How To Turn Dark Mode In Instagram (Android/iPhone) 2023

Dark mode one of the latest features that people look for these days in their apps. Given its popularity and good effects more and more apps are adapting the dark mode in their apps. There are several reasons why the dark mode is getting this popular. For starts, the dark mode will reduce the blue light exposure to your eyed which affects your sleep patterns and your eye health. Not only this but dark mode also reduces the battery consumption.
The apps that rolled for dark mode includes Gmail, Chrome and the latest on is Instagram among several others. And WhatsApp too is looking for dark mode as it was seen in one of their beta version.
Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri tweeted that dark mode for Instagram is rolled out for iOS 13 and android 10 users. The tweet was later removed for some reason but the dark mode is available for Instagram.
Although it’s true that the dark mode is only available for Android 10 users and iOS users. Although being the latest feature for Instagram and that too available for selective versions of the phone, not many people are aware of how to turn on the dark mode. That’s completely fine because many people faced this issue.
And we are here to tell you how to turn on the dark mode on Instagram.

How to turn dark mode in Instagram

The reason why people couldn’t find out to turn on the dark mode is that they were looking at the wrong place. Since many other apps that featured dark mode for their app has the settings for it within the app. But for Instagram, you won’t find any such setting or options to turn the dark mode in the app itself. For this, you will have to adjust the phone settings.
Here are a few instructions for both the iOS and Android users, follow these and you will you can easily turn on the dark mode.

How to turn Dark mode on iOS

  • You will have to update your phone to the iOS 13 version
  • Now update the Instagram app
  • Go to the settings
  • Tap on brightness and display
  • There find the dark mode options and turn it on
  • Start the Instagram app, here will be the dark mode that always wanted.
Here is your dark mode for Instagram, yes it’s that easy.

For Android:-

  • Make sure you have the Android 10 version.
  • And now update the Instagram app
  • Go to the settings
  • Now go to the display setting and tap on advance
  • Select Dark theme among the other device themes.
  • That’s it, just launch the Instagram and enjoys the darkness.


So these are the simple steps that you need to follow to turn the dark mode on for Instagram. Now you don’t have to mess up with your eye health and ruin the sleep pattern because of the blue light. And your battery will last longer too. It’s as simple as that and on the plus side, the dark mode actually looks kinda gorgeous.

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