Top 11 Best Poetry Books To Read 2023

Poetry brings calmness, meaningfulness, and a great time that we spend reading those poetries and thinking about something that relates us to that poetry. Not many people are a fan of poetry as they may or may not understand the hidden meaning of the poetic lines, although this only makes poetry more special than ever and it makes much more meaning and significance to those who actually understand it.
Poetry captures what’s often hard to put into words or even express. Be it pain, love, or even our outrage, we can mend it into beautiful poetry and feel so connected to those lines that may or may not make sense to the world.
With times like this, poetry becomes even more desirable and important as we tackle loneliness, grief, and unbearable pain as well. We feel connected to each word and each stanza which makes us feel understood and less lonely. For people like us, who are fans of poetry, we find comfort and a kind of warmth in reading good poetry and it can be a good escape from the world and even means to let everyone know you a bit more.
Whatever your reason to read the poetry and to like it, you will certainly appreciate the good poetry. Even though there are thousands of poetry books available for you to buy, only a few would make sense and bring you the kind of joy and relief that you are looking forward to finding in that poetry book.
It can be pretty hard to find the best poetry book as there are too many and not all of them would be the right pick for you. This is why we have decided to save you from the trouble of finding the best poetry books on your own. We have enlisted the top 11 poetry books for you, so check them out and see if you can find the best one for yourself.

Best Poetry Books

1. I Hope This Reaches Her In Time

Best Poetry Books
We are starting our list with a soulful read and you are going to love it too. I Hope This Reaches Her In Time by R.H Sin, the book has been written with lots of pain. The book features the agony of a breakup and how a breakup does feel. This is a long book with good writings and a heartfelt cry after one has been abandoned by his love.
The book not only explores the heartache caused by a breakup but also tells you how much it can affect someone when you mistreat them. So people who have been mistreated can feel a strong connection with this poetry book.
The author speaks of temporary and permanent loves that we all come across in our lives. This book is a great choice for anyone who went through a breakup and felt the agony of being mistreated in a relationship. There are too many poems, untitled ones that make them more relatable than ever. If you have gone through something similar then this should be a good read for you, which makes it one of the best poetry books.

2. The Wilderness: Poems by Sandra Lim

Top Poetry Books
The Wilderness is another one of the leading poetry books that you need to read next. The book has been written by Sandra Lim who is a winner of the Barnard Women Poets Prize for this poetry book. The book has been widely appreciated by critics as well as poetry lovers, so it counts as the best poetry book that you must read sometime.
The book features the struggles of an individual struggle with its struggle. Here, you will go through the wilderness of many landscapes, from England winters to American landscapes, there is so much that you can explore and live through this poetry. Here you will read the aesthetic theories, suavities, anxieties of contemporary life.
This poem has been called one of the most thrilling poems that you would come across. From the readers to critics, everyone has only good things to say about this poem, it is beautifully written, and you will feel more connected to it at so many levels.
Overall, it’s beautiful, smart, and powerful. It’s pretty amazing how they move into lyric essays. It’s an original work with such a huge impact that you can’t afford to miss it if you are a poetry fan.

3. Blud by Rachel McKibbens

Top Best Poetry Books
Blud is another one of the leading poetry books that you should know about and also read sometimes. Here, this poetry book is written by Rachel McKibbens and she is as fierce as ever. One of the qualities of Rachel’s work is that it is ideally balanced with the right amount of vulnerability as well as fierceness, and this poetry is no exception. The book is quite powerful and you can feel every word written in the poetry.
The book consists of several themes like bloodlines, mental illnesses, trauma, and its after-effects. Her poetry talks about the worst moments of life and how we can still look forward to something good or at least have a hope that something good will come to us.
Just as we can expect from Rachel McKibbens, this book isn’t conventional in the manner of its writing. Here it takes up to the struggles beyond love and pain and how we can still hope for the best. It is also one of the top-rated poetry books that you can find and all the readers and critics have given their positive reviews for the book as well, so this one is a must-read too.

4. Mary Wants to be a Superwoman

Poetry Books To Read
Another one of the best poetry books that we have found for our list is Mary Wants to be a Superwoman by Erica Lewis. The book has been written with so much precision and love with pap-filled, fast-moving poems. The book consists of not only the poems but also the pictures and an incredible introduction that gives you a perfect start to the poems which provides enough context to understand the poems as well.
The poems are about the author’s mother Mary who is no less than a superwoman for the author. It seems like the poems are traveling through time and taking you back and forth to the author’s mother, Mary.
Erica Lewis, who is diverse in her face as she is black, white, and native American. Being so diverse, she often writes about her family, especially the complex history of women with race, gender, and class in America. She gets inspired by her women kin, friends, and other contemporary women poets.
Overall, this is an incredible poetry book that would hold you in its vastness and the time loop that it has created. It would be a great read.

5. Heart Like a Window, Mouth Like a Cliff

Poetry Books
Heart Like a Window, Mouth Like a Cliff is another one of the popular poetry books that you need to know about. The book has got many great reviews and critics have also appreciated the book as well. The book talks about nuance with clarity and is based on the themes of love, loyalty, resistance, and hardships.
Sara Borjas is a Chicana, a pocha, and a Fresno poet. She has earned a BA degree in English Literature from Fresno State. He has written many great poetry books in her career and earned appreciation from critics as well as readers.
This book teaches us to love deeply without allowing one’s love to consume us. The poems are folded and carry a generalized tone along with many surprising elements that would keep you hooked. Here, you would surely enjoy this poetry book and its deep and meaningfulness as well.

6. The Wild Fox of Yemen

Poetry Books Best
The next poetry book that we have chosen for our list is The Wild Fox of Yemen. Threa Almontaser is a well-known Yemeni American Author and you can find her work in Adroit Journal, Passages North, Diode Poetry Journal, and so on. She is also a winner of the Walt Whitman Award of the Academy of American Poets.
This is her debut poetry book that surprises us all. She is reckless, fierce, protective, and guided with faith and ancestry. The author talks about how mistranslation can be a form of self-knowledge and survival. This poet is kind of a love letter to the country and people of Yemen. There is a portrait of young Muslim womanhood in New York after 9/11. The poem goes beyond that and talks about what it is like to be adapting to the space between cultures and repurposing the languages.
This is an eye-opener book for the other cultures especially for the American people and a tribute to the people of Yemen by the author. It’s deep and meaningful and you will certainly appreciate it as well.

7. Good Bones by Maggie Smith

Poetry Best Books
Good Bones by Maggie Smith is another one of the top poetry books that you can find. This is the kind of poetry that would make you feel lighter and also make you think deeper about the world. The kind of poetry this book has is not that easy to find.
The book talks about what the worst this world can bring in our lives and at the same time how best it can be if we want it to be. The book is simple yet dark and emotional. It is a homage to motherhood and also chilling, dark, hopeful, and confident. There are so many underlying themes this poetry book has to offer and they are perfectly blended as well.
The author has been inspired by her motherhood while writing this book, the poems may seem dark at first but they also show us the sustainable possibility and addressing the larger world.

8. Hunger by Alice Derry

Best Poetry Book
Hunger is another one of the top-rated poetry books that you would find. It is rare to find poetry writing about emotional and moral elements of this world and society as a whole. This is a political poem where the author talks about the serious issues of human trafficking and genocide.
The book is enriched with words and features the best execution as well. The author feels being a woman and a citizen of the world it is her duty to raise such issues and talks about them as well. This poetry book may not be conventional and features a simple theme, but it is a must-read as it talks about something that was never even mentioned by some poets or even politicians.

9. Three Poems by Hannah Sullivan

Best Poetry Book To Read
Three Poems by Hannah Sullivan is her debut book that talks about the life of a young woman in New York. There are three long poems on ambition, intensity, and substance that talk about glamour and drudgery. Each one of the poems sounds apart but their inventive and looping encounters make them appear as unity.
It’s a great poetry book that would help you feel better and at the same time takes you to the struggles of glamour and disappointment.

10. Only As the Day Is Long by Dorianne Laux

Best Poetry Books For Beginners
If you are in a mood to read about your old love affairs and feel that heartache and at the same time appreciate the time spent with your former lovers then Only As the Day Is Long by Dorianne Laux should be your first choice.
There is a new and selected collection of heartbreaking stories that would make you think about your old love flames until the day ends. It’s a different kind of feeling when you break your heart for the first time and feel that first wound. But the promise doesn’t just talk about the first love and heartbreak, but also your first job, the complex relationship with your family, class, and so on.
This collection of poems appreciates the struggles and how we fight fiercely with the challenges and heartbreak that life throws at us. It’s a good read and might also interest you as well.

11. Hybrid by Tina Chang

Best Poetry Books
Hybrid is also a popular and best-selling poetry book that you need to know about. It’s a breakthrough book that is more intimate and messier. The book talks about how intervened fear and love can be.
The author pens down her experience of being a mother of mixed-race black children in the current time. A mother can only protect her children from racism and dangers in so many ways and that can be a scary feeling as well.
The poems are powerful and full of rage and this would leave the reader furious, shouting, and weeping.


Here, these are some of the best poetry books that you can find. The books that we have mentioned here are pretty popular and are also critically acclaimed. These books have impressed everyone, from the critics to the readers, and that is why they make the most sense to us as well.
That would be all for now and we hope that you would like the aforementioned best poetry books.

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