Top 11 Amazing Sports Books 2023

Are you a sportsperson? Let’s just say that you are! There are many people who are interested in sports or former players, whether at the community level or college level, or even state level. For the sportspersons, sports is everything. Whether it’s a Sunday or a working day, they will never miss their favorite sports and never give up the opportunity to support their favorite team either.
If you are a sportsperson and also a book person, then reading sportsbooks would be your favorite hobby. Not many people know this, but there are many amazing sports books out there and they are fun to read as well. Some books are biographies, some are written by sports journalists or some of the sportspersons themselves.
So if you look for sports books, you will find loads of them. Although finding the perfect one or the one that you desire the most would take a lot of time. This is where you would need our help, and here, we are not going to disappoint you either.
In this article, we have found the best-selling sportsbooks that you can find. Here, we have listed the top 11 sports books that you must read. So go ahead and see which ones you like the most.

Best Sports Books

1. Burn To Run by Christopher McDougall

Best Sports Books
Our first pick for the best sports book for our list is none other than Burn to Run by Christopher McDougall! This book is based on running and an athlete who is facing some issues with his foot.
The character of this book is a professional runner but soon he realizes that there is something wrong with his foot as it keeps hurting every now and then. This is when he realizes he might have to end his career. But soon he goes on an exploration of the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico’s Copper Canyon where he learns a lot of things that change his life forever. This adventurous story would take you to a new dimension and you will learn a lot about running as well as the new forms of running from the ancient practice by Tarahumara.
Do you know that they can run for hundreds of miles without stopping? For them chasing deer in the jungle or running at the Olympics is equal. What would be their secret? How are they able to do it? That is what you would learn from this book.
This is a must-read book as you will learn a lot from this book especially if you are furious about the unknown practices of some remote cultural societies and explore the unknown history. This book has got so many great reviews that you would certainly want to invest your time and money in this one and that is why this is one of the most popular sports books that you will ever find.

2. The Mamba Mentality: How I Play by Kobe Bryant

Top Sports Books
Kobe Bryant is not an unpopular name in the sports world, he is one of the best basketball players that we have ever seen and this is why he is also one of the most popular and loved basketball players in the world. Ever since he has left this world, the basketball lovers and his fans are mourning his death, and it was surely one of the hardest deaths we have had to cope with in a long time.
So if you are a fan of Kobe Bryant too and or just a fan of basketball then you would certainly love to read this book and you must at least once in your lifetime.
In this book, the basketball star pens down his life and tells us his journey, and showed us what it was like to be the star player and to perform that well. You will know more about his role and how he kept his mindset that strong. His personality and mindset was the reason behind his success and that is something that we as a fan adored about him.
This book is meant to inspire young players all around the world. Bryant has done a fabulous job writing down the true feelings, the struggles, and the hardworking behind his fame and achievement. If you are a basketball fan, you simply can’t miss this book.

3. Montana: The Biography of Football’s Joe Cool by Keith Dunnavant

Top Best Sports Books
Montana is our next choice for the best sports books list that you need to know about. This book got huge popularity among football fans. This epic biography covers the life of Joe Cool who was one of the most famous and influential players of all time. The book is written by one of the most popular authors Keith Dunnavant who has also written biographies for other popular sports persons and he has a good experience related to football as he has covered the game for a very long time now.
Overall, this book covers the life story, struggle, and behind-the-success story of Joe Cool. This would be a great book for his fans, people who love football, and the footballers that just started playing the game as well. We are talking about a man who has defied against all the odds of the game. But there were many struggles, both on and off-field to go on with.
There would be a lot to learn and explore with the life of a legendary footballer who would be remembered as long as this game was played. So if you are a fan, just go for this book, you will enjoy it a lot.

4. Shoe Dog by Phill Knight

Best Sports Book
When it comes to the best sportsbook, we can’t deny the fact that Shoe Dog is indeed one of the best sports books we can read.
This book may not be about any particular sport or a sportsperson, but it is about Sports! This book, based on one of America’s beloved brands  Nike or we can say the top sportswear brand in the world, takes you on the journey of some interesting facts and knowledge for sports. You will find plenty of sports facts, trivia, and so much more from this book so you would certainly find various good things to read. You can also suggest this book to your friends or you can read it with them or discuss it with them as well, just to know who has more knowledge about sports.
Since it is a book based on Nike, you will find some of the investing life stories of Nike Founder as well. For someone who is a fan of this brand and as well as all kinds of sports, then this would be a great book to read.

5. One Line Drive

Best Sports Books To Read
One Line Drive is another one of the most loved sportsbooks. This book covers the life and challenges of Daniel Ponce de Leon who was a popular and one of the best baseball players in the history of time. The book covers the miraculous recovery of the player after he faced a near-death injury. After he met that horrific accident, he went through so much and put his career in jeopardy. But his recovery in the 14 months before his big league surprised everyone.
He not only played but he played well and became one of the fifth pitchers in history to throw seven innings of no-hit ball in his initial outings.
With this book, you will learn how he did so well in the innings and how he became one of the best players, but most importantly how he recovered. He talks about his faith and determination that kept him going. Overall, it would be a great sportsbook to read.

6. Finding Ultra by Rich Roll

Sports Best Books
Finding Ultra by Rich Roll is another one of the best sports books that you must read. This book by Rich Roll is his own story where he talks about how we become one of the best athletes from being an abusive alcoholic, overweight, and depressed person.
This is one of the most inspiring tales that we have ever seen, especially when it comes to sports. Rich Roll describes how we can be cautious and not let anything happen to our bodies so that we can become anything we desire or dream. He also tells us we can decide what we can do to our bodies and change it anytime we desire.
This is one a must-read sports book that you should read at least once. This can be a life-changing sports book as well.

7. QB: My Life Behind the Spiral by Steve Young and Jeff Benedict

Sports Books Best
Next on our list of best sports books is QB! This is the autobiography by Steve Young which he wrote with Jeff Benedict. Steve Young had a great career and he was loved for providing us the most memorable moments in the history of the NFL.
Even though he had a glorified career, his struggles with his mental health were too harsh and the fact that we suffered for a long time and alone, makes us wonder how he handled it all. In this book, you will find about his mental health and anxiety behind his success.
You should read this book as it would be helpful for young players going through the same level of anxiety and other mental health. Overall, this book is beautifully written and there is a lot we can learn from it as well.

8. God’s at Play

Sports Books
If you are an American then this should be a must-read sports book. This book, as its name suggests, accounts for many memorable moments in the history of American sports. The book is written by Tom Callahan, who tells us the greatest moments in American sports history that he witnessed himself.
He talks about small moments that no one paid attention to, at least at first, such as legendary Muhammad Ali fighting George Foremen in Zaire.
He has written all of the stories in an interesting and great manner, so everyone would surely enjoy his stories. Overall, if you wanna live the greatest moments of American sports, then you would certainly enjoy this book as well.

9. Tom Seaver: A Terrific Life by Bill Madden

Sports Book
Tom Seaver is another one of the popular sports books that you should read about. This one is a biography of one of the greatest pitchers in history, Tom Seaver. He is one of the only two pitchers with 300 wins, 3,000 strikeouts, and an ERA under 3.00.
You will get insights into his life and find out more about his journey.

10. Why We Swim by Bonnie Tsui

Best Sport Book
The next sports book on our list is about swimming. This book highlights the history of swimming and our obsession with water and how relaxing it is. Bonnie Tsui took us to the exploration of swimming history and why humans have been curious about swimming. It’s a great read and doesn’t miss out on it.

11. The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive

Sports Books To Read
Do you know how champions are made? Well if you want to know then this is the book that you should pick. Here, you will find a lot about popular champions and how they are made.


So these are some of the most popular sportsbooks that you would like to read. We have listed down these books because they have been highly rated and given a positive response as well. These books are easily available and you would be able to find the one that you like the most as well.
Here we have done our job and provided you the list of best sports books, now check them out and see which one interests you more. We hope our article was helpful for you and you found everything you have been looking for.

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