10 Best Highly Compressed PC Games Under 500MB

We know how much you love playing video games. One right video game is all we need to get in a good mood after a long day but what if you don’t have enough space on your computer? As we all know that all the popular W trendy games comes in very big size and wwhere the problem starts. But we have a solution and that is highly compressed PC games!
These are the games that have been compressed to a very low size and you can easily download them on your computer and run them without worrying about lagging.
Since there are a number of highly compressed PC games available we have bought the games which are under 500MB or less. These games are not only small-sized but they are also fun to play. We have bought you 10 such highly compressed pc games less than 500 MB which are fun too.

Highly Compressed PC Games Under 500MB

highly compressed pc games under 500mb

1. Drift Force

highly compressed pc games below 500mb
You sure have heard about drift force right, it is one of the best racing game out there and you won’t find out any other better game than this one. The game only focuses on speed and all you need to survive this game is perfect driving skills.
This is also a kind of survival game where you need to dodge the obstacles to stay in the game survive the race as long as you can to be on the top! There are a number of ways in which you can race, and trust me they are one is the unique ways. This cool racing game is all you need for releasing your stress and having a good time racing.
The game is available in download size of 443 MB and it has stunning graphics and smooth controls so overall you are gonna enjoy this game.

2. War Wind 2: Human Onslaught

highly compressed pc games less than 500mb
If you are in a mood to play something different than usual then War Wind 2 might be your best choice. This is a real-time strategy game which is set in 1997. Here everything is involved from scientists to military and you will have to figure a way out to make your way in the game by coming up with strategies.
The game features both single-player and multiplayer modes so that you can either team up with your friends or compete against them. Its graphics may or may not impress you but the fact that it comes in a size of 420 MB will definitely impress you on top of that you might enjoy the unique plot of it’s!

3. Gone Home

top highly compressed pc games 500mb
Want a little drama in your life, something that makes you think we’ll Gone Home would be a perfect game for you then. It’s a horror and detective genre game where you need to have some detective skills to find out what’s really happening.
You will be playing the character of a women who have returned to her old home after so long just to find out an empty home. There are lots of unanswered question and she is gonna find out every answer to her questions via clues that have been hidden along the game.
The game will only take 490 MB to download and it’s surely a pretty great game to play. So download this highly compressed PC game below 500 MB and have fun solving mysteries!

4. Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear

best highly compressed pc games 500mb
If you’re in a mood to play a shooter game but can’t find one that can be downloaded in your PC the Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear would be a perfect game for you.
Here you play the role of a high profile agent who works in a top agency. It includes lots of guns and shooting. The game is available in 440 MB so you will definitely like it!

5. SpiderMan 2000

500mb highly compressed pc games
Who doesn’t live spiderman? We all do right, and we all want to be the spiderman at some point of life. And spiderman 2000 is the game which you need to play and be the hero that saves lives!
It’s your chance to live the life of spiderman and engage in superhero activities. The best part about this game is it has many missions and an open world environment that you can explore. Solve the crimes and catch the evils and protect your city against all kinds of dangers. Download this game only for 460 MB!

6. SimCity 3000

highly compressed 500 mb pc games
Do you wanna own a city? Well here is your chance, with SimCity 3000 you can not only own a city but built it however you want. This is an architecture kinda game where you will be able to transform a small town to worlds top city! Build houses, offices, schools, skyscrapers and even nuclear plants if you want to!
This highly compressed PC game under 500 MB is a stress buster and you will definitely play it for hours once you have started. So if you want to kill some time then this might the best game for that.

7. Sniper: path of vengeance

compressed pc game under 500mb
Sniper is a popular tactical shooter game which you can now download for 470 MB! The name says it all, this game is all about shooting and killing off your enemies before they do. Download this game and have fun with those cool refile!

8. WWE 2K16

compressed pc game in 500mb
No matter how many genres of games you play there is always fun to play a good fighting game. And WWE 2k16 is a perfect game to play. Here you will be able to fight against some of the top wrestling players around the world. This is one of the best highly compressed PC game less than 400 MB.

9. Resident Evil 1

best compressed pc games 500 mb
Looking for a horror game which can be easily downloaded on your computer? Well, there is no better game than Resident Evil! Its a highly compressed game under 400 MB. Here you are fighting off some creepy creature!

10. GTA London

highly compressed 500 mb pc games
We all love GTA and we can play it for a long time too. So it’s time that you download GTA London and ready to complete some missions or just wander off in the city to explore its open-world. Download this highly compressed PC game under 400 MB and have a great time!


These are the top picks for the best highly compressed PC games below 500 MB and we are sure you would love to play. Luck your favorite game from this list and download it on your computer and trust me you won’t have to worry about the lagging of game!

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