this post to learn about the top 10 sexiest Nintendo switch games.

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