Best Ways To Check Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram (2023)

Instagram has become an integral part of over lives and with each passing day you find a new person in your life through instagram but it’s also true that people also go from your life by unfollowing you on Instagram. Since the instagram believe it’s a two-way street and people usually don’t follow the person who don’t follow them back (unless it’s a celebrity, page, or public figure obviously). So it’s important for them to know who follows them and who doesn’t.
Instagram haven’t introduce any feature which tells you who unfollowed you or when unfollowed you, that is, you don’t receive any notification when they unfollow you like the one you receive when someone starting following you. So how to know who follows you and who doesn’t? It’s surely an important question and we happen to have an answer as well.
Take a look at the article where we have mentioned some best ways to check who unfollowed you!

Check Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram

1. Check Manually

The easiest way to check who unfollowed you on Instagram to go and see yourself manually. That is, you can go to the profile of the person and see if they follow you or not. For that, you will need to go to the profile and click on the following option. By clicking that you see the list of the people who they are following and along with that you will also find a search bar. You can simply put your name in the search bar and if they are following you your account will appear and if they are not then it won’t. Of course, this one will only work if you are following them as well, otherwise you won’t be able to check their following and followers list!

2. Using third party applications

Third-party applications are widely used for various purposes which involves Instagram such as Instagram reposting apps or Instagram photo downloading apps.  And just like that, there are also several third-party apps which can tell you who is following you and who has unfollowed you. This is one is a more effective way to know about the people who have unfollowed you.
These apps are available for both iPhones as well as Android users, so whichever phone you use you will find the app for yourself.
These apps give you much more information than just telling you the names of people who have unfollowed you. To know specifically about the people who have recently unfollowed you, you can tap on the option of unfollow option which will provide you the list of people who have unfollowed you.


So these are the two best ways through which you can who follows you and who don’t. The latter one is helpful for the popular or influencers account which has many followers as well as for the people who don’t generally follow back their followers.
Here are the article ends and we hope you found the article helpful. Thank you for visiting the page!

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