What Does TBH (Rate/Date) Mean On Instagram 2023

You know selfie wasn’t even a word but it has been widely used by today’s social media generation that they had to publish it in the dictionary and make it an official word. See now that’s the power of people on social media and that’s what we are gonna talk about today!
Since you are here you must be wondering about the modern tbh meaning right? And along with that, you must be looking for explanations for TBH rates and date which is currently popular on Instagram then you are at the right place because we have all the answers that you need to know about this latest trend.
Although tbh, rate and date are used separately and they each have different meanings from each other and in this article we are gonna dig a little deeper about these things and what they mean in modern-day! So let’s not what any more time of yours and get you a full study on TBH Rates and Dates!

TBH (Rate/Date) Mean On Instagram

What is Tbh?

Well if we put that in simpler means than tbh is an acronym for to be honest. But on Instagram, it is used for many things on Instagram. If you are asked to post a tbh that means you have to give your honest opinion about that person or that particular situation or event or anything!

Modern-day TBH meaning!

TBH has gone under so many transformations that it’s not just mere a, to be honest thing anymore, people use it with different meanings at different occasions which you should be aware of!
It has started as a casual acronym for making our typing speed shorter just like LOL or BTW (by the way), and it has become really popular with g a short period of time. And slowly using the “to be honest” have become outdated and it has completely replaced by TBH!
With growing time, TBH has become a tool to have some controversial and uncomfortable things and it has lead to the invention of other terms related to TBH such as:
  • JMHO: Just My Humble Opinion
  • 2BH: that’s again, To Be Honest!
  • IHDK: I Honestly Don’t Know
  • MHO: My Honest Opinion
  • TBBH: To Be Brutally Honest
There are so many more that will get an idea as you more and more engaged with social media nowadays.

Uses of modern-day TBH!

  • Tbh is now popularly used by people when they are bored or having some fun or just to show off. But people should also need to know that they don’t need to insult the other person or troll them just because they asked for a tbh opinion, it doesn’t give you the right to be harsh about someone!
  • There are some ways you can use TBH on social media, for example, you have to find someone cute then you can comment on their picture saying, “tbh, you look so cute! ”  Or if someone is asking you for your reviews of the latest movies and you didn’t like it, you can say, TBH I don’t think it’s worth your time!
  • If you ask us what good TBH does then we can only say that it does a pretty great job to get you more likes, comments and followers. TBH basically can be used with anyone, from your crush to the person you have never met! Form the friends which you often meet the people you barely speak. Overall Instagram is a place where people keep finding new ways to get more and more attention and want to be a little bit more popular among their peers and TBH is one of them!
Just like that, you can come up with your own ways to use this popular acronym on social media.
Speaking of coming with different uses of TBH, social media have already taken it to another level by associating it with terms like “Rates” and “Dates”. And we know you have at least seen these terms on someone’s story! It’s okay if you haven’t fully understood the concept at first, as we are here to help you with these kinds of stuff!

What are tbh and rates?

Now that’s an interesting concept actually and people have been using it a lot lately. Just like tbh, rates are also a popular Instagram prompt where people ask their followers to rate them or their pic or anything else. They will post a scale from zero to ten (ten means the highest while zero is the lowest!) or sometimes people also like to use smilies as a scale. TBH Rates is to grow more and more popular these days and you can give it a shot too, if you want!

What does TBH Rate and Date mean?

They are including the word Date, so it’s not gonna be a rocket science to get this concept. This one is where the fun begins, it’s too really popular on Instagram these days where you get to ask people about their opinion on themselves or any of their friends. Here they use two kinds of things first they will also the opinion then they will ask their followers to rate them. Lastly, the date features comes up where people will ask you if you would date them, it is also known as date or pass, so you can either select date or pass (date means you are interested and pass would suggest you are not interested in dating!).
Just keep in mind that most people do it just for fun and that doesn’t explicitly mean they are interested in fomenting or sexual relations with anyone!  So respect the people and just have fun for a bit!


So that’s all you need to know about tbh rate and date. And we would advise you to keep these things casual and do not have anyone with rude or harsh comments. Keep the negativity away and bring on all the fun with these popular trends!
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