Top 15 Affordable Semi Automatic Washing Machines In India (2023)

Although fully automated washing machines have introduced to the Indian market for a long time now. But when it comes to middle-class people, they are still preferring Semi-Automatic Washing Machines rather than a fully automated washing machine!
Reason? They are less expensive and their targeted customers are middle-class people of semi-urban or rural areas! Making it the most selling washing machine type. Another best thing about semi-automatic washing machines is the fact that it consumes less water. Unlike fully automated machines it won’t need constant running water throughout the washing machine.
As the name says the semi-automatic machine does require manual efforts and you will have to handle some stuff like putting water in the tub and removing it! But other than this, they work just fine and people still prefer it as their first choice!
Now if you are looking for the best semi-automatic washing machine then you are in the right place, as we have picked the best 15 semi-automatic washing machine for you! So take a look at the list and find out which one you would like to buy according to your needs and budget!

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines In India

best semi automatic washing machines

1. Panasonic 14 kg semi-automated top-loading washing machine

best semi automatic washing machines
Panasonic is one of the top brands that we have, everything which features the name of Panasonic is known to be a high-quality thing! And the same goes for this best semi-automatic washing machine in India!
The machine is best known for its advanced motor which helps in catering even big or heavy loads, so even if you wanna wash your clothes once in two weeks that wouldn’t be a matter of concern. The machine features wash times as well as auto soak so that you get nicely washed clothes and it helps to remove deep stains as well.
Its lint filter is too really nice and it even removes the lint filter when the water level is low! The machine also features an Air dryer which is quite effective and known to drain almost all the water of the clothes. You can also set an air dryer timer.
The body of the machine is rust free so it will be durable. The machine also features 2-course wash options. And lastly, as its name suggests the machine has 14 kg capacity so if you have a big family then this one is for you!
Key features
  • 14 kg capacity- made for big and heavy loads
  • 2 wash options
  • Rust free body

2. Samsung 8 kg

best semi automatic washing machines in india
Samsung is another leading brand when we talk about the best semi-automatic washing machine. The price is nothing compared to its advanced features and that’s why we have put this one 2nd on our list! The best feature of this semi-automatic washing machine would be its double Storm pulsator. This technology provides variable and powerful water wave effect which moves the clothes through the wash cycle without unnecessary entanglements.
The machine provides deeper and stronger cleaning by combining horizontal and vertical water currents. This is a revolutionary technology by Samsung which makes sure clothes doing lose their quality and remain as new as ever. Its dry air turbo is one of the best thing part of this semi-automatic washing machine. With this, you won’t have to worry about drying out your wet cloths or blankets in a humid climate!
The machine also features a soaker so that you can easily presoak your clothes before washing them to effectively remove the stains. You can also set a timer for how long you wanna soak your clothes before the washing starts!
Key Features
  • Double storm pulsator technology
  •  Air dryer turbo
  • Pre-soak timer

3. LG 11 kg

best semi automatic washing machine lg
3rd on our list of the best semi-automatic machine under 20000 is LG 11 KG semi-automatic washing machine! The name is enough to convince you to but it but let’s hear our amazing features too.
For starters, the machine features Roller Jet Pulsator technology which ensures more rotation that would mean better cleaning your clothes. One unique thing this machine features is a rat repellent technology! Yes, you heard it right, the body of the machine is covered with rat repellent chemicals which make sure you will never find a rat around it.
You can also soak your clothes in the machine and it will make the stains go away faster than you thought. The dryer will drain the water and your clothes will dry 30 to 40% faster than they would do on their own! It’s gentle and convenient so you can wash different types of fabrics. The washing machine features a lint collector, collar scrubber, 3+1 wash program and much more that gives you a quality wash!
Key features
  • 11 kg capacity
  • Rat repellent body
  • Many amazing features for quality washing

4. LG 10 KG

lg semi automatic washing machine
LG 10 KG is next on our list of the best semi-automatic machine under 20000  in India. As we know LG is one of the best brands in the world and that would mean its completely reliable and worth every penny you would spend on it.
With its 10 KG capacity, you can wash heavy loads of clothes and if you are worried about lint getting in your way of heavy laundry than don’t concern yourself because the machine comes with advance lint collecter and it will prevent from clogging the drains.
The machine’s body is made up of anti-rat chemical so you don’t have to worry about rats being present in or near the washing machine! The dryer is effective too as it claims to dry your clothes 40% faster!
Overall the features are quite impressive and you would love it for its quality washing!
Key Features
  • Roller jet pulsator
  • Washing quality is better than you can expect
  • Rat away technology

5. Whirlpool 10.5 kg

semi automatic washing machine whirlpool
How can we leave a whirlpool semi-automatic washing machine out of the list when it is India’s one of the most trusted brands! As you can see the machine provides 10.5 kg capacity which is ideal for Indian families who needs to wash big laundry at a time. The company claims to remove all the household stains on your clothes like coffee, sauce stain, etc effectively.
The machine features 3D turbo impeller with rotary stem and the best thing about them is they come with scrub pads which ensures you a quality and stain-dirt free wash! It also has a 3D ling filter which has a triple layer that effectively collects lint out of the machine.
You will also get a unique hard water wash with this amazing semi-automatic washing machine under 15000. You can now feel safe as the machine is shockproof and waterproof. Its high spin capacity also makes sure you easily wash and dry your clothes in one go.
Key features
  • 3D lint filter
  • 3D turbo impeller with scrub pads for an effective wash
  • Waterproof and shockproof

6. Samsung 8.5 kg

top semi automatic washing machine
We are here again with another Samsung semi-automatic washing machine with 8.5 kg capacity! As you are familiar with the double storm technology, the washing machine will ensure you get clean clothes as the machine provides a thorough washing with its double storm, and its inner storm makes sure your clothes remain tangle-free. Its outer storm will do the thorough but gentle cleaning of your clothes.
Its tornado-like currents enhance washing and rising power. The dryer is effective too, and no matter what is your current climate you will get freshly washed dry clothes! Presoaking is also available in the machine which effectively removes the stain. You can easily set a soaking timer too. The magic lint filter of the machine is worthy and it collects lint at any water level. Given these features, it is one of the best semi-automatic washing machines under 15000!
Key Features
  • Effective cleaning with double storm pulsator
  • Lint filter is quite impressive too

7. LG 8 kg

best semi automatic washing machine under 15000
As we know LG is already a popular brand in India and it will never let you down when it comes to semi-automatic washing machines! The washing machines feature an advanced technology which is responsible for the advanced cleaning of your clothes without damaging them.
Its roller jet pulsator technology is responsible for more rotation which means your clothes will be washed effectively. This washing machine is too covered with 3MM plastic cover that has rat repellent chemicals which will keep the rats far away from your washing machine.
You can also soak your clothes before washing to effectively remove the stains from the clothes. The dryer is impressive too and you will never have yo worry about drying out your clothes on rainy days. You can choose gentle, normal and strong wash according to the fabric of yours. The machine also has wheels for its easy mobility as it can rotate 360 degrees. It is surely one of the best semi-automatic machines under 15000.
Key Features
  • Good washing technology with roller jet pulsator
  • Rat repellent body

8. Whirlpool 9.5 kg

Whirlpool is a popular and trusted brand and that’s why we have bought you its 9.5 kg capacity semi-automatic washing machine. The machine is popularly known for its 3D turbo impeller that comes with 3D scrub pads which give your clothes an effective washing experience and your clothes will remain as new as ever.
Another unique feature of this washing machine is its ability to wash under hard water conditions and it will effectively remove the stains and dirt unlike other semi-automatic machine which does not has this quality. Its 3D lint filter prevents lint from clogging the drain. The machine is water and shockproof so don’t worry when you accidentally spilled the water on its controls.
Key Features
  • High RPM speed that ensures faster drying of clothes even with heavy laundry
  • 3D scrub pads for effective washing
  • Water and shockproof technology

9. Panasonic 8 kg

Panasonic 8 Kg is one of the best semi-automatic washing machines in India. Why? Because it features a number of advanced technology that ensures you get rid of dirt like never before. For starters, the machine features active foam system technology and it is responsible for making high-density foam before washing starts. The foam will effectively lift and separates the dirt from deep fibers.
When the clothes are soaked the foam stick with the dirt and it separates the dirt away with the powerful aqua flow. Its aqua rinse technology is responsible for strong sprays of water that deeply clean the foam with the dirt out of clothes. The machine also features an auto-restart technology with this your machine will automatically start after a power cut!
It’s aqua filter, soft lid, and covered panel are some of the best features of its.
Key features
  • The powerful motor helps in heavy laundry wash
  • Active foam system deeply removes the dirt from clothes

10. Whirlpool 7 kg

If you are looking for the best semi-automatic washing machine under 10000 then whirlpool 7 kg is the right choice for you. The machine features a large tub that can contain the high capacity of water which provides effectively clean clothes.
The multi-utility tray is also an impressive feature of this washing machine. The machine has super soak technology which helps to remove deeper and stronger stains. No need to worry about power cuts because the machine will start where it left when the power comes back.
Key Features
  • Inbuilt scrubber and ling collector
  • Fine washing of clothes

11. Panasonic 6.5 kg

Panasonic 6.5 kg is another best semi-automatic washing machine under 10000 that you can find in India. Its 2 wash courses provide many washing options according to your needs. Its rust-free body is surely durable and you want to concern yourself with that.
The machine also has castor wheels that are really useful when it comes to heavy laundry. Its powerful motor is too something you can trust with your clothes. Overall it’s a fine washing machine at a reasonable price.
Key Features
  • Affordable
  • Value for money
  • Powerful motor

12. Whirlpool 7.2 kg

Whirlpool 7.2 kg is another best semi-automated washing machine under 10000. Here you will get all the required technology that you would look for a good washing of your clothes. Its lint filter is very impressive as it collects all the lint and you get finely washed, clean and fresh clothes.
The machine features new Ace, Stack and Carry options for effective at its new wash station. The impeller provides perfect motion which is responsible for dirt-free clothes. The machine also features an inbuilt scrubber for the perfect wash.
Key features
  • Perfect washing technology with impeller
  • Inbuilt scrubber for perfect washing
  • Multi-utility tray

13. Panasonic 7 kg

Panasonic 7 kg washing is a perfect semi-automatic washing machine that you can get. The size is perfect, the washing quality is perfect and the price is perfect too! As Panasonic is known for its great legacy, it won’t disappoint you with this in too. Here the machine features a new body design that looks modern and its rust-free body makes it durable too.
The washing machine features 3 wash courses that come with different wash options for people with different needs. The machine features castor wheels that impact washing probability and it can easily handle heavy loads. The active foam system is just phenomenal as the machine forms high-density foam that removes dirt deeper from the cloth fiber.
Key features
  • Active foam system
  • Anti-rust body
  • Aqua shower rinse
  • Excellent washing

14. Whirlpool 8.5 kg

You can never complain about poor washing with a whirlpool semi-automatic washing machine. The machine has advanced technology that gives you two times more drying power along with clean and gentle washing. Its high rpm is everything you need to remove the dirt out of your clothes and make them all clean and fresh as new!
The machine also features big wheels so that you can easily move the machine from one place to another. The machine also features powerful scrubbing and soaking technology.
Key Features
  • Can be easily moved through its big wheels
  • Effective scrubbing and soaking action

15. Godrej 8.5 kg

Last but not the least, the Godrej is too a leading brand that bought us some of the best semi-automatic machines. The machine has a higher jet cluster which features aqua jet pulsator which generates higher turbulence that gives us excellent washing.
Its spin shower technology makes uniform rain over the clothes which will give you detergent-free clothes. The machine also has big wheels so that you can take it anywhere and wash at your convenience! Overall this washing machine provides your good washing technology within your budget.
Key Features
  • Washing technology is effective
  • Wheels to move the machine
  • Cable winder is also available


So these are the best semi-automatic washing machine we have! They are budget-friendly yet delivers the best service which you can look for. We have tried to include a washing machine for different budgets from 10000 to 20000.
Now that you know which ones are best, you can easily make a decision and buy your next semi-automatic washing machine!

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