How To Create Perfect Username For Instagram (2023)

Going to create an account on Instagram or just rethinking changing your name? Well, it’s pretty hard to get the perfect username on Instagram. Firstly many names you choose are already taken then you don’t have an idea about what to name or getting good ideas.
Let’s talk about why it’s important to come up with a good Instagram name. See the thing is, your name is your first impression and everyone will get an image of you from your name. And it’s Instagram, where you have to be the perfect one, the unique one and definitely have a name that attracts people. Take your example, have you ever seen a name on Instagram and thought, oh what a great name, the person must be very cool! We all have had these kinda thought and that’s why it’s important that people also find your name unique as well interesting.
The elephant in the room, that is, you not being able to come up with a perfect Instagram username, right? It’s completely normal. But you have made the right choice and came to the right place. In this article, we are gonna talk about How to create a perfect username for Instagram! But before we do that, here are few things you need to sort out first.
First, you need to identify the purpose of your Instagram account. You need to come with a relatable name to the kind of account you have, Instagram accounts are of generally three types;
  • Personal account- the most common one, here you can be fully creative and come up with a username that sounds fun and unique.
  • Professional account- you need to be a little professional as well as serious here. It has to sound professional and resembles your business type as well.
  • Curation account- accounts that create original content comes in this category. Here too you will need to come up with something fun as well as something professional! The name has to be simple and specific to their audience.
So these are the common Instagram account type, and your name should be relatable to their account type.
Moving on, we have listed a few tips which might help you to come up with a perfect username for your Instagram account.

Create Perfect Username For Instagram

1. Make it about yourself

If it’s a personal profile, then the name should reflect you as a person. For example, if you are a traveler, your username should reflect that, same goes for bookworms as well as artists! This way your name will be inspired by your personality and it will give a brief idea about yourself.
When your name is inspired by yourself, it automatically gives unique vibes and make it something which attracts people. In a nutshell, the name has to be something relatable to yourself.
The same principle goes for a professional account, although it has to sound professional but still you can give your touch to it as well as some ideas about the kinda business you are into.

2. Unique Characters

You must have seen many names on Instagram which uses the unique characters! If you found them interesting, then you are not alone, because almost everyone falls for unique names. So if you want something unique then you can try out the characters like $& Æ etc. So even if you have a normal regular name, these letters can make it interesting.
For professional business accounts, we would advise you to avoid that, as it doesn’t appeal the serious customers. Although if you can still use it as a logo or something then it will be cool.
Unique letters will be useful for content creators as well because it reflects their creative sides.

3. Foreign Languages

Foreign languages also sound appealing and it can make a huge difference in your account. You can either come up with a foreign name that is a meaning if your name in the native language. If not that, you can use the foreign phrases in the bio and spice up your account.
A name with a foreign language touch always grabs the attention of social media users. And it can also help you to become an influencer.
But for professional accounts or even for content creators it has to be relatable to their audience so that they can connect with them by their name, although you can add the touch of foreign language in the biodata (for curation account only).

4. Simplicity is the best!

It’s underrated, but sometimes simple names can also be proven as unique! Yes, it’s true if your parents are generous enough to give you a name that is already unique, then you shouldn’t ruin it by experimenting with it.
Although you don’t have to add the surname to it, you can add a number or even a unique letter, if your name is already taken! It can help you connect with your followers better when they know your real name. So it won’t harm you to keep it simple if you come up with an interesting profile or when the unique biodata, where you can talk about yourself.

5. Use a username generator!

If nothing is working for you, then you can try using a username generator which will provide you with some of the best usernames for Instagram!
Lucky for you there are many username generator apps present for both android and iOS and you can easily use them to come up with something interesting and unique without thinking hard for days!

What to do when your username is already taken!

If you finally came to a conclusion about your username and then find out it’s already taken (which is the worst feeling ever!), then you can try replacing some letters to the unique characters!
For example, you can try adding space between the alphabets or you can replace some letters such as S with $ or &, E with 3 or many more. Or you can simply go for another idea. Although don’t hit your head when this happens, because almost everyone faces this problem thanks to growing Instagram users!


Here are article for perfect username ends. We know it can be very pressurizing to come up with a perfect username but don’t worry because you are not alone. And the listed tips are proven to be very effective and helped many people to find a perfect username for themselves. So you can at least try them!
We hope you find the article helpful, so keep coming to the page to find more such good ideas!

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