15 Best Agatha Christie Books That You Should Read (2023)

When it comes to the mystery and detective genre books, Agatha Christie is one of the few names which appears in our head. And why not? She was a legend and even after her death people are still fond of her mystery and detective based novels. You must have heard this name if you are into mystery novels.
To those who have never read any book by Agatha Christie, here is her writing style. She wrote from the 1920s to 1970s and her books mainly featured the British upper class. The writing was straightforward and she focused on the plot and dialogues. Her novels will contain a few clues here and there until you reach to the end.
But for the beginners who have just started to grow their interest in the mystery novels, they might not be aware of her legacy. And that’s why we are presenting you some of the best books by Agatha Christie that one should read.
Since she has written over 60 novels and a number of short collections, it’s hard to find a book that is best to start with. And that’s why we have done through many of her books and found the best 15 of Agatha Christie that are too good to be missed. So ho on and take a look at our list of best Agatha Christie books and pick one for yourself.
Notable series – Hercule Poirot
Before we start the list of best books by Agatha Christie, you should know about her famous character and the most popular series of novels.
Anyone who wants more than a novel should start with this book. Hercule Poirot is a series of novels by Agatha Christie. In this book, the stories follow the character of Poirot who is a Belgian private detective and a former policeman. He is also popular for his iconic mustaches and the little grey cells to solve the cases.
Many people have compared his character with the Watson’s character from the Holmes series. Each one of his story is beautifully represented where he picks the hints and explain how he solved the cases in the end. Overall it could be a great book to start reading the Agatha Christie’s books.
We will be discussing a few of the popular novels which feature Hercule Poirot and you should definitely not miss on to them!

Agatha Christie Books

agatha christie books

1. And Then There Were None

best agatha christie books
If you like to guess who would be the murder or culprit then you should definitely read this one. It has made it to the best Agatha Christie books due to it’s amusing and mysterious writing which will keep you hooked for a really long time.
The story starts at a private island where ten strangers arrive at after a mysterious U.N Owen invited them. But at the arrival they do not found the host! They were oy trying to process who invited them and why, meanwhile they found one of them is dead! Here the story starts and each one tries to find out who is the murderer among them. It would definitely be a delight to read such a classic mystery drama where you can’t leave the book until you find out about the culprit!

2. Murder on the Orient Express

top agatha christie books
This was one of the most popular books by Agatha Christie featuring the famous Poirot.  It was published way back in the 1930s and it got quite popular these days. Due to its popularity, it inspired a number of radio shows, television, films and to our surprise even the computer game.
The story revolves around Poirot and his journey from Istanbul to London. He is traveling in an elite train Orient Express. But due to heavy snowfall, the train has stopped and he was stuck. The story starts when he found out that a fellow passenger Samuel Ratchett is murdered.
Now the challenge is upon Poirot to find out who the murderer is among all the other passengers. It would be interesting to see how we put the pieces together and find out the murderer!

3. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

good agatha christie books
It’s one of those novels which will force you to read the book again and again until you get all the pieces that justifies the ending. Every mystery novel is known for its ending and that’s why it’s one of our top picks!
The story features a wealthy widow woman who has been murdered in a small English town. Now everyone is shocked and surprised who could have killed such a sweet lady and that’s where Poirot makes an entry. And that’s where the fun starts. We would advise you to pay full attention to the story as the ending will definitely take you by surprise.

4. Death on the Nile

agatha christie books to read
Death on the Nile will definitely please you as a reader as the story is weaved with many elements and it shows you the side of love jealousy and betrayal. The story follows the character of Linnet, who is a socialite with wealth, good looks, and a loving husband. She plans a honeymoon cruise trip.
But the beautiful story of newlywed takes a turn when Linnet found dead on the ship. To solve the case, they invite Poirot. To make the situation worse, many other deaths are being reported on the ship which makes it necessary to find out who the murder is!

5. The Mysterious Affair at Styles

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Another classic featuring Hercule Poirot that you should read. The story features the character of Emily Inglethrope, a wealthy heiress. She is being poisoned in her licked bedroom. The fewer clues will also make it difficult for Poirot to find out who killed her. And he treats every family member as a suspect.
The book was the literary debut of Agatha Christie and for a debate book it was well written, so you can too start with this book if you haven’t had read any of Agatha Christie’s book!

6. Endless Night

agatha christie books list
The book has been one of the favorites of Agatha Christie as well. It’s a story about the greed, guilt, and desperation which the reader will definitely enjoy. It’s kinda a different book than other Agatha Christie books as it took back the detection part. You will know the culprit in the middle of the book but it will still remain interesting enough for you to read it to the last. The book actually takes a light on Cristie’s writing skills other than mysterious stories. So it’s a must-read for every Cristie’s fan!

7. The Murder at the Vicarage

agatha christie best books
This one comes from Miss Marple Series (which also a notable series by Agatha Christie featuring Miss Marple as the main protagonist or detective!). In this book, instead of solving the cases, Ms. Marple is herself murdered! How? By whom? We don’t know the answers yet. So go ahead and read the book to see how things go and who will be the culprit!

8. The A.B.C Murders

best books by agatha christie
The book can make a pretty good short film with it’s writing. The murders are happing alphabetically, such as Alice Ascher was killed in Andover, Elizabeth Betty was murdered  Bexhill and Sir Carmichael was murdered in Churston! Now the killer must be looking for the D.
The murderer has openly challenged Poirot and sent him the letter which tells him the time and place of death. So it’s up to Poirot to use his detective skills and find out who the killer is before its too late.
This book is a little different from other Agatha Christie books as in this one she used both first-person and third-person perspectives!

9. Five little pigs

best agatha christie books
If you wanna read something challenging and see a nearly impossible case to solve then you should read this one. In this case, Poirot has no access to the body or the crime scene.
The story follows Caroline Crale who has been convicted for the murder of her husband. But she writes a letter to her daughter pleading not guilty. After her death, her daughter reaches out to the Hercule Poirot to find out the truth behind her father’s death. The detective has just got the five witnesses to find out who the culprit was. So it will be an interesting story to read.

10. Crooked House

agatha christie books
Our next pick for the best Agatha Christie is none other than Crooked House. The story follows a wealthy patriarchal family living with three generations.  The head of the house, Aristide has been murdered by posing him through his own eye medicine.
The case has been studied by a criminologist, Charles Hayward, who is also engaged to Aristide’s granddaughter. It will be an exciting journey as the detective will have to question his own future in-laws. The story is filled with many characters and their different stories about the murder so it makes a good book to read.

11. Peril at End House

agatha christie books
Featuring Poirot as the mean lead the story takes place in Cornwall. He meets the character of Nick. Unlike other books where Poirot investigate after the crime has been taking place, this one features his concern for Nick as he feels she is in great danger. But to his surprise, an unexpected death does occur and now the Poirot will have to investigate who is behind it.

12. A Murder Is Announced

agatha christie books
Just like the title of the book suggests, the murder has been announced in the local newspaper. And it’s time that Ms. Marple has to collect pieces and find out who is behind this advertisement. Now it’s up to Marple to reveal the secret behind this mystery!

13. 4:50 from Paddington

agatha christie books
This is another impossible to solve crime which has come into the attention of none other than Ms. Maple. The two train in running simultaneously side by side and there out of nowhere a murder happens. How? No one knows! To find out the answers to this question, you will have to read the book!

14. Evil Under the Sun

best agatha christie book
Another popular mystery by Agatha that will take you by surprise! This one has proven one of the most intriguing mystery by Agatha Christie. It features a bride who has been brutally strangled to death. Now Hercule will have to solve the mystery and find out who is the culprit among the guests!
The Evil Under the Sun is again a popular book by Agatha Cristie, and it also features the mystery and the drama which will make you finish the book in one sitting.

15. Death Comes as the End

best agatha christie book
The book has been inspired by her visit to Egypt with her archaeologist husband. We don’t give any hint of the story since we leave up to you whether you wanna read the book or not. But we can say that the book has featured one of the best storylines by Agatha Christie. It’s entertaining, it’s surprising and it’s definitely one of the best books of Agatha Christie.


So these are the best books of Agatha Christie that you can start with. These books were some of her best selling and we’ll appreciated books. So we hope you find the article helpful and now it’s your turn to grab one of these books and have the best time!
Here, our article for the best Agatha Christie books ended and we hope you liked it. Keep coming for more such reviews!

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