Top 10 Bob Ong Books In Order To Read [2023]

Looking for new humor books? Well, there is no better match than Bob Ong’s books. Bob Ong is a contemporary Filipino author who has hidden his identity and continues writing humor books about Philippine’s life using conversational writing.
Bob Ong had started writing after dropping out of college. He used to work as a web designer as well as a teacher. He made a side website under the name Bobong Pinoy which translates to Dumb Filipino. This pseudonym becomes famous when someone called him and thought Bob Ong is a real person. He has won a number of awards as well, and it includes People’s Choice Phillippine Web Award for weird humor in 1998. He has written a number of fiction and nonfiction books in his writing career.
His writing career started in 2001 with his first book, ABNKKBSNPLAko?!. His books present a different kind of humor and they are pretty entertaining as well.
In this article, we are presenting all the Bob Ong books and that too their publishing order so that you can easily know where to start from or you can find the most entertaining book and start your journey with that as well. So let’s get started with the list of Bob Ong books in order.

Bob Ong books


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ABNKKBSNPLAko?! It is the first book by Bob Ong which was released in the year 2001. This one is also counted as one of the most popular and notable work by Bob Ong. The title is read as “aba nakakabasa a pala all?!” It translates to, Wow I Can Actually Read Now?!
The book is nonfiction and it is highly inspired by the author’s life. The book presents the memory from the author’s childhood to the first year of his work.
The book was an instant hit which was also surprising. It had sold over 500 copies in its first run. And by the year 2013, 240,000 copies were sold. People had praised it for bringing the nostalgia about their student life as well as giving a chance yo describe their first few days in the work-life as well.

2. Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro ang mga Philipino?

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The book is literally based on the life of Filipinos. The book features a perfect blend of a social, behavioral, moral, and mental aspects of a Filipino. The book has also described the problem of a common Filipino. You will also find how the country is only changing not evolving.
This one might be a perfect book where you will find good and bad habits and qualities of a Filipino. You will also find what foreign people think of Filipinos and about the country’s governance. The author has shared a similar concern about the country and the people and it was the result in his site being taken down!
The bottom line is, if you are a Filipino you will enjoy the book as you can relate with everything that’s been written in the book, and on the other hand if you are not from the Philippines then you will get to know a lot about the country and their culture. And not forget the humor that comes with the book will definitely keep you interested till the last page.

3. Ang paboritong Libro ni Hudas

This one is considered as the semi-autobiography by Bob Ong and this one was released in the year 2003 as well. It is considered as the first book that features fiction writing in Bob Ong,’s writing career.
This book starts a funny discussion on theism and atheism. The book is considered as more than a humor book and it features the subjects of faith and piety. Overall you must read the book as it features a funny take and also gives you a pretty great lesson on some complex subjects.
Bob, unlike in his other books, features as a religious person (some people found it creepy though). He also questions indifferent deity and dome times he becomes funnily theist and some times you will find him anti-theist as well. Overall you might find it a funny yet a good read book, so try it as soon as you can.

4. Alamat ng Gubat

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Alamat ng Gubat is the next book by Bob Ong which is a fictional story about a crab “Tong” who is searching for a banana heart to cure his father of sickness. His journey consists of numerous adventures and he meets new friends. They together try to find out the banana but faced with evil animals in the forest. In order to survive, they all fight with evil animals and prove their strength. Their fight is also to save the forest from the evil animals as well as to save Tong’s father.
This book is considered as a different work from other Bob Ong books as it lacks the usual Bob Ong’s humor tone. You will love to read the book and enjoy it’s humor as well. This one might be one of the best fiction books by Bob Ong, and this one too reflects the society of the Philippines in some way or the other.

5. Stainless Longgansia

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Stainless Longgansia is the fifth published work by Bob Ong and it is also a semi-autobiographical work by the author. This one also uses a similar concept as was used in the first books by Bob Ong that is the humor and the discussions about Philippine’s life and the Filipino people.
Although this book mainly deals with the literature and it features the stories about the importance of literature, reading, and reaching for your dreams as well as the correct way of writing. Overall this one might be a good read and you will find it interesting enough for at least a one time read.

6. MacArthur

The sixth published book by Bob Ong, MacArthur was released in the year 2007. This book takes a different take on the Filipinos people and their life. As you don’t find the usual humor and drama which is the signature writing style of Bob Ong. Instead, he tries to comment on the realist lives of the slum community of the Philippines. This book is definitely a must-read for the people who want to read about the other side of the Philippines and read about the slum communities and the challenges faced by them. Bob Ong has once again impressed us with this surprising book and now we know who he is one of the most popular contemporary Philippine authors.

7. Kapitan Sino

This was the next book by Bob Ong which was released in the year 2009. The title translates to “Captain Who” in English. Its yet again a fiction story full of humor and drama by Bob Ong. The story of the book focus on the life of Rogelio Manglicmot who is an electrician in the small Barrio of Pelaez.
Although his being an ordinary electrician didn’t last, as he soon finds out about his supernatural abilities. He then unites with his best friends and saves the lives of those who are in need. The story features several monsters and the huge amount of action between the protagonist and the antagonist of the story. He is then called “captain who” by the locals as he remains hidden.
If you are in a mood to read something heroic and action-packed story by Bob Ong then this one should be your best pick.

8. Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan

Bob Ong has taken the next step and wrote this horror fiction book which is full of suspense and mystery. It was released in the year 2010 and got a good response from the readers.
The story of the book revolves around Gilberto Galo P. Manansala. The books focus on his life and how his everyday situations turn into a scary experience for him. And he somehow imvolves in mysterious situations and the horrors. It would be interesting to see his efforts to escape these situations.

9. Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin

This book features the mass and media of the contemporary and how it affects the lives of people. It is from the comedy and romance genre. This one majorly focuses on the ills of mass and media. how things are taken to a different level of insanity.

10. Si

Si is the next book by Bob Ong which features a new genre. Here the author talks about love and generosity among the people. The love for their friends, family, and mot merely restricted to the opposite sex. It should be a good read as well.


So these are the Bob Ong books in order that you were looking for. And we are pretty sure you will love them as well. These books are well appreciated for their humor and on their reflective take on the Philippine Life.
We hope you liked the article, so thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such articles for other popular authors and their books in order.

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