Top 11 Best Games Like Undertale 2023

Playing RPGs is quite fun, you pick a character, catch their personality, live an epic storyline, and be the main character. There is hardly anything that we don’t like about RPGs, after all playing a game isn’t just about winning but also living the journey throughout the game. That is why there are so many RPGs available and we never get short on the RPG genre. You will also find several subgenres or categories in RPGs so you can play your ideal theme and enjoy yourself. Whether you want to be a cop or a killer, you will find a great RPG for yourself. So there is a lot of variety here, you will find some have a regular or basic storyline while others are a little different from others.
One such game that made its place in the RPG genre is the Undertale. Undertale is one of the best RPGs that has been launched in the last decade. This game is a great combination of vibrant and rich characters and a heart-wrenching story. The game was developed by an indie game developer Toby Fox and it was released in 2015. It became very popular and players appreciated its storyline, graphics, music, characters, and whatnot. Once you start playing this game you won’t be able to stop yourself and that is people might get disappointed when they finally complete the game.
Well, every good thing has to end and that is where you start something new. Even though it is quite hard to find a game like Undertale, it is not impossible. You may not be able to find a good enough game like Undertale so you should certainly take our help.
Since you are here, you would be looking for the best game like Undertale too. It’s okay if you haven’t found a good enough game like Undertale because we are here to help you out. Here, we have listed the 11 best games like Undertale that you would want to know about. So go ahead and see which one you like the most and start playing your favorite game like Undertale.

Best Games Like Undertale

1. Always Sometimes Monsters

Always Sometimes Monsters is undoubtedly one of the best games like Undertale that you can find. This game is about defeating your existing crisis to win your true love back. The game will put you in lots of tricky situations and test you. It will make you face some difficult situations and tough choices. Each one of your choices will make a difference in the game. Your response will take you to different situations. This game isn’t about just the love life but also how you handle the characters and maintain your relationship with them. You will have to make some tough decisions like stealing your elderly neighbor’s cheque and cards to buy groceries or helping her with her daily chores?
So in a way, this game will test your morality. So there will be lots of situations where you will have to choose between what is morally right or the worst decision that you can make. Speaking of its similarity with Undertale, you will find many familiar situations like Undertale.
Since this game relies on the choices you make, you can play it again and again by choosing the different choices each time. So this game is quite fun and would certainly make an amazing substitute for Undertale. That is why you must try this game out soon and see if you would like it or not.

2. Deltarune

Deltarune is another one of the top games like Undertale that you would love to play sometime if you have loved the latter. For some people, this game has become a go-to place to chill and get the Undertale vibes again and it also hooks you up to itself as well. Chapter 1 and 2 are currently available and you can play them for free as well. The game was released in 2018 and it is available on Windows, macOS, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Some people might mistake this as a sequel to Undertale because this one is also developed by Toby Fox, but it is not.
The game has a similar vibe to Undertale. The events in this game happen in a distinct world, yet it features a minor connection between the two games. There are many reasons why people can mistake this game for a sequel to Undertale and you will find that out as soon as you open the game.
In this game, you play the role of two classmates Susie and Kross. They are in the Dark World, a hidden place on earth. Here they will try to find their destiny which is to restore balance in the world. The enemies in this game are otherworldly creatures known as Darkness. You will have two options to defeat your opponents, one is non-violent and another one is full of violence. So the game is full of charm, humor, music, and a little bit of drama. So there is hardly anything that you won’t like about this game.

3. Earthbound

Many would find it hard to describe Earthbound and we can agree with them. This game is kinda special and it is the kind of game that comes once in decades. This game is quite popular and has taken the RPG to next level as well. The game is actually the second entry to Mother and its actual name in Japanese is “Mother 2: Giygas Strikes Back”. This game features top-notch level combat and you will find it quite interesting to play after Undertale.
You will be playing the role of Ness, a destined warrior to defeat Giygas (a cosmic invader). It came in 1994 and still it is one of the best games that you can find.
It features gameplay twists with old-school RPGs by using modern sports garments. You would be surprised to know that the main character’s weapon is a baseball bat. There will be some magic involved in this game too. You would be happy to play this game as well. You will find this game full of humor, sarcasm, wit, and weirdness. You will find both combat and puzzles so there will be hardly anything that you won’t like about the game, especially when you are looking for an Undertale substitute.

4. LISA: The Painful

LISA: The Painful also makes the best games like Undertale that you can play so far. This is a popular game and you would be happy to play it sometime if you miss playing Undertale. This game is a brutal side-scrolling RPG so you are going to have lots of fun here. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and you will also find a wasteland exterior which makes it even more interesting. The thing that makes it most like Undertale is its emphasis on morals and decision-making.
You will play the role of Brad Armstrong who is a middle-aged man traveling through the Olathe moor searching for his adoptive daughter Buddy. On your journey, you will be forced to make some difficult choices and each one of the choices you make will affect your fate in the game. Your choices will also affect the destiny of Buddy and your team members.
The gameplay can be a little hard too. You might have to make some sacrifices to save the day. As the story moves forward, you might come across more sacrifices than you can imagine. There are times when you have to be selfish or you won’t be able to save your child. Overall, the game revolves around some heavy choices, turn-based combat, hardships, and permadeath mechanics. You will experience a lot of emotions such as pain, grief, greed, and more. Overall it is a compelling game and you will enjoy playing it a lot.

5. One Shot

One-Shot has also made a place on our list of best games like Undertale and you would certainly like playing this one as well. It is a puzzle adventure game where you will come across a barren wasteland.
In this game, you will be playing the role of Niko, a cat in a Sunless world. You will be carrying a bulb across the land and your objective is to restore the Sun by putting the bulb at the top of a tower. The meta-narrative part of the game is fascinating. You will get a great storyline, charming characters, good music, and some breathtaking visuals, overall this game is a complete package.

6. Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal is also a top game like Undertale that you would be happy to play sometime. It is one of the most iconic JRPG of the last decade and hasn’t lost its charm even today.
The game features combat where you will have to catch and beat different Persona. There will be some justice-involved as you can negotiate and spare enemies. You will have to choose the combat that you are going to play. It is set in modern-day Tokyo and you will be facing humanity’s darkest desires. There is so much to love about this game, you have to play this game soon if you haven’t already and you can thank us later.

7. Nier: Automata

Nier: Automata is developed by Platinum games and like the other games from them, this one is also iconic. The game has been loved by players as it has a true awareness of its genre and game nature. It opens up a fascinating storyline about self-agency, freedom, and morality.
The gameplay is also a little unconventional as it features the hack and slash formula along with some action and adventure. So it can easily be addictive. The story of androids fighting for humanity against machines is quite engaging.

8. Pony Island

If you are a fan of indie games then you would most certainly love Pony Island. The game features a lot of brutalities. You will be playing the character of Loe-Wise, a pony who is in a video game limbo trapped in an evil arcade machine.
This is a puzzle adventure where you will find an 8 bit evil hard-core OST walks the levels with you. There is a perfect blend of evilness and humor, so you are going to enjoy it so much.

9. Alice Mare

If you are looking for the best game like Undertale with a Sci-fi touch then Alice Mare should be your best option. This one also features horror and survival themes along with puzzle solving.
You will be playing the role of Allen, who is currently living in a foster home. He suddenly finds himself in a strange dream which might be the reality. Returning back to home will require puzzle solving and fighting some demonic characters (or running from them). There might not be combat yet there is so much exploration.

10. Finding Paradise

There are a lot of similarities between Undertale and Finding Paradise when it comes to gameplay. You will be playing the role of Colin Reeds who wants to manipulate his memories while he is bedridden as he wants to die guilt-free and get rid of his regrets. It’s an intriguing story and you would certainly like playing.

11. Rakuen

Rakuen is spirit-based exploration gameplay. It is an old-school game where you will find old-school graphics. There will be no combat, instead, you will find puzzles, dialogues, and a great storyline.
The story is about a sick boy who is in hospital. His mother is reading him Rakuen. A magical world has been opened where the boy can finally find happiness for himself and the rest of the hospital patients. Overall, it is a compelling game and you would love playing it. It can be emotional and the characters are charming, so you will get lost in the game.


So these are some of the best games like Undertale that you can find so far. These games are pretty amazing and they match the level of Undertale. We have listed these games because they have been loved by players across the world. These games feature the best storyline and gameplay, so you will have a great time playing these games.
That would be all for now as we are done with our job. We have listed all the top games like Undertale and now it’s up to you to choose one and start playing. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy these games like Undertale.

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