Top 10 Best Inspirational Books To Motivate You [2023]

We all need inspiration in our lives and that can come from anywhere, from movies, from people around us, from places or from the books. To be honest the last one is our favorite source of inspiration. I have read a number of books in my life and each book has inspired me in one way or another. And that’s why whenever I need inspiration I pick up a book.
The moral of the story is, a single book holds the power to change your life by inspiring you in so many ways that you can’t even imagine. Let’s face it, we are going to face a number of problems in our lives that may be big or small and you might find yourself helpless, and that will be the right time to pick an inspirational book. Since you are here you might be looking for the best international book! But given the number of books we have, it seems like a tough job. And that’s where we come in picture, in this article we have listed out the top 10 inspirational books that you can read and inspire yourself. Now you may have already read one or two books but you will definitely find something good here.
Here are the 10 best inspirational books that you might enjoy reading.

Inspirational books

inspirational books

1. Awaken the giant within by Anthony Robbins

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Awaken By Giant Within is our top pick for the best inspirational book that you can find. The book was written by Anthony Robbins and published in 2007. He has also written books like Inner Strength, Unlimited Power, Money Master the Game. Just like the other one’s, this one is also highly inspirational and must-read the book to get yourself inspired to do better your life.
In this book, the author talks about, how we can change our attitude towards different situations and he also tells some strategies that can help us to master our emotions. The book also teaches us to control what we think, how we feel about relationships, our financial situations, and our overall life. Apart from this the book also teaches the common psychology of change and how can we master it.
The bottom line is, you will be taught some fundamental lessons of life that can inspire you to do better in your life. And that’s why this book becomes a special one. So go ahead and get the book, we are pretty sure you will love to read it.

2. The Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz

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The Magic of Thinking Big is actually called one of the greatest self-help book by Forbes. And that is why it totally deserves a place in our list of best international books. Here the book was written by David J Schwartz, who is a popular inspirational and motivational writer. The book was published in 1959, some can call it a book that was way ahead of its time. The book is still very much popular and it has sold 6 million copies as well.
The book tells us a step by step guide which teaches us how can we achieve what we desire by changing our thought processes and patterns as well. Here we also learn the importance of thinking big and how it is important in our lives and can add value to our dreams and future. The book inspired us to achieve our goals by avoiding excuses and procrastination in our daily lives.
Overall the book is a classic and a number of people would agree with us when we that it is indeed one of the best inspirational books that we can read.

3. Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create New You by Deepak Chopra

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We all, at some point in our life, feel that we need to change and start a new life and for that, we will have to become a new individual and that’s what this book is all about. Deepak Chopra, an American Indian author has done a great job in describing the true meaning of change.
We all need to change in our life, but a few of us understand that the change shouldn’t be only within the mind but the change of soul is what you should look forward to. The book tells us how we all have invested our body from childhood with a set of beliefs and our responses to everyday stress. All this we have done unconsciously. But we shouldn’t forget that we will always have an opportunity to bring a change in our mindset as well as by bringing the change in our soul.
And this book has done a remarkable job in introducing us to a new sense of us and it also encourages us to think about the potential energy force and power that we hold within ourselves. This energy will grow when our body, mind, and soul are aligned and fully connected to one another.

4. The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You are Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are by Brene Brown

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I think the title says pretty much all but still, we are going to say why you need to read this book. The book was written by Dr. Brene Brown and it was published in the year 2017. Just like her other self-help books, this one has also given us a major reason to read the book and inspire ourselves.
We all feel that we are not good enough whether it’s about not being intelligent, wealthy, or being courageous in life. We all feel that we have let down ourselves as well as others by not being the person we are supposed to be. But the thing is, we all try to live up to other’s definition of perfect and try to fit into the “ideal” identity which has been set by society. And in all this, we often forget that we are actually pretty good individuals and we are perfect even when we are not!
The book teaches us to love ourselves and love our imperfections. The book also encourages us to pursue our dreams and work hard yo achieve them. In my opinion, the book is a must-read for today’s generation of social influencing and peer pressure. So the bottom line is you will have to read the book and appreciate your flaws and imperfections.

5. A Tale of Three Kings By Gene Edwards

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A Tale of Three Kings is another best inspirational book by Gene Edwards that you might wanna read in order to inspire yourself when it comes to dealing with different people of the society. The book has been written by Gene Edwards and it was published in 1980. The author has written about the three different kings and their different styles of leadership. The three kings are taken from the Bible, Saul, David, and Absalom.
The book compiles different stories about hope, healing, and providing comfort to those who have suffered from the hands of other believers. The book is all about leadership and how you can become a good leader or inspire others from your work or leadership in general. The book may surprise you or inspire you, either way, the book deserves a try. So if you get a chance, go and read the book!

6. The Art of War by Sun Tzu

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The Art of War is a book that you may not find entirely “inspirational” but this one is something that we all need to read sometime. The book is a classical Chinese script that tells us about warfare and how we can win the battles. The book is said to be published in the 5th century BC but it is something that might help us even in the modern world. The author of the book is said to be an expert on a number of matters including war tactics and economics and he is very intelligent and always knows what to do next.
You may find the book irrelevant some of the times but in the end, you will learn why the book is hyped and why it is being included in the inspirational book list. The book actually teaches us how we can win battles and how we can help ourselves in difficult times. You might find the book challenging most of the time and face a difficult time completing the book but you may wanna complete it and learn the valuable lessons the book has to offer

7. The Power of a Broke by Daymond John

The power of a Broke is another inspirational book that you must read if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or someone with big dreams and limited resources. The author has beautifully described the importance of passion and our hard work to achieve the goal. We all have an assumption that we need to have unlimited resources or money to become successful but that’s not true and might be just an assumption.
The book tells us to have trust in ourselves and that we can achieve success regardless of our financial status and background. A book is a perfect option for all the struggling people who are looking for an inspiring book.

8. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

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The Happiness Project was published in the year 2009 and written by Gretchen Rubin. The book was good enough to become a New York Times Bestseller. The book talks about how we can create true happiness and how we can be truly happy. The author has included contemporary examples and relatable chronicles to explain to us some facts about transformation.
The book teaches us to focus on the things that really matter and the value of time as well. We all focus on the stuff that might seem a big deal now but they don’t actually matter. Overall you should give it a read sometime and find out what’s a beet thing about the book that made it this popular.

9. Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom

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Mitch Albom is known as a popular inspirational writer and he has written a number of inspiring books that you can read. And this one is definitely one of them. The book was published in the year 2009 and it has managed to become the New York Times Bestseller Non-Fiction book as well.
The book talks about faith and it has been read by religious and none religious groups as well. The book is based on the two separate sets of conversation between the author and the Rabbi ( a relatively affluent section of New Jersey) and a protestant minister in a very poor section of Detroit, Michigan. The book talks about the meaning of Faith in a larger sense and how different our faiths are from one another.

10. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and It’s All Small Stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life By Richard Carlson

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We can guess pretty much what would be in the book by the title of the book. The book was written by Richard Carlson and was published in 1997. We all worry about the little things in our lives and some of them might even not worth stressing about. The book teaches us to let go of these small things and be happy with ourselves.
It doesn’t matter if the stuff is from work or home or other things, nothing is important enough or worthy enough to be stressed about and compromise our mental health and peace.


So these are our top picks for the best inspirational books. All these books have inspired a number of people all around the world and they have been on the bestsellers list as well. We would recommend these books as we have read them and got inspired.
Thank you for being with us, and we hope you liked our article. Keep coming for more such review articles in the future as well.

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