8 Best Mitch Albom Books In Order To Read [2023]

Mitch Albom is one of the popular American novelists. He is popularly known for his inspirational and non-fiction books. His book, Tuesday with Morrie is one of the most popular books by him. He is also a journalist, screenwriter, dramatist, broadcaster, and musician.
His signature genres are fiction and non-fiction and he has written many books as well. You should know that he has sold over 39 million copies of his books until now.
He was born in New Jersey, in 1958 to a Jewish family. He has also loved his early life in New York before settling in New Jersey. His parents always inspired him to dream big and see the outer world other than their home place.
This article is for those who are already a Mitch Albom fan or currently trying to pick up his book but doesn’t know where to start. As you know many people say pick up the first book written by the author and live his journey of writing with his books in chronological order. But there are also the people who just want to pick the next Mitch Albom book but don’t have any idea, from where to start.
Here we have brought you all the Mitch Albom books in their publication order so you can know which one to pick next and from where to start. Go ahead and take a look at the list of Mitch Albom books in order.

Mitch albom books

mitch albom books

1. Tuesdays with Morrie

mitch albom books in order
This was the first stand-alone novel by Mitch Albom and it was published in the year 1997. The books talk about the mentor of the author, Morie Schwarts, who is his college professor nearly twenty years ago. Mitch has managed to track his professor and mentor down and is now featuring all the conversation he had with him and how that conversation and his presence in the author’s life made a mark.
The author goes to his study every Tuesday just as they used to go in the past. The book taught us many things and inspired us to be better people. And this book has also won a number of awards and got huge popularity as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a Mitch Albom fan or not, this one is definitely a must-read book and you will be more than happy to read it.

2. The Five People You Meet in Heaven

best mitch albom books
The Five People You Meet In Heaven was a publisher in the year 2003 and this one too got a huge response from the critics as well as the readers. In fact, the book remained in the list of New York Times bestselling books for 95 weeks.
This one is a religious fiction and philosophical fiction book which focuses on the life and death of a man named Eddie. When he died and sent to heaven, he met five different people who had an impact on his life when he was alive.
The books feature a number of themes that describe a variety of different emotions and feelings of the main character. You will surely enjoy this book if, religious and philosophical fiction is your genre.

3. For One More Day

mitch albom books to read
For One More Day is another philosophical novel by Mitch Albom that you might find interesting enough to read. The book was published in the year 2006 and this one too featured Morality as it’s the central theme.
The book tells us how people react when they offered a chance to bring back a dead relative for a day. The main character of the book is Charles Benetto, who is a former baseball player. He faces many problems in his life regarding his financial crisis, career and family problems, and also alcohol abuse.
He then attempted suicide but got failed. But their failure gives him a chance to see his mother again, who died eight years ago. He got a chance to spent a day with his mother. His mother then tells him about her troubled past and helps him to resolves the issues in his life too.

4. The next person you meet in heaven

mitch albom books in order to read
This one is also the next book in the Heaven series. It was released in the year 2018. As we have mentioned, the earlier book features the character of Eddie who has died and met five people in heaven. This one features the character of Annie, who is the same person Eddie have saved when he was alive.
The story focuses on her life and how she was saved from a deadly accident and how her life got twisted. She then finds happiness again by marrying the love of her life only to meet another accident on their wedding night. After the accident, she sees Eddie as one of the five people in heaven. He tells a lot about life and inspires her in many different ways. And that’s where you need to read the book like this one too has a strong message which can be helpful in your life as well.

5. The Time Keeper

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This one is another fictional book by Mitch Albom and it was published in the year 2012. The book features the character of Dor as the main lead. He is currently experiencing punishment for trying to measure the time. Somehow he becomes a father of time and he has to listen to every person who thinks he doesn’t have enough time.
He finally gets a chance to free himself by helping two people to understand the value of time. One is a teenage girl, Sarah Lemon and another one is an elderly wealthy businessman, Victor Delmonte.
Sarah is trying to commit suicide after her parent’s divorce and after being humiliated by a boy she liked. One the other hand the wealthy businessman tries to cheat death by unnatural means. Dor tries to makes them release the consequences of their decisions and tries to offer them help.

6. The first phone call from heaven

mitch albom books
The book features a story of small town. Where people are currently experiencing some unnatural activities. That is, everyone is receiving phone calls from the dead people from their afterlife. Now the question arises is it a miracle or someone is playing a massive hoax.
This book has also impressed us as it features the best writing style of the author. The book also features some very unexpected things and you would also find out if all this was a miracle or a hoax as an elderly man is putting all his efforts to know the truth.
This bool made us fall in love with the powerful writing of the author and how impactful and how beautiful he uses the different kinds of emotions in the book as well.

7. The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto

mitch albom books
As we know Mitch Albom is also a musician and he shared a great deal of love for the music. And in this book his love for music comes shown. The book is no less than a magical journey and every reader has enjoyed this so far.
The book features Frankie Presto as the main protagonist. He is a popular guitarist who has ever lived. The only thing that amuses him is his guitar. The story features the different lives lived by Frankie from his childhood to adulthood and each stage of his life is defined by a new string (which might be magical!).
There are so many ups and downs in his life and how he handle them is definitely something you would be highly interested in.

8. Finding Chika: A Little Girl, An Earthquake, and the making of a family

This one is the latest standalone novel by Mitch Albom which was released in the year 2019. The story, as you can guess featured on the character of Chika. Her life is no less than a tragic movie. She was born 3 days before the great earthquake in Haiti. She lived her extreme poverty and her mother also died giving birth to her brother.
She then bought back to an orphanage. Finally, things started to get easier for Chika and everyone at the orphanage was loving her. But then she was diagnosed with a terminal disease and no doctor can find a cure for it.
From here she is been adapted by Mitch and his wife. They took her to America to find a cure for her. But soon she becomes a big part of their lives. It’s a beautiful story of a family making and the love shared among them.


So these are the Mitch Albom books in order that you were looking for and we hope you found the article helpful. We have also written the plot description for the book which will help you to understand the concept of the book and what you can expect from his books. Thank you for having us and keep coming for more such articles about other authors and their books in order.

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