Top 10 Highly Compressed PC Games 2023

Generally if you take a look at the normal PC games then they would be in very large size which can’t be downloaded by people who don’t have that much internet. And it’s not the story of one or two games all the games which we like comes in a huge size. But thanks to some software by which we would be able to compress a large-size PC game into a relatively much smaller size. These games are known as highly compressed or super highly compressed pc games.
We have bought you’re a list of 10 best games that are available as highly compressed games, so take a look and find the perfect game for you to play.

Highly Compressed PC Games

highly compressed pc games

1. Call of Duty: Ghosts

best highly compressed pc games
Who isn’t aware of this game right? Call of Duty: Ghosts is a popular first-person shooter game and it’s the tenth installment of the popular series Call of Duty! As popular this game this is, it’s size is as massive too. So it’s not that easy to download for the gamers to download it in their PC. But luckily there are a number of sites present from which you can download it as a highly compressed game.
The game would otherwise take 28 GB but due to it’s highly compressed version of its, you can download it in smaller parts that will take 1gb per part! This way you won’t have to have this much internet data at a time and you can easily download as per your convince!
If we talk about its gameplay, then it seems a little different from its previous installments. You can play this game in both single-player mode and multiplayer mode. It also features a new game mode called extinction which has been praised by critics! Overall if you are already a fan of Call of Duty then this is your chance to download it in a lower size!

2. EA Sports Cricket 2007

top highly compressed pc games
If you are a fan of sports games and particularly of cricket then EA Sports Cricket 2007 would be your top choice. This cricket game is one of the most popular game among cricket fans. The games feature a number of game types such as limited-overs (10, 20, 50), 4-day series, 5-day test matches and even world cup match which players can choose and play.
The game also has a number of options for pitches and players can also choose different weather conditions to play too.
The game is available for approx 800 MB downloading size which otherwise takes 1.4 GB! Its a fun cricket game to play and you would definitely enjoy it!

3. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

pc compressed games
If you are in a mood to play a high core action-adventure game then nothing can be better than Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The gameplay consists of lots od puzzle-solving and a dagger of time.
It was released way back in 2003 but it still is an amazing game to play. The storyline is perfect and controls are great too. The best part? You can download this game only for 300 MB (approx). So don’t wait for anything and download this game which will easily run on your computer and you can download it in few minutes!

4. Tekken 6

You must have heard the name of Tekken 6, it is one of the best fighting game which you can find. It’s the sixth installment in the game series and it was a hit. In Tekken 6, players will find a number of new features like the rage system. Its beat’em up mode is too impressive.
You can download the game in the size of 700mb which is not so much. Its gonna be the best fighting game you have ever played so don’t wait anymore and get this game!

5. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

pc highly compressed games
We have landed with yet another popular shooter game, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. This is a kinda game which doesn’t need an introduction. Because most of you have definitely heard of it or played it once! And in case you haven’t let us tell you, it is one the best shooter game which you can find!
You can download counter-strike: condition zero as a highly compressed game which will only take 500mb. Both the single-player and multiplayer mode is available so you can enjoy these games with your friends too.

6. Spiderman 3

compressed pc games
Everyone wants to be a superhero right? And if you have a chance to live your life as superman than what else you can ask for. Superman 3 is a popular game which lets you do adventure and live your life as superman.
You will get to save lives from evil and get to be the hero that saves everyone in the city. This game features an open world environment so you can also explore the city too. You can download this game for 2.76 GB which is way less than its original size.

7. Resident Evil 4

pc highly compressed games
If you are a horror genre fan then we have bought you the best horror game which is Resident Evil 4. The good news is, you can download this highly compressed PC game in just 658 MB but after installing the size will be 2.89 GB.

8. Need for Speed: Shift

highly compressed games for pc
There is always time to play a racing game and you have a choice for a game like Need for Speed then I don’t think you would wanna play any other game. Be ready to race in the best game that comes in 1.86 GB size!

9. GTA 4

free highly compressed pc games
No game can compete GTA 4 when it comes to the best action-adventure game and that also goes with the size of this game too. People love playing GTA but they hesitate to download it because of its large size but now it’s highly compressed full version is available to download!

10. Hitman 4

highly compressed pc game
If you wanna play a shooter/action-adventure game then hitman 4 might be your top choice. You will play as a secret agent who is always on a mission to kill his targets! Download this highly compressed PC game only for 300 MB (approx).


Here our highly compressed PC games list comes to an end. We know it must have surprised you, as we have listed all the top games which are popular these game and these are the games which you would never have downloaded in their normal formats, but now as they are available as highly compressed game you don’t need to think twice to download these games and have fun!

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