15 Best Neil Gaiman Books (Must Read) 2023

If you like the world of Magic, supernatural stuff, and comic books then you must have heard about the author, Neil Gaiman. He is popular for his fictions like Good Omens, American Gods, etc. In fact, series has also made which are based on these books. So if you are just starting to enter the world of Neil Gaiman then you must want to know which book to start from right? Well, you are at the right place because we have come up with a list of 15 best Neil Gaiman Books that you will definitely like.
Let’s get started with a list so you can explore the adventures world of Nail Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman Books

best neil gaiman books

1. American Gods

best neil gaiman book
American Gods is one of the popular books by Neil Gaiman, and it’s one of his classic which definitely deserves appreciation and hype it’s getting. The book was written when Neil Gaiman decided to move to America. The book talks about the past, present, and the future of the country. This one includes the mythological Gods and how things have changed after the arrival of technology in the country.
The story takes you in the world of mythology and mystery and blends it with horror and battle of the Old American Gods. It’s definitely a must-read. You must know a TV series also made based on this book.

2. Neverwhere

top neil gaiman book
Neverwhere is another classic by Neil Gaiman and one of his popular books of all time. The story of Neverwhere revolves around Richard Mathew who is London based businessmen. But soon his life changes when he discovered what lies below the London.
It’s a whole new world populated with lost and homeless. The London below also holds a place for several monsters, saints, angles, etc. The fanatical world is pulling Richard more and more away from reality and in order to get back to his place, he needs to fight a battle with the supernatural! The adventure described in the book is quite amusing and you will definitely wanna dive in this world.

3. InterWorld

list of neil gaiman books
The InterWorld trilogy has also got famous among the readers across the world. It is written by Gaiman, collaboration with Michael Reaves. It’s a science fiction story that explores many amazing elements that differentiate from the typical Gaiman writing.
The character is lost somewhere in the other-dimensional world. Where he needs to work with another version of himself in order to save the world. It’s one of the masterpieces by Gaiman that you may enjoy!

4. Good Omens

best neil gaiman books
It is one of those books by Gaiman who has made it as a TV series. The books take the fantasy genre to another level and this is the reason why it got a nomination for the 1991 World Fantasy Award! The story revolves around Satan, Demons, and Angels.
The characters, Aziraphale and Crowley represents the Heaven and Hell on Earth! They are working together to save the earth but how? They need to find the Antichrist for that. And this journey of finding the Antichrist is a perfect humor and a little drama for the readers. It suggests that demon isn’t that bad and the angel is all goody-goody. Give it a try, it will definitely entertain you.

5. Stardust

top neil gaiman books
Have you ever promised someone the starts and the moons? Well, it sounds hell romantic in poetry but it can’t happen in the real-life no? And here comes the book Stardust, which features a boy who has promised to bring the fallen stars to the love of his life. This fairytale genre surely takes you on the best experience of reading the book.
Some people may find it childish but that’s the fun. It’s beautifully written and tells us various aspects of love and fairytales. So if your genre is fairytale then you must try out this one.

6. Coraline

neil gaiman books list
It’s the story of dark fantasy which features a young protagonist, Coraline Jones. She is still trying to fit in the new apartment in which she moved in with her parents. Everything was normal until she found out a little door which takes her to a new world where everything is just perfect. Anyone would wanna stay in the world where they get all the perfect things that they have imagined of. But it’s not that simple, soon the story start featuring some horror elements which will take you to the surprise.
Caroline being a brave and intelligent girl become her own hero and fight the odds. It’s a perfect blend of humor and horror which you would enjoy!

7. The Graveyard Book

neil gaiman best books
One of the perfect book for kids as well as teenagers. The story revolves around a boy named Nobody Owens. As interesting his name is, the story of him will equally interest you. For starters, he is living in a graveyard. He has always lived there. What’s more, he is even raised by the vampires and ghosts. After he turned 12, he discovered the new meaning of life and realizes the need to change some things in his life. It’s an interesting book which is lite and entertain you in its own weird way!

8. Ghastly beyond belief

neil gaiman books to read
Ghastly Beyond Beliefs is Neil Gaiman’s second nonfiction book. He written it with Kim Newman. Both writers are well known for their interesting writing. In this book, they presented the last 50 years of sci-fi fantasy. They collected the bad passages and celebrated them with their own efforts. You will enjoy the book as it is written in such a way that you would wanna read it. It’s fun, it’s entertaining and it will definitely add a humor element to the sci-fi genre. So if you found the idea of book interesting go ahead and try it out.

9. Odd and the Frost Giants

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If you are looking for a children’s book by Neil Gaiman then Odd and The Frost Giants should be your first choice. The story revolves around Odd, Norse boy who is abandoned by his parents. After this, he goes on his own journey by himself. But during this time he meets several interesting characters such as an eagle, a bear and a fox.
The story didn’t end here, soon you will discover that the animals are cursed Nordic Gods. He discovers that a Frost Giant has cursed his animal friends and decided to fight him. It’s an adventurous book that talks about mythology and kids will love it!

10. Fragile things: short fiction and wonders

best neil gaiman books
This one is one of the favorite Neil Gaiman books if the fans. It holds a number of short stories and wonders. The book is full of authors imagination. There are so many things which you will find interesting in the book and it’s the kinda book that you will surely finish in one sitting.

11. Trigger Warning

neil gaiman books
If you want to read something dark then it should be your first pick. It’s chaotic and full of disturbances. The book unfolds the truth about greed and at times you will find the book uncomfortable but that’s the point. It is made to make you uncomfortable and restless about the things it features. It’s a deep book which is well written.

12. Anansi Boys

best books of neil gaiman
Anansi Boys is again a must-read Neil Gaiman book that you needed to know about. The story revolves around two sons who discover each other after their father passes away. The brothers become part of each other’s life and that’s where the adventure of the book starts. It’s an interesting as well as entertaining book which is a must-read. There are so many things the boys learn about each other’s heritage. So it becomes interesting to see how they will deal with it.

13. Smoke and Mirrors

best books by neil gaiman
Smoke and Mirrors is another classic book that should be in your must-read Neil Gaiman books. It’s also a collection of short stories and poems. The book reflects the imagination of the author and his ability to make a fanatical world with amusing creatures. For those who love the short stories by Neil Gaiman, it a book that they would want to read again and again.

14. The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

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This book follows the story of an unnamed narrator, who after a long time has returned to his childhood home to attend a funeral. And from there the story starts when the narrator is overwhelmed by his childhood memories and the people who used to be in his life.

15. Likely Stories

neil gaiman books
This book is a stunning comic adaptation of Gaiman’s short stories. So it’s a perfect pick for those who love Neil’s short stories as well as his comic stories. So if you get time, this one is quite a catch and will keep you hooked until you finish it!


So these are the best Neil Gaiman books that you would wanna read. These books have received good reviews from the critics as well as a positive response from the readers. So go ahead and buy the books!
We hope you found the perfect Neil Gaiman book.

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