How To View Direct Message On Instagram On Computer (2023)

We all are aware of the most loved and probably most used photo-sharing app that is Instagram. Millions of posts and photos are shared on this platform and people actually love to share their important moments on the platform as well as seeing what their friends and family members are up to.
Not only for personal use, but instagram has also been widely used for professional purposes and for the business purpose as well. This is why people use different gadgets to use Instagram. Although it is a mobile-based app people have found how to use Instagram on computers. The reason people are interested in running the app on their computer is that the professionals, business persons, marketers as well as content creators have to post the edited picture and videos that can be only done by some software.
Although we have found how to run Instagram on the computer as well as how to upload the pictures from the computer what if someone DM you while you are using Instagram on your computer? That’s surely a pickle because it would be time-consuming if you have to open the Instagram in your phone every time you receive a DM. So what to do? Well we have a solution for that as well.

How to view direct message on Instagram on computer

In this article, we are going to discuss some popular ways to view the Direct Messages of Instagram on the computer. Take a look and forget the hassle of using the phone every time someone DM you on instagram.

Use Instagram for windows 10

The developers have come with a windows version of Instagram that you can install on your Windows 10. So you can try downloading one and by this, you can easily view the DMs on your Instagram.
Follow the instruction and you will be good to go!
  • Go to the windows app store
  • Download Instagram from there
  • Install and run the program on your PC
  • The clock on the direct message icon to send messages
  • To view the messages, click on the arrow icon and head to the conversation section to view the messages
Yes it’s that simple to view the direct messages on instagram on your computer.

Use the app emulator for Instagram

You must be aware of the app’s emulator. These emulators are life-changing since these allow the user to run any mobile-based application on their computer. The thing is they are super easy to use and most of them are free as well. Below we are listing the popular app emulator which is BlueStacks.
Bluestacks: the best thing about this app emulator is, it supports both windows as well as Mac. So it will be a great option to use Instagram as well as view DMs on the Mac. It’s pretty easy to install and run on the computer. After you have installed the bluestackes, you can now go for downloading the Instagram through it. And then it will work just like it is supposed to work on your mobile!
There are other emulators also available such as Nox. That you can easily use as well.

By using Vysor

Vysor is popular software that can mirror your smartphone on the computer and from there you can start using the Instagram as per your wishes. Everything will be displayed on the desktop of your computer from your phone.


So these are some of the popular ways through which you can view the direct messages on Instagram on your computer. We hope you like the article and found it helpful. Thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such content.

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