How To Delete And Deactivate Instagram Account (2023)

Even though Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms and leading photo-sharing app, some people may want a break from the social media platform or they want to delete their Instagram account for some reason.
Even though using the app seems easy but a few aspects of this popular photo-sharing app makes people search for the solutions. This includes how to download the pictures and videos from Instagram, how to download Instagram stories, how to repost the Instagram posts, and finally how to delete or deactivate the Instagram account.
See the things is, unlike Facebook, where you get all the features within the app, such as sharing the posts, downloading pictures, or even deactivating your face account! Instagram’s way is quite different from that of Facebook. You will either have to go to Instagram’s official webpage or you will have to take the help of third-party apps.
In this article, we are going to talk about how to delete or reactive the Instagram account.
It should be clear by now that deleting or deactivating your Instagram account isn’t possible from the app itself. So how will do so? To find the answers keep reading the article and follow the given instructions. Don’t worry it’s pretty easy than you think!

How to delete Instagram account

You will have to keep in mind the deleting your Instagram account would mean you can never go back to your account and it will delete permanently including your pictures, followers, liked pages, etc. You can’t go back to anything. So make sure you have made up of your mind to delete the Instagram account forever.
Take a look at the given instructions to know how to delete the Instagram permanently:-
1. Go to and log in your account
As you know, you can’t delete the account from the app so you will have to go to Instagram’s website. Once you are there, log in your account in the same manner as you do in the app, that is put your username and password.
2. Go to the ‘delete your account’ page
Once you are logged in, you will have to go in the delete your account option. After choosing the option you will be asked to give reason to delete the Instagram account.
3. Enter your password
After you have listed the reason you will be asked to enter the password and confirm that you want to delete your Instagram account permanently. Click on the option ‘permanently delete your account’ and after that, your account will be deleted permanently.
Here your account is permanently deleted, and if you wish to create another account with the same username, then it won’t be possible. Neither Instagram provides an option to reactive your Instagram account.

How to deactivate your Instagram account

This is a more convenient option actually because unlike the Delete Your Account option it can be reversible and you can go back to your Instagram account whenever you wish to. So if you are looking to take a break from social media, you should go for the deactivate your Instagram account rather than delete your Instagram account option.
Here are the few simple steps through which you can easily deactivate your Instagram account!
1. Go to and log in your account
This step is the same as for the delete your account option. Just go to the website and log in to your instagram account.
2. Click on the edit profile and select temporarily disable
Once you have logged in, look for the edit profile option and there you will find many options including the temporarily disable option. Select that option.
3. Select the reason and then proceed.
Just like the above mentioned delete your option, here too you will be asked the reason for the deactivation of your account. Once you have selected the reason you will be asked to re-enter the password. And then click on the deactivate your account option.
Here your account is deactivated for as long as you want. And when you wish to reactive the Instagram account simply put your Instagram password and username on Instagram and you will be good to go!


So these are the simple ways through which you can easily delete or deactivate your Instagram account. I hope you found the article helpful and the instructions easy! It’s the best and only way to delete or deactivate your Instagram account.

Here are article comes to an end, and we hope you like it. Don’t forget to check other Instagram related articles on our page which will tell you how to download pictures and videos from Instagram, how to make other Instagram account etc. Thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such helpful content.

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