Top 10 Amazing Electric Can Openers To Buy 2023

We all need to open a can in our daily life, no matter if you are a student or a working person. With growing usage of canned food can openers have become a must and that’s why we are with an article about best can openers.
Where some people prefer traditional can opener or try to open a can without any help but you should know many people get a cut or hurt themselves while doing so. And that’s where electric can opener comes in handy. Electric can openers are slim, stylish and perfectly goes in your kitchen and most importantly they nicely open a can without making a big deal outta it.
In this article we are gonna discuss about the 7 best electric can openers that we think is worth your money. But before starting out our list let’s look into some factors that you should consider in an electric can opener.
  • Size: if you deal with tall or wide cans in your daily life then you should look for the model that is capable of opening such cans. You can easily find extra tall cans in the market.
  • Power Source: there are basically two types of can opener available on the basis of power source. One is a fixed source electric-based can opener another one is battery operated. You can go for the one according to your convince.
  • Cutting Ability: there are two different kinds of cutting ability shown by electric can openers. Side and top cutting, the former features smooth cutting of can without getting in contact with the food or any content of the can. while the latter often gets in contact with the content of can which may result in contamination.
So these are a few things which you should keep in mind while choosing an electric can opener for yourself. Now let’s get started with our best picks for best electric can opener.

Best Electric Can Openers

best electric can openers

1. Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Delux Can Opener

electric can openers to buy
Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Delux has made the first place in our list of best electric can opener. It features a simple lever and precise and sharp blade which opens any can elegantly. It is very convenient to work with since you won’t have to do anything, it holds the can tightly and smoothly opens the can lid without bothering you.
You don’t have to even hold the lever since it knows when to stop and how to do its job. The magnetic lid holder is also impressive. You won’t see any splattering of liquid with this can opener. It’s taller than most of the other can openers which makes it more convenient and good to go. Although some people have said it’s not very convenient to store but if you are bothered about that, then it’s a good choice.

2. Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Electric Can Opener

best electric can openers 2020
Hamilton Beach is another best electric can opener that we have found. It is great for opening pop tops can that demand-side cutting. Its large lever is also what makes it simple and easy to use and does a good job of opening the cans without making any mess. It also features high quality and solid design which is durable. If you are looking for the easiest electric can opener, Hamilton should be your first choice.

3. SCO-60 Delux Can Opener

top electric can openers
SCO-60 Delux will also impress you with it’s sturdy and sleek design which is made up of stainless steel. It features a wider base and it’s magnetic lid holder. It features both side and top cutting action.
The can opener also features auto shut off technology. Overall it has managed to impress us and we are sure it will impress you too with its effortless operation. Here this one comes with a 3-year warranty so you won’t have to worry about its durability.

4. Oster FPSTCN3100

can openers electric
Our next pick for the best electric can opener is Oster. It’s also made up of stainless steel body which is quite durable and sturdy.
It’s best feature is its ability to work with taller cans, so if you deal with taller cans then you must buy this one. Although it might be a bit expensive. This one also features a strong grip of cans. Overall you can take a look at this one.

5. Instecho Electric Can Opener

instecho Electric Can Opener is also a great electric can opener to invest in. The best part about this can opener is that it can work with any kind of can and opens them without any manual work. It is perfect for seniors and chef who regularly needs to open a can and wants to do it quickly.
It leaves a smooth edge so that you don’t harm yourself. It’s automatic and you will be able to open a can with a single push.

6. Black+ Decker Easy Cut Can Opener

Balck+ Decker has also managed to make it to our list due to its affordable price and good performance. It may be heavy in weight but it’s easy to operate. The can opener has also feature auto shut off.

7. Hamilton Beach 76380Z Can Opener

We know how reliable Hamilton products and that’s why we couldn’t resist to include another hamilton electric can opener in our list. It features an extra-tall and sleek design so that you can work with taller cans. It also features additional knife sharpening features. Overall it could be your best choice for an electric can opener.


So these are the best electric can openers in our opinion and we hope you like them too. It’s important that you safely removes the lid of the can and that’s why electric can openers have become essential in the kitchen.
Go for a more durable electric can opener which serves you for a longer period of time and gives you value for your money. We hope our article was a help and you found a perfect electric can opener for yourself! Thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such articles.

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