How To Download Instagram Stories (2023)

We have previously discussed how to download pictures and videos from instagram and now we are going to share how to download Instagram stories as well.
As well all know that ever since instagram introduced the instagram story feature it become quite popular among the instagram users. We more often post the stories than we post the pictures and videos on our account and that’s because they last for 24 hours and are actually fun.
But as we all wanna save some of the stories on our phone because they are just too good. But no one knows how! And that’s where you need our help. In this article, we have listed a few ways through which you can easily download the instagram stories on your smartphone. Take a look and find out how to do that.

How To Download Instagram Stories

The easiest and convenient way to download Instagram stories is by using third-party applications that are designed to download stories from instagram.
The best part is they are pretty easy to use and download and won’t cost you anything at all cause they are free. You can also use a story downloader on your computer as well but people prefer using the story downloader apps to download the stories on their smartphones.
People also ask us if downloading stories and using the story downloader app is legal or not and you will be happy to bear this, downloading Instagram content is legal and not forbidden.
Here is how you can easily download the Instagram stories;-
  • 1. Download the Instagram story downloader app. There is plenty of story downloader app available for both the android and iPhone and you can choose any one of them (whichever you find most reliable and some times free and small in size!).
  • 2. Now open the Instagram app and search for the person whose stories you want to download. Remember the profile of the person has to be public.
  • 3. Now open the third party application and put the username of the person who’s a story you want to save. And it will automatically download the stories. It’s as simple as that. The instructions are the same for most of the Instagram downloader stories and for both android and iPhones. You can check the instructions of the third party application which you are using for more convenience.


So these are the popular ways through which you can easily download Instagram stories. We hope you liked the article and finally found the right ways to download Instagram stories. Thank you for visiting our page and if you wanna know some more information regarding Instagram you can check out our other articles as well.

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