How To Post On Instagram From PC & Desktop (2023)

There is no doubt that Instagram is steadily growing its reach to more and more people and with that posting of perfect pictures on Instagram is at its peak!
We all want to upload the best pictures and some of us use the high-quality pictures which have been edited through your computer software. But the problem begins when you have to post that photo from your mobile. Because let’s face it, Instagram is designed for phone only and it has never published the fact that you can post pictures from your PC or Mac.
But it doesn’t mean we can’t do it! We always come up with something to make our way. So for the question, if we can post on Instagram from PC? The answer is yes! How? We are gonna tell you. But first, let’s find out why do we need to post on Instagram using our laptop instead of our phone.
Many people rely on the DSLR for their high-quality perfect Instagram picture and it can be a tedious work to transfer the photos first in the computer then making it mobile friendly and then finally ready to post it from your phone. Other people who do editing using software from their PC can also find it hard to post from the phone. In short, no matter what your reason is, you are here to find out the simple ways to upload Instagram pictures from a computer instead of the phone. So here we have listed some popular as well as easy ways to post the Instagram pictures using PC! Take a look and find the perfect and most suitable way to do that!

Best Way To Post on Instagram from PC

1. Via a Web Browser

Using a web browser for uploading the Instagram pictures is the most popular and easy way! A number of people who likes to edit the pictures or want to upload pictures from their computer are using the web browser as their first choice.
But it’s not as easy as you would think. Generally, when you open your Instagram profile using the browser it allows you to see posts, like and comment too but you won’t find an option for uploading the posts. But there are many browsers which can make it appears like you are using the Instagram from your phone and that way you will get the option of uploading the pictures from your PC.
This is known as agent spoofing and one can do so on their own as well! It’s popular because its way and less hectic and you won’t have to download any third-party application here, which makes it safe as well. Although this way has its own limitations too, here you won’t get features multiple posting or tagging!

2. Uplet

If you are using Mac then Uplet is the best option for you! Its the simplest way for Mac users as it is a paid third party application. This one is perfect as it is lightweight, features an intuitive interface which makes it easy to use and it does get the job done. Overall you find it reliable as it is the same as it has been advertised!
You can drop the photos in its core drop panel where you can easily fill up the caption and you will be ready to go! Just hit the send button and your pic will be uploaded, the best part would be, it also allows you to upload multiple pics at once. Although you won’t find the filters or editing features here.
Lastly, it can be worked with multiple Instagram accounts and its easy to toggle between them as well! So if you are a mac user, it should be the best way for you to upload the Instagram pictures using your laptop!

3. Deskgram

Deskgram is also a popular desktop app which comes with two version for the PC and Mac! It’s one of the best platform to interact with your Instagram account. The free version will only allow you to browse your Instagram feed so if you want to upload pictures, you will have to get the paid version!
Don’t worry the pro version is pretty cheap and affordable and you can easily upload pictures from it. It looks like the older version of Instagram and works just like the mobile version. So it should be your top choice when it comes to uploading pictures from your PC or Mac!

Other Options For Upload Photo On Instagram

Other ways to upload pictures on Instagram using the PC! (Used by people a long time ago though!)
Apart from these, there is another Android Emulator present such as the Bluestakes. It is not specifically made to run Instagram on the computer but all the other mobile applications which includes Instagram as well!
  • Just like Bluestakes, another platform, Gramblr also provides a feature of uploading pictures on Instagram via your PC! Although its a bit hectic to use it because of its different operation which includes different ways to function it. Overall you can try it if you want!
  • Flume Pro is a Mac client, which obviously works for Mac OS which used to provide ways to upload pictures on Instagram. But it was a long time and how it function these days is unknown!
  • LR/Instagram, our last option, which directly allows you to upload pictures from your PC on the Instagram! But just like the above one, it is not a great one to use at this time, since it hasn’t provided the update for it!


So these are the best ways to upload Instagram pictures from pc and you will definitely find them easy and hassle-free. Many content creators as well as artists, upload their photos on Instagram from pc using these ways. Although we would recommend you to be cautious using the third-party applications as they can steal some crucial information that can be against you!
We hope you found what you were looking for, and we hope you liked our article. So thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such reliable information!

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