How To Create And Add Second Instagram Account (2023)

There is no doubt that Instagram has become one of the most used social media sites. This may be because everyone loves sharing the best moments of their life as well as catching up with their people. It’s also true that some people use Instagram for business as well.
The thing is we want our close friends and family to know what’s going in our lives at the same time we also want to enhance our business and let people know what kind of service or business friends they are in. But one cannot use the same account for both of these purposes. And that’s where people feel the need of creating another Instagram account but a lot of people don’t seem to know how to create another Instagram account. And that’s what we are here for! We have come up with a guide where you can easily find out how to create another Instagram account as well as how to add a second Instagram account.
Before we tell you how to create another Instagram account let is find out the different reasons for creating one.
  • Separating personal and professional life:- You have to be social with everyone whether it’s your close friends or just your colleagues. But the thing is there are a few personal things which you don’t wanna share the whole world similarly you don’t wanna post about your work formalities for your friends and family. So that’s why some people made different accounts for their personal and professional life separately.
  • For business account:- If you are a businessmen than it’s kinda important that you create a full professional business account and of course you will be using your personal account as well. There are certain added features in the business account which help you to engage with your customers in a better way. A business account will be used for advertising as well which won’t be possible with a personal account.
  • Creating an account for a different audience:- it’s also a reason, several people of mostly artists create different accounts for different types of audiences. For example, if the person is popular for their dancing as well as singing then he or she may create two separate accounts.
So these are the popular reason why people want to create multiple Instagram account and now let’s get to “how” to create and add another Instagram account!

Create and add second Instagram account

Creating another Instagram account as simple as creating your first one. For example, all you have to do is, to use different sign-ins. For example, if your first account is created using an email then you can create the other one using your phone number! It’s that simple.
You can also create an Instagram account by linking with your Facebook account (if the first one is made using the email or phone number). This way your Instagram account will be linked to your Facebook account and your Facebook friends will know that you are on Instagram and they can easily connect with you.

How to switch or add another Instagram account?

Instagram realized that people may be using different accounts for different users so they have already introduced the add another account feature on Instagram. This way you can use the two accounts simultaneously without logging out of either account. This is also helpful for those who don’t always remember their passwords.
So whenever you want to switch account you can ways go to the settings and click add another account and this will give you options to which account you wanna go, there you can choose one and go one.

How many accounts you can have?

As many as you want! That’s a bit surprising but that’s true. You can have as many as account you want but the condition is you would have to have the different sign-in options like your phone number, email address, or Facebook link.
You can also use different email address to create an Instagram account as well!
Whenever you make another Instagram account the Instagram will suggest you names similar to the original one. Although you can easily change it whatever you want it to be.
So this was our article for how to create and add Instagram account, we how you found it helpful.

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