10 Best Highly Compressed PC Games Under 300MB

We all love playing video games, don’t we? I know it’s a stupid question to ask when all you are looking for some small-sized games which can be easily run on your PC. We know how irritating it is to not able to play games just because they come up in bigger sizes which your pc can’t afford to run in first place.
But we have a solution for you and that is highly compressed games for PC! These are the games which have been compressed to small sizes so that you can easily install them in your computer and play them without worrying about the space issues!
We have bought you some of the best highly compressed pc games which are as low as 300MB! Isn’t it amazing and the good news is they are fun too. So head out to our list and find out which are the best highly compressed games and which one you need to pick to have fun!

Highly Compressed PC Games Under 300MB

300mb highly compressed pc games

1. Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone

highly compressed pc games under 300mb
Being a harry potter fan, I couldn’t resist myself for putting this game on the top of our list of best highly compressed pc games under 300 MB. There are number of reasons why you should play this game, for starters it comes in a small size of 258 MB which can be easily downloaded in your computer. Secondly, you will get to do all the stuff which you are supposed (or not!) to do at Hogwarts!
The game has all the action, adventure and even magic inspired by the film. It is no less than living at the Hogwarts and experience all those things. The gameplay and controls are smooth and you will definitely like the graphics of this game!

2. Hitman: Blood money

highly compressed 300mb pc games
If you are not in a mood to play harry, potter, then doing you worry because the next game on our list has stealth, shooting, and action! Hitman: Blood Money is one of the best game from the popular series which you can download for less than 300 MB as a highly compressed pc game!
The game is all about killing the other characters and complete the missions which you have been assigned. There are gonna be a number of guns which you can use during your gameplay, a map is present to help you to easily navigate anywhere in the city!
So download this game if you are a fan of stealth genre and you are not gonna find a better game than this one at this size!

3. Project IGI: I’m going in

highly compressed pc games below 300mb
Project IGI is also a very popular mission-based shooting game where you get to prove yourself by completing all the assigned missions single handly! This highly compressed pc game comes in about 210 MB of download size so you can easily download it even if you have limited wifi!
The game has 18 missions where you get to do a lot of stuff and you will have to make sure you complete them no matter what! The graphics are pretty great and you will also like its controls. Become the especially agent who is responsible for completing all the missions on yourself!

4. IGI 4: The Mark

IGI4: The Mark is too a great game to download on your PC and the best thing is this popular game is available in 290 MB of size! Isn’t it amazing! Well this game has all the great things which you would look in a video game in the first place and since IGI is a popular video game series, we don’t have to sell this game to you because you would get the idea of how great this game is and why you should download it in the first place!
You will be impressed by its graphics, gameplay, and action. So pull your gun and start shooting because you are on a mission and you have to get everything done!

5. WWE 2k15

highly compressed pc games less than 300mb
Wants to get in the ring and fight against world best wrestlers? Well, we have a perfect t game for you and that is WWE 2k15! The downloading size is just about 270 MB and you will get the best fighting game for pc!
If you are slightly into the fighting genre then WWE 2k15 is not something you wanna miss out on! There are a number of features present on this game and for starters, you get to choose your favorite wrestling player and play his character but you will have to defeat your opponents if you wanna become the best wrestler!

6. GTA: Vice City

best highly compressed pc games under 300mb
GTA is a kinda game that needs no introduction because we have played at the sole point of our life right! So its time to go back in your childhood and download this highly compressed pc game under 300 MB which you will definitely wanna play for hours!
Complete missions or wander around the city to explore the city and do all kinds of fun stuff from stealing a car to riding a helicopter. Everything g is possible in this game and you are gonna love it!

7. The Lord of Rings

highly compressed pc games 300 mb
The Lord of Rings is another great highly compressed pc games less than 300 MB! It’s kinda a mythical game and you may like the strategic part where you get to build an army and fight off your enemies!

8. Hitman 3: contracts

compressed pc game under 300mb
It’s another installment in the Hitman series and it won’t let you down either! Hitman has only one mission and that is to kill its targets and making it look like an accident!
This stealth game is all you need when you are get to g bored and need a good video game to play!

9. Prince of Persia

free highly compressed games pc 300 mb
Prince of Persia is a role-playing game where you get to experience sword fights. The storyline of this game is what impressed the players. Get this popular game now by downloading it in less than 300 MB on your PC.

10. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear

top highly compressed pc games in 300mb
Rogue spear is too a popular game which is now available for less than 300mb for PC and we know you would love to have some action in your life and that is why you should go for it!


Here we have listed out all the amazing games which come under the category of highly compressed pc games under 300 MB. We hope you have a good time playing them. Lastly, it’s totally okay if you get every game on the list because they all are super fun!

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