Top 10 Best Games Like Last Of Us 2023

There is something about playing survival games. You can’t get enough of them. There is always a rush and thrill while you try to survive against all the odds. Sometimes there are villains and sometimes there are supervillains. If you are a fan of survival games then you must have played dozens of them. One of the most popular and best survival games is Last of Us. This game has got huge popularity and so many gamers are playing this game across the world.
The game features the elements that make a survival game best. As the protagonist, you will come across many hurdles while surviving in the game. You will be on your journey to get somewhere safe in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. The game has some of the best and coolest weapons which are so much fun to use. Overall, the game has everything you can wish for and this might be the reason that you would finish this game in a very short time. There is a slight chance that the developers will come up with a new installment in the franchise but that will happen after a while.
So what are you going to do till then? We are sure that you would find it difficult to live without a game like Last of Us, right? But there is a way to get yourself busy. You should certainly try playing some other games like Last of Us! But finding a game like Last of Us won’t be easy. Even though there are plenty of survival games available, they might not live up to your expectations.
This is why we are going to help you out. In this article, we are going to list down the best games like Last of Us. We have listed the top 10 games like Last of Us. Go ahead and take a look at these games and see which one you would like the most.

Best Games Like Last Of Us

1. I Am Alive

The first-best game like Last of Us is none other than I Am Alive. This is one of the best survival games that you can find. This is why it also somehow meets the standards of Last of Us as well. The game has got everything from a gut-wrenching survival mode to the best action. The game makes you do some of the terrible things to survive and keep yourself Alive. It is a dark and selfish game where you can’t think about anything else other than yourself or you will be dead soon.
The action and adventure of this game will keep you on your toes and test your survival skills as well. The game has got everything you can ask for. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and it will take place one year after “the event” a cataclysmic disaster has taken place. You will be playing the role of an unnamed protagonist who has returned to his hometown to find his missing wife and daughter. He comes across a little girl who has lost her mother, and he vows to find his mother as well. In your journey, you will find plenty of hurdles like the toxic dust wrapped around the city, the gangs wandering in the city, and many more.
Overall, this might help you get over Last of Us in terms of survival tactics. So you must try this one out as well.

2. Tomb Raider

Games Like Last Of Us
Tomb Raider is another one of the best games like Last of Us that you should know about. This game is not only known for the best survival action-adventure theme but also for featuring one of the best female characters in gaming history. Tomb Raider is one of the oldest action-adventure games on our list and even after 17 years, this game is still impressing gamers across the globe. There are many installments in this series and you will certainly find some notable ones.
This game features the origin story of Lara becoming a badass hunter that we know her as. The story starts with Lara becoming an average girl who is fragile and naive. She is traveling with her crew on the Sea of Japan to find out more about the Kingdom of Yamatai. Some events take place that will change her fate. The ship is torn and Lara has been kidnapped by a local rebel group on the island. The island is full of traps, surreal cultists, maniacs, and wild animals. Lara will find herself in a do-or-die scenario. She has to become bigger than her challenges on the island. There are too many enemies against her.
The story is frightening, gut-wrenching, and will always keep you alerted as anything can happen anytime. The game is intriguing and you will find yourself fighting against the odds. So there is no doubt it is one of the best games like Last of Us. The survival theme is similar yet you will get a totally different experience from this game.

3.  The Walking Dead

Best Games Like Last Of Us
If the horror aspect of Last of Us where you come across the zombies and fight has what kept you interested in the game then you might want to try out The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is another one of the best horror-adventure-themed survival games that will keep you on edge. It is pretty popular and it is based on a comic book and there is a TV show based on the game as well.
The game has one gut-wrenching story to tell and the episodic adventure game will keep you hooked for a long time as well. The game is set in the post-apocalyptic world. One of the unique things about this game is that you come across plenty of characters and interact with them. All of the characters are very believable and you will find yourself starting to care about them as well.
In this game, each one of your choices will have some consequences and it will change the direction of the game as well. So you can play it multiple times. You will face death more than you would want to. The character might die first and you will have to go through grief as well. Overall, this game would certainly be the best replacement for Last of Us.

4. Dead Rising 3

Top Best Games Like Last Of Us
Dead Rising 3 is another one of the best games like Last of Us that you can find. This game also features Zombies and you would yourself fight the zombies and other odd things. It is the third installment of one of the greatest zombie survival games.
The game is set in Los Angeles and it is filled with zombies. They are everywhere and are killing whoever sees them. The good thing is that the virus has only spread in this city. So the government has to take some severe measures to make sure that it doesn’t spread to the other cities. The only way to make this happen is that the government blew up the city.
You will be playing the role of Nick Ramos, a mechanic who is stuck in this city. Now you have a little time to get out of the city before the government blows it up or you end up being the prey of a zombie. You should know that there are more than 300 weapons to use in the game and some of them will have to be crafted by you. This is an intense and thrilling game where survival won’t be easy.

5. Resident Evil 2

Top Games Like Last Of Us
Resident Evil 2 is one of the best horror adventure and survival games. It has got a huge response from the players across the world as well. Resistant Evil 2 is all about surviving the odds and fighting the zombies or the dead. The citizens of the city have transformed into zombies. The game has two main characters, Leon and Claire. To survive this horrific event and save themselves from the zombies, they must get out of the city.
But the journey won’t be an easy one. The game takes place two months after the major event that happened in Resident Evil. You will be fighting against the biological weapon. The gameplay focuses on exploration, puzzles, and combat. The game has the best setting, graphics, and atmosphere. The game feels very realistic too. Each one of the characters in this game has got their own storyline and journey to survive.
Overall, if you like playing games like Last of Us, then Resident Evil 2 should be the best option for you.

6. Red Dead Redemption 2

Best Game Like Last Of Us
Red Dead Redemption 2 is another one of the top games like Last of Us that you would like to play. The game is set in 1899 and you will be in an awe of the scenery and setting of the game. It is not very much like Last of Us but you will find it quite similar when it comes to the action and adventure theme.
The story of the game follows the character of Arthur Morgan. He is a member of the Van der Linde gang and is currently on a journey. But he must survive against the government forces, right gangs, and many other things. It is an open-world game so you will have so much to explore. There are many other activities that you can take part in as well. Overall, the game has a lot of action and it is a 70-hour game so you will be occupied for a long time.

7. Alan Wake

Good Games Like Last Of Us
Alan Wake is a psychological thriller game that can get very creepy from time to time. This is why it might be a great alternative for games like Last of Us. The protagonist of this game isn’t a typical hero figure. His wife has gone missing while they were on a vacation in Bright Falls.
The game has six chapters. You will be spending most of the time in the creepy woods and there will be a lot to fear from. The game will test your situational awareness and how well you can identify a threat. It is dark, it’s creepy, and it is surely hard to survive. So it is a perfect game like Last of Us to play.

8. State of Decay

Cool Games Like Last Of Us
State of Decay has also got our attention and made a spot for itself on our list of best games like Last of Us. This is another open-world game that is full of action and adventure. The game has tons of Zombies to kill. It also has an RPG theme as well and you will be playing the role of one of the many survivors who have to fight against the zombies.
You will have to look after the supplies, inventory, and make new friends as well. There is a lot of exploration in this game, so even if you don’t feel like moving forward. Overall, this game would certainly be a great choice for testing your surviving skills in the post-apocalyptic world.

9. Beyond: Two Souls

Best Games Like Last Of Us
Beyond: Two Souls is another one of the best games that you can play if you like playing Last of Us. The game has got an interesting storyline. You will be playing the role of Jodie, a woman who has struggled throughout her life. She only has one thing in her life that is Aiden, a spirit who is desperate to make her presence known to others. Together they make a good team that fights against all the odds. This game, even though not a survival game, has a great story that keeps you hooked and the supernatural angle is also impressive.

10. Metro: Last Light

Best Game Like Last Of Us
Metro: Last Light is another one of the best games that you can come across. The game can be sadistic and strange at times yet it is filled with humor. It is also set in the post-apocalyptic world where you will be playing in survival mode. The game is filled with darkness where the mutated and vicious animals are lurking around. The only question is how are you going to survive this game?  Go ahead and try this game, if you liked Last of Us, then you are going to enjoy this one too.


So these are some of the best games like Last of Us that you can find. We have selected these games given their popularity and similarity with Last of Us. These games have the best graphics and gameplay tactics so players would enjoy these games the most.
We hope you will try out these aforementioned games and see which one you like the most. These games would certainly fill the void for the Last of Us.

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