10+ Best Instagram Reposting Apps (Android & iPhone) 2022

We love Instagram Period. It has provided many incredible featured and allows us to be social with our friends and share the incredible moments of our lives. It allowed us to catch up with our friends and even the celebrities. The only problem with Instagram is, we can’t share anyone else’s posts directly. As you know Facebook has the sharing option and Twitter too features the retweet option. Although we do have the story sharing option but that is limited for the public accounts only.
And that’s where the third-party applications comes to rescue. If you search you will find a number of apps that can help you repost the pictures on Instagram. But the thing is they are too many and choosing the best among them seems a tedious work. And that’s why we have decided to jump in and help you with finding the best app for reposting on Instagram.
We have gone through a number of Instagram reposting apps and chose the top 11 among them. Take a look at the list and find the one which you find perfect.

Instagram Reposting Apps

instagram reposting apps

1. Repost for Instagram – Regrann Android

instagram reposting apps
With 5 million downloads and a high rating of 4.7, Regrann is our first choice for the best Instagram reposting apps. You will find it amazing that the Instagram lets you repost the pictured and videos and that too without any additional watermark. As you know many app present which lets you repost but with additional watermarks that looks so bad.
It’s one of the simplest reposting apps too. You can actually repost anything with just two simple steps. All you need to do is copy the URL of the picture or video and use the app whenever you feel like posting them on your Instagram feed. It can be all down without you leaving Instagram feed. Apart from reposting the app also allows you to download and save the pictures from Instagram.
It keeps the authenticity of the post by giving the credit to the user when you repost anything. It’s fast and effective and you won’t have to login your Instagram in the app either. The app also features a Pro version where you can schedule posts. Overall it’s one of the best Instagram reposting app for android and iPhone to rely on.

2. Regram Posts – Repost for Instagram Android / iPhone

top instagram reposting apps
Regram is also a popular Instagram reposting app for iPhone and Android that you need to know about. This one is too used by millions of people across the world and they have all gave it a good rating so you won’t have to worry about its authenticity.
The app provides you to repost with or without the watermark so the choice will be yours. And more importantly, it also supports reposting with the caption! The app is pretty easy to use as well, so you just have to follow a few steps, and these are:-
  • Open the Instagram app
  • Click three dots and click the copy link or share link
  • Return to the app and start reposting.
it’s pretty simple to use and anyone can use it. So it definitely makes a good option for an Instagram reposting app for Android and iPhone.

3. Repost for Instagram

repost app for instagram
Here comes one of the most downloaded app for Instagram reposting. With 10 million downloads it can catch anyone’s attention and makes it a legitimate choice for a reposting app. What makes it the best choice is it lets you repost with the captions so you won’t feel like stealing anyone’s work on Instagram. Just like the above-listed apps, this one is also pretty easy to use with a few simple steps (similar to the above apps). Although this one may ask for login info.

4. Repost photos, videos

instagram reposting apps for android
Repost photos and videos is also a popular Instagram reposting app that you can trust upon. The app has made it to our list because of its good reviews and high rating on the Google play store. The best part about the app is, it not only makes a good app for reposting but people also love this for downloading videos or photos from Instagram, which is another amazing feature of the app.
All you have to do is open this app and then open the instagram app. After that select the photo or video you wanna repost. Now you will have to tap on the three dots and clicks the copy URL link. Once it’s done, go back to repost app and paste the link. Now click on the download button and after the post has been downloaded you can tap on the repost button. And that’s it your job is done as you have successfully reposted the instagram post.

5. Reposta – Repost for Instagram

best instagram repost apps
Another instagram reposting app which is pretty famous among the instagram users for reposting the instagram posts. It works on the same principle as the other apps do. But you may found this better if you want a few extra features in the reposting app. The app supports multiple images and videos which is a rare feature to find.
Apart from this you can easily download, share, and report the instagram pictures without any trouble. What’s more? It won’t ask your login information. This one also doesn’t feature a watermark.

6. Reporter for Instagram: Download and Save

best app for repost on instagram
Our next choice for the best reposting instagram app for android is Reposter. The thing about this app is it is one of the advance reposting app that you will find. There are many advance features present in the app which will make you wanna choose this one over others. For starters, you can share the post on other social media platforms as well.
The app allows you to customize the post by providing you the repost editor. With the editor, you can show your creative side by adding the stickers as well as emojis on the post. Cropping the photon is also an option so you won’t have to repost the whole picture. The app also tells you what’s trending and which post is most reposting. Overall, if you want something more from your reposting app then it’s the right choice for you.

7. Repost It! Save and Repost for Instagram

good instagram repost apps
Another simple yet powerful instagram reposting app that we found for you. It’s the reposting app which doesn’t bother you with unnecessary features. So if you just want to repost an Instagram post just once then this should be your best option. Although it does feature a unique option where you can repost from the story to your feed. Yes, you won’t find this feature in another app as they assume since the stories can be directly reposted in the stories so you won’t need to repost the stories. You can also repost from the timeline and from your own posts as well. The app definitely worth a place in our list of best Instagram reposting app for instagram, so it worth a try.

8. Regram for Instagram

best apps for reposting on instagram
This one is a new app for reposting the instagram posts but it will definitely surprise you with its amazing user-friendly operation. You will also find a number of advanced features like posting with multiple images. The post will be automatically reposted with the caption as well.
The mechanism is simple as it just the same as you would do in most of the other Instagram reposting apps. You can try out the app you might like it!

9. Regrann Pro – Repost from Instagram

best instagram reposting apps
We have already discussed the Regrann app but this one is it’s pro version, meaning more advance features for you! Apart from other features from the classic app, you will find a schedule instagram posts repost. The app is meant for professionals and it doesn’t feature any ad as well. Although it might ask you to pay for these services. So if you are an influencer or in media services, this app is meant for you!

10. Repost for Instagram 2019 – Save and Repost IG 2020

apps for repost from instagram
Unlike other apps this one allows you go repost the IG videos as well. There are many options you will like in the app such as removing or adding the colors from the photo you want to repost. The quality of photos and videos will be the same. You can also view the report history as well! It’s also a great app to have in your phone if you like reposting stuff.

11. Repost + (Regram Photos, Videos for instagram)

best instagram reposting apps
Our last pick for the best instagram reposting app for android is Repost! The name is similar to the others and the functions to are somewhat similar. Although people liked the quality of pictures (just as same as the original post). Apart from this, the mechanism is the same too (copy the URL and share using the app!).
You can easily download the videos and photos as well and that too without giving any of your personal information.


So these are the best Instagram reporting apps for Android and iPhone that you can find. We have chose them because of their easy operation and popularity among the people along with the ratings. People have depended on these apps for reposting on Instagram, so I guess you can try them out as well. We hope you found the article helpful! Thank you for visiting the page.

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